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Summary: Gray x Juvia – AU – When you do not expect to be expecting, it can be quite crazy

Disclaimer: Neither Fairy Tail nor the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" belongs to me.


What to Expect When You're Expecting

Chapter One – Drunken Mistakes


S is for the simple need, E is for the ecstasy. X is just to mark the spot because that's the one you really want. Sex is always the answer, it's never a question, 'Coz the answer's yes S.E.X - Nickelback


Juvia opened her eyes and blinked a few times trying to get used to the light as a massive headache started, along with a little nausea. She groaned, recognizing the signs of the imminent hangover and frowned a little once she realized that, strangely, her pillow seemed to have a heartbeat and was steadily breathing.

Strange. Juvia thought. Why would her pillow be breathing?

She sat, blinking a lot: her head was hurting like a bitch because of the faint light and she was dizzy for a moment. The blunette looked behind her to the bed she was previously sleeping in and couldn't believe in what she was seeing. Maybe she was still drunk. Or maybe she was dreaming…

…because, thinking for a moment, that ought to be the only explanation of why she was without clothes –she realized– and with Gray Fullbuster in a very comfy, but messy, bed.

Putting the blanket above her chest, she tried to understand what the hell was happening. She had imagined that scenario a few times that's for sure, but in her head, she could remember exactly what led them to the state of nakedness. Juvia blushed once she felt her body deliciously sore, the kind of soreness that only happened once a person had amazing and mind blowing sex.

And apparently, she did.

Juvia looked around and realized that she was in Gray's bedroom. She had been there a few times whenever there was a party – mostly thrown by Gray's roommate, Loki – or whenever there was a soccer game on TV, and everyone gathered there to see it, since they had the biggest TV of all of their friends. The guys took their little video-game competitions to a high level and worked their asses off for the money to finally get the TV.

But, even though she wanted, she never was naked in there. With him naked as well.

She glanced over her shoulder again and looked at his sleeping figure. Of course, Gray was as gorgeous as ever: his dark hair was messy, his bare chest was very well defined and his tattoo – the symbol of their club, Fairy Tail – was showing. As her eyes wandered to his lower body, Juvia blushed and returned her gaze back to his sleeping face, which was one of the cutest things she ever saw.

Gray usually had a frown in his face and even with it he was one of the most handsome men she ever seen, but his sleeping face was so peaceful and the frown was gone, making him even more beautiful in her eyes.

It wasn't a secret that Juvia was madly in love with Gray, that she was sure, but he had a thick skull, and was keeping a blind eye and refused to acknowledge her feelings and as far as she knew, he hadn't make any moves to get her or to even hint that he was planning to be with Juvia.

So what the hell happened the night before that changed it?


Gray woke up with the sounds of steps inside his room, then some noise followed by mumbled cuss words proffered by a feminine voice. It was strange. Why would a girl be in his room? He opened his eyes and he immediately gasped, because of his headache and the person he saw.

There wasn't any woman inside his room. It was Juvia. And her state of clothing wasn't exactly helping his mind to focus or discover what was happening, because she was just wearing jeans and a light pink bra. Her hair was loose and a little messy and he couldn't help but notice the hickey on her neck.

"Juvia, what the…?" He asked and she stopped looking for whatever she was searching and looked back to him. Her face as red as a ripped tomato and she had a confused look.

"Gray-sama." She stood there speechless for a few seconds, then her eyes moved and the blunette sighed in relief. She walked and went to grab something that was on his nightstand. Gray recognized it was the shirt she was using the night before. "Go back to sleep. Juvia was just searching... her shirt." As she was speaking, the blunette put the shirt on. "Hm… So… great party last night."

"Thanks…?" Gray was confused. What was she doing –shirtless– inside his room while he was asleep and naked? Waking up naked wasn't exactly new for Gray; he had a very fast metabolism and he felt heat better than other people. But having Juvia half-naked as well was a bit…

Two plus two equals…

'Oh. Shit.' He thought. For a smart man, Gray took some time to figure it out what probably happened between them.

"Wait, did we…?" He asked, finally getting his mind to work enough to make the decision to cover himself, since no one needed to see his business. Covering his body with a sheet, Gray watched as Juvia grabbed her shoes.

"Just…" Juvia opened the door of his bedroom, not even bothering to put her high heels on. "…forget about this, Gray-sama."

"Forget? I don't even remember what happened!" He exclaimed and she sighed in relief.

"Me neither. So, everything is just fine. If neither of us remembers anything, nothing happened." Her cheeks were still rosy and Gray felt his face get flustered as well. Did he and Juvia have sex? His body screamed 'fuck, yeah!' He could recognize the feeling of a good night of sex anywhere, so yes, he was pretty sure that they did it, even if neither remembered. "Juvia will go now." She said, leaving the room.

"Wait, we have to talk about this." Gray knew that he probably sounded like a girl, many guys would pray for a girl who would run away after a night of sex; but Gray wasn't one of those guys. And besides, Juvia was his friend, he cared for her.

Apparently even more than he knew he did.

With the sheet still covering the lower part of his body, he got up and ran after her. Once he reached the living room she stopped to grab her purse on the kitchen counter and he finally managed to grab her by the arm, as gently as he could.

"Juvia, we have to…"

"No, we don't." She managed to get herself loose of his grip. "Neither of us remembers, Gray-sama. It's better if we don't give much attention to it, okay?"

"Juvia? What are you doing here so early?" Loki asked, coming out of his room, only wearing boxers. The timing that guy had….His face was red, as if he was sleeping not much time before. He was scratching his bare chest and stopped once he saw the sheet wrapped around Gray's waist and Juvia's clothes. Being in the situation Gray was into a few times, he immediately knew exactly why Juvia was there so early: she never left. "Wait, did you two…?"

"Shut up, Loki!" Gray turned to look to his roommate, who was with his mouth hanged open in surprise.

"Please, forget that you saw Juvia here, Loki-san." Juvia said and used the opportunity to sneak away of the apartment. She opened the door and before Gray turned again into her direction, she was out.

"Dammit!" Gray exclaimed and went after her. Once he reached the lobby, the dark haired man noticed the door of the stairwell closing. He couldn't go after her only wearing a sheet. Gray returned to his apartment to put some clothes on. Loki hadn't move. "Shit!"

"Gray, did you and Juvia sleep together?" The orange haired man asked, snapping out of his startled state as soon as Gray passed by him to go to his room.

"I don't know, okay?" Gray groaned. "I don't remember. But giving the evidence…"

"I can't believe this!" Loki laughed after thinking for a few moments. "You two finally hooked up! Thank god, that sexual tension between you two was driving me crazy."

"There wasn't any tension." Gray snorted, while searching for some underwear. Once he found his white boxer lying on the floor, beneath his jeans, he started to put it on.

"Sure." Loki rolled his eyes. He watched as Gray started to put his jeans on and a thought crossed his mind. "Wait… why was she running from here like the devil himself was after her? Wasn't she supposed to be happy about it?"

"That is what I was going to find out, before you interrupted us." Gray said and opened his closet to grab a shirt.

"Oh, no." Loki blocked Gray's way when the dark haired man tried to go out of his bedroom. "Don't go after her right now."

"What? Of course I'm going. Only god knows what's on her mind right now." Gray tried to go out again, but Loki blocked him again. "Oh, come on, man!"

"You can't go after her right now, Gray." Loki said, simply.

"And why on earth is that?" Gray put his shirt on and stared at his friend with irritation.

"You said that you don't remember what happened, right?" Loki asked and Gray nodded. "Well, then, what are you going to say to her? 'I don't remember that we had sex last night, but I'm sure it was lovely. My bad'?"

"If I don't, she'll..." Gray tried, but Loki interrupted him. They both knew how carried away she could get with her imagination.

"Look, I get it okay? You don't remember and you want to know what happened. That part is fine. The problem is: Juvia is a girl." Loki said. "She is freaking out right now, calling her all her girlfriends to know what that meant for you. And, unless you know exactly what to say, you stay put and think. You could worsen this whole situation with a single word." Gray knew Loki had a point. He couldn't just go after Juvia like that, when he didn't know what that night meant to him. He could hurt her by saying the wrong thing and even lose their friendship.

"I know." Gray sat on his bed, his hands covering his face. "Why the hell did I sleep with her?"

"You guys had so much sexual tension." Loki snorted. "It was bound to happen, really. Now that it did, maybe you two can move on." The orange haired man shrugged. "Maybe now that she had you, she'll leave you alone. By the way she ran away, it did look like she was through with you."

Gray removed one of his hands to stare daggers at his roommate. He didn't want the relationship he had going on with Juvia changing; they had a steady thing going and he was used to the way things were.

Of course, Gray Fullbuster had no idea of what was happening inside Juvia as he thought that and how much things would change for both of them.


Juvia arrived at her apartment after 10 minutes she left Gray's. Talk about a walk of shame. It felt like every person knew that she had sex the night before and was just returning home. Did she have the scarlet letter on her chest or something?

She entered her bathroom and took a shower, while trying to cope with what happened.

She slept with her Gray-sama.

The sad thing was that she barely remembered it. Juvia had some memories: Gray whispering some sweet nothing into her ear and kissing her after, his hands on her body, the way they fit together like a perfect puzzle...

Juvia never knew that she could drink so much that she couldn't remember what she had done the night before. It was her luck that when her crush finally made a move on her, she couldn't remember it all.

Turning off the water, the woman stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel, going to her room.

Lucky for her, it seemed that her roommate wasn't there: too many questions would be asked. Questions she didn't have the answers to.

Questions she was still sorting out herself.

How did it happen? Why did it happen? Does he love her? Was it a one night stand? How they would act towards each other?

Juvia's head was pulsating with pain and she thought that she was going to die. The nausea wasn't helping either. She put her sleeping clothes, and helped herself two aspirins and threw herself in her bed. Maybe if she slept it off, things would look better in the morning. Maybe nothing had to change.

Of course, Juvia Lockser had no idea of what was happening inside herself as she thought that and how much things would change for both of them.


AN: Well, what can I say? I already wanted to write another baby story about Gray and Juvia and I thought: 'What the hell, I'll just make them live in the real world and have the thirty babies Juvia always wanted!', you know? I just hope that it doesn't end up like the cheap harlequin novels I happen to read.

And, this has nothing to do with "The Baby Problem"! It is a completely unrelated story, even though there are similarities; like Gray's relationship with Juvia. . But everything else will pretty much be different. For starters, there's no magic: it's placed in the 'real world' and some major characters that were not used much before in "The Baby Problem" will have more appearance! Let's see if I can do that, right? :D

Anyway, I do not intend this story to be too long, ten chapters or so, max. But we'll see where the wind takes us; The Baby Problem was supposed to have a few chapters as well.

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