Season Five Episode 01 – Puzzle Pieces

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own the RUSH series. However, this creation of a fifth season after the aired finale on TEN does belong to me. I own any original characters.

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Chapter One-

Four Months previously:

"There's another bomb. Another freaking bomb! The one we disarmed? It was nothing but a decoy!" Exclaimed Kerry. Leon was still seated on the floor, looking slightly dazed.

"We're due to land in ten minutes Kerry. What exactly is going on?" Asked Lawson on the satellite phone.

"Another bomb Lawson. Another fucking bomb!"

Every cop in the Melbourne precinct scrambled to save everyone, but sometimes, it's not easy. They spent three weeks picking up the pieces, and then it was over.

That one bomb had changed everyone's lives…

One explosion that changed the course of policing…

Present time:

Traffic Control was one of the worst tasks to be put on when you're a cop. Unfortunately, when you were a disgraced cop they couldn't really get rid of, that's where you were stuck. And that's where Sergeant Brendan Joshua found himself. It beat being dismissed, that was for sure, but he missed Tactical Response.

Unfortunately, the unit had been disbanded around six months after Senior Constable Michael Sandrelli's death, and they'd all been sent to different units. Josh promptly got involved in a fight with another officer, and found himself very quickly put on Traffic rotation. And it sucked.

"Sir, here's your ticket." The offender took the ticket grumpily and then sped off. Josh headed back to his patrol car, chucked his book on the seat next to himself, and cursed life for being so ridiculous. He'd only heard from Kerry once, and that was it.

He missed the old team.

He missed the old life.

"Sergeant Henry, I just don't get where this gung-ho attitude comes from! I know you were part of the TR unit, but it doesn't give you an excuse to throw yourself in front of danger every time it comes around! Pull your head in!" Snapped her commanding officer. He walked away, clearly pissed off at her. Riot Squad proved to be the most interesting to Shannon, and when asked which unit or section she wanted to transfer to, Riot was top of her list. She needed something dangerous, something to get the adrenaline pumping. So far, so good. One of Shannon's co-workers, Senior Sergeant Jeremy Hannah, pulled up his chair besides hers.

"So some of the junior riot squad members have a bet going on," he started.

"Oh, really? Thought we didn't permit wagers," replied Shannon, logging onto the mainframe and beginning her report.

"This one is exceptionally special," said Jeremy.

"What's it for?" Asked Shannon.

"How long it takes before you either get kicked out of riot or kill yourself on duty. I've got my money on four more weeks of you Henry, and then you'll be out or dead. And I'll get a nice new team member. One that doesn't put herself in the direct line of fire every time we're out in the field," said Jeremy.

"I don't…" started Shannon.

"So far in the past two months you've managed to get yourself beaten up twice, broken three ribs, had a concussion, was hit by a car and scored at least four black eyes. And there's probably an injury or two I missed in there," replied Jeremy.

"So? I follow protocol," retorted Shannon.

"In the loosest possible way! Because of you the riot handbook has had fourteen amendments made to it. Fourteen! Either work it out, or you'll find yourself killed or fired." Jeremy went back to his desk to work on his report, and Shannon dropped her head in her hands.

She missed the days of TR, the days where Lawson would grill her like this, but would also be concerned as to why she was throwing herself in front of danger at every opportunity.

She missed the old days.

She missed the team.

"Broznic, I need that information on the Maclellan case, and I needed it yesterday!" Leon hated the Missing Persons Intelligence Unit, and even more so when he found out that Intelligence Officer Audrey Khoo was his superior. He'd never really got over her leaving.

"Leon!" He found Audrey right in front of him, and he averted his eyes.

"Sorry Audrey. I'll get on it now," replied Leon quietly.

"You were reminiscing again, weren't you," she said, joining him at his desk.

"Yeah," responded Leon. No use lying; she'd find out somehow anyway.

"I missed working for them, but you need to move on and do the job you're assigned, otherwise you'll get eaten. You'll be destroyed in here if you don't step up," said Audrey. Leon flexed his fingers.

"Right. Maclellan case. I'm on it." Audrey smiled at him briefly and then left. Leon made out that he was working for a few moments, and then stopped.

He missed them all way too much.

Four months is too long.

"Tapu! Get your wetsuit on and grab your scuba gear. We've had reports of a dump site at Cardinia Reservoir, and they're asking for us out there now," called a superior officer. Christian nodded, grabbing his gear. Two months on Search and Rescue Squad, and he was already frustrated with himself. He missed the fast paced action of being involved with TR, not the sorrowing job of having to pull bodies from crevasses and dumped cars. He braced himself for another rough day, another ridiculous day of having to put together the pieces for another case.

"You right there Christian?" Asked Constable Amelia Harris. He nodded.

"I'll be fine. Just thinking that there's been a lot of these body dumps in the water at the moment. Seems unusual," he commented.

"It us, but we're getting paid extra for the overtime. Surely Annie will be happy with the larger paycheck," replied Amelia.

"She would be if she was still around," said Christian sadly.

"She's not?" Asked Amelia, surprised. She threw her scuba gear into the back of the SUV they were taking.

"She left a week ago, took the kids and went to her brother's place in Queensland. He called me to tell me I was a prick, and then hung up. Other than that, I haven't heard from her at all. She won't even let the kids call me," said Christian.

"She'll come around Christian. Don't worry about it. You need a clear head to do this job today; are you sure you're up for it?" Christian nodded.

"I'll be fine."

He missed the team like he missed his family…

The team was his family.

Stella walked into the cemetery, remembering the last time she did this with Charlie, he was alive and well. Now his grave was located five plots down from Michael's. She crossed to Michael's grave first.

"Miss you Michael. You'll be happy to know that Charlie no longer runs the squad anymore. To be honest, no-one runs the squad anymore. They broke TR up Michael, sent us away to different units. It's crazy," she said softly.

"And you're not here to laugh through it with me. You promised you'd never leave Sandrelli. Promised you'd never go anywhere. Broke your promise," said Stella bitterly. She left Michael's grave and crossed to Charlie's.

"And you. You're an idiot for thinking you could disarm a bomb! Honestly, if you hadn't of been killed, I think Kerry would have done it for you." Stella scuffed the ground with her shoe for a moment.

"Well, all thanks to you, I've been moved to the Air Wing unit." She glanced at her watch at cringed.

"Actually, I'm running late. Again." She turned to leave, and then glanced at Charlie's grave again.

"Anna misses you. I was right."

Kerry glanced at Anna, watching as she would write for a few minutes, stop to rub her aching back, and then continue to write.

"Shouldn't you be taking time off soon?" Asked Kerry.

"No! I'm only seven months pregnant, and I'm not an invalid. Besides, I need to finish this up before I go on maternity leave," said Anna.

"Finish what up?" Asked Kerry. Anna shook her head, and Kerry went back to waiting.

"A few more minutes, and then I'll tell you before I call the press in here."

"Okay," said Kerry, twiddling her thumbs. Five minutes passed before Anna set her pen down on the desk and stood up awkwardly.

"The police commissioner and myself have been involved in extensive conversation this past week after a threat was made on my life," started Anna.

"Go on," encouraged Kerry.

"We've made a very important decision."

"An important decision?" Asked Kerry. The police commissioner joined Anna and Kerry in the room.

"Have you told her yet?" He asked.

"Told me what?" Demanded Kerry.

"Inspector Kerry Vincent, we hereby reinstate the Tactical Response Unit effective immediately."