Chapter Two-

"How are we supposed to come up with evidence when we don't have anything to go on?" Growled Shannon. Her easy mood had vanished after Lawson was attacked, and Stella and Leon were left trying to calm her down a little. It wasn't working.

"We'll come up with something Shannon. It'll work out, it always does," said Stella.

"I'm looking through traffic cams now, and I'll see what I can come up with. We'll get the guy Shannon," assured Leon. Shannon stalked out of the room, pushing Stella aside as she stormed away.

"I thought she was over Lawson," said Leon.

"Doesn't mean she'll stop caring for him. And you've got to remember, whoever sent this creep to beat up Lawson arranged her ex-husband to beat the crap out of her. She's not going to take this easily," reminded Stella. Jessie joined them.

"Is Shannon okay?" She asked.

"She'll be fine. Can you go and pick up Lawson from the hospital please?" Asked Kerry as she joined them. Jessie nodded, and grabbed the set of keys for TR1.

"Stella, go make sure Shannon doesn't do something stupid. Send Daniel in if you see him as well," ordered Kerry.

"Well, you're clearly in a bad mood," stated Leon, still scanning through camera feeds.

"Only because Anna has put her life at risk again," muttered Kerry.

"What did she do now?" Asked Leon.

"Signed out of hospital against medical advice," said Kerry.

"AMA? She's got to be crazy! Someone tried to kill her, and she's leaving the one place we can keep her safe?" Exclaimed Leon. Kerry nodded, her mouth set in a firm frown.

"So she's just made our job near impossible. Have you got anything on the cams from this mornings attack?" Asked Kerry.

"Nothing that we can use to put together a case, or even evidence towards an individual. We've got nothing Kerry," said Leon quietly.

"For now, file it away amongst the crazy and unexplained. Anything from LAC?" Asked Kerry.

"Couple of idiots speeding and running red lights, a shoplifter at Centro, and a hit and run in Central Melbourne," answered Leon.

"VKC ask for any help?"

"For the idiots and the hit and run," answered Leon.

"Daniel and Christian will have to deal with the idiots, and after Jessie brings back Lawson, I'll sending Stella out with her to take care of the hit and run details. Anything else?" Asked Kerry curtly.

"Head Office wants to know where Shannon's report is about February tenth," reminded Leon.

"Don't worry; I have the same question. Leave it with me Leon." Kerry stormed away, and Leon let out a sigh of relief. Kerry made him feel so tense, and with two new rookies on team, she was pretty tight. Daniel ducked into the office.

"Kerry was looking for me?" He said.

"Yeah, but I think she's on the phone now. I've got a callout here from VKC that she's going to assign to you and Christian; maybe head out to that now before Kerry loses her cool," suggested Leon.

"Right. Gives us an excuse to stay out of the locker room while Stella deals with Shannon. Oi, Christian! Let's head out," said Daniel, leaving Leon to wonder what just happened. Stella came back in, flexing her hands.

"She's locked herself in the bathrooms," she replied wearily.

"She's an idiot," said Leon.

"You're an idiot! An idiot that has no idea of what Shan is going through. Let her be; she's going to take time to heal, and it's not going to be easy for you. Did you ever hear about what happened with Shannon and Andrew?" Asked Stella. Leon shook his head.

"No, and I can't get into their records; they're sealed," replied Leon.

"Where were you when we had the meeting with Kerry? We've all been filled in on Andrew's background for our own safety; he's a dangerous guy," said Stella seriously.

"I think I was in the bathroom," said Leon sheepishly.

"You were; and you didn't come out for the whole hour I was speaking. Are you ready to hear the story this time around?" Asked Shannon from the doorway. Leon glanced up at her, and pulled a chair up for her to sit on. She joined them.

"I gather you probably found out that Andrew and I were married for about a year? That's fairly common knowledge," started Shannon. Leon nodded.

"Well, when things first started, Andrew was amazing. He worked in a private security firm, was everything a girl ever dreams of. He was my personal Prince Charming, and I couldn't imagine life without him. He was perfect, and as I look back now, I realise he was too perfect. Three weeks after we got married, he introduced me to his best mate Henry, and that was when my hell started. Andrew started out just beating me; a slap in the face when I was late getting dinner ready, a blow to the stomach if I took too long getting him a beer. I was seeing a side of Andrew I had never seen before, and it frightened me. I thought about leaving, but everytime it looked like I might, Andrew threatened me. I stopped fighting it, giving excuses at work when I came in covered in bruises. It was six months in that everything hit rock-bottom. I came home from work, and Henry and Andrew were waiting for me. Andrew gave me a glass of wine, to 'celebrate our six month anniversary'. It was laced with a cocktail of drugs, and as I fell to the floor, they carried me to our bedroom. I woke up to Henry slapping me in the face whilst he raped me, and to be honest, it was the most frightening point in my life. The next day I filed a report about the incident, and headed to the hospital. Andrew only got to me once more after that, and my supervisor found me pinned to the ground out the back of our stationhouse. It is one of the most degrading experiences to be found like that, bruised and battered with no control over the situation. You think I'm an idiot Leon; you go through what I've been through, and let me know who you handle it. I'm doing the best I can, and I can't do any better." Shannon stood up and walked away, leaving Leon gobsmacked.

"How is she still standing?" Whispered Leon.

"Because she's stronger than you'd think," replied Stella simply. Daniel's concerned voice interrupted their conversation, updating Leon on their situation.

"Hey Leon, the couple of idiots are the same guys from Lawson's attack."