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What to Expect When You're Expecting

Chapter Twenty Two – Speechless


"Ever since we first saw the light

A man and woman like to shake it on a Saturday night

So I'm gonna shake and shimmy it with all of my might today"

Hairspray - You Can't Stop The Beat


Ur Milkovich loved to be a mother and she loved even more to be a grandmother. After the birth of Aurora, she stayed with Juvia and Gray for a week and even if she wanted to stay with the new family addition, she had her life back in her town and it was Gray's kid: he was the one who needed to raise her. Ever since Rory was born she decided to visit once a month, but only for a day and then return home (it was grandmotherly instinct kicking in, she informed everyone). When Aurora was five months old and her grandmother wanted the infant to recognize her better, so she asked Gray if she could spend a few extra days in their apartment and the man agreed after consulting his girlfriend. A couple of days after her arrival Ur leaned that it was close to her son and Juvia's one year anniversary and since they were so busy with their daughter, they didn't even program something.

Adjusting to a life with a child was already difficult when the couple was together for years, and her son and daughter-in-law didn't have time to enjoy each other and with a crying baby with colic, the flu, a snotty nose or teething. When they had time for themselves, both were tired and needed sleep. Ur remembered how it was for her and her husband when she had Ultear: barely enough time to sleep and even less time alone.

Feeling generous and taking pity on the couple (really, they desperately needed some hours for themselves), she booked two days and one night in a hotel in Magnolia for them to stay. The couple hesitated to accept, but Ur assured that she was more than qualified to take care of her grandchild.

After lunch on the Saturday, Juvia was in their room finish packing their overnight bag while Gray had Aurora in his arms while giving his mother the same instructions he had been giving her since the morning.

"Okay, Mother, if she's hungry..." Gray tried to say, but Ur interrupted her son.

"I'll feed her."

The man nodded. "If she gets fussy..."

"I'll give her the rainbow colored fish she likes. That thing freaks me out, by the way." Ur wrinkled her nose.

"If she cries…"

"Pillow over her head 'til she stops, I got it all under control." The woman nodded.

Gray stared at her in horror. "Mother!"

Ur laughed and took Aurora from her son's arms. "Gray, it's just for today and half a day tomorrow. She'll be ready for her nap in no time." Ur rolled her eyes and the looked down to the already sleepy child. "See? She knows me; I am not some random babysitter and you and Juvia need a couple of days off. Do you know how many people wouldn't even blink to accept a chance to be baby-free for a few hours, imagine two days? Take your girlfriend out tonight, have fun and come back to your baby tomorrow."

He stared at Aurora, head on her grandmother's shoulder, her azure curly hair was in pigtails, suckled the purple pacifier on her mouth as she stared at Gray, offering her father a smile. Gray smiled back and before he could say anything else, Juvia entered the living room with a suitcase.

"Are you sure about this, Ur-san?" The blunette asked.

"Yes." The older woman rolled her eyes. "Really, you two need to appreciate the gift I am giving you here. Go! Juvia, you pumped enough breast milk and I can very well prepare a bottle if necessary. You can even have a glass of wine tonight, it's safe as long as you don't breastfeed Aurora right after and take few hours for it to leave the bloodstream. I hardly think you'll get drunk, so, take your boyfriend and

"But..." Juvia tried to tell the older woman that she didn't want to stay away from her daughter for long. She knew her mother-in-law would take good care of Aurora, but it hurt to be away from her little girl.

"No 'buts'. I got her. You two: leave." Ur pointed to the door. "I took care of children my whole life and everyone's alive and well."

"Okay." Gray sighed, knowing that his mother was going to take good care of his little princess. He grabbed the suitcase Juvia packed for them.

Juvia bit her lower lip and after a few seconds, nodded. "Fine." She walked closer to Ur and gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead. "Mama loves you, Rory." Gray did the same thing and they went out.

Once the door was closed, Ur sighed loudly. "Really, baby girl, those two are so slow that is a miracle that you are here at all."


The couple checked-in in the Hotel a quarter after one and by the moment they entered the room, Juvia was dialing her mother-in-law to ask how Aurora was in the twenty minutes they left. ("Juvia Lockser if you call me again in less than three hours, I am turning my phone off! You left fifteen minutes ago. Go do the nasty with your boyfriend, go take a walk, plant a tree; do whatever! You are baby free today.") So, the couple took fully advantage of the opportunity and the big comfy bed…

…they slept all afternoon.

With a five months old child to take care of, both Juvia and Gray woke up during the nights to care of her and they haven't slept for longs periods of time in so long that they crashed the moment their heads hit the pillows.

In a much better mood, both Gray and Juvia decided to go to the Hotel's restaurant to get dinner later. After lazing a bit in each other's arms after the nice nap they took, they decided to take a bath together which had very little to do with getting clean.

Before they went to the restaurant, Juvia called Ur again (it was six hours after, so she had no reason to turn off her phone. The older woman guaranteed that Aurora was fine and had already eaten and taken a bath. Trusting that her mother in law had everything under control, the blunette proceed to put the simple dark red dress she brought.

She knew that Gray watched as she dressed herself – he refused to start to put his clothes on until she already put her make-up and was finishing up – and she might or not have put up on a show for him. Once she was done with putting her hair in a loose bun and the make-up, the woman saw her boyfriend put his dress shirt as she put her earrings.

When they were done, Gray offered her his hand and they went to the restaurant, which was relatively fancy. While they waited for the food, the waiter brought the wine – which Juvia was hesitant to drink.

"You heard my mother, Juvia." Gray pointed out. "It's alright for you to drink a little today."

"Juvia is worried."

"You will breastfeed Aurora again in no less than six hours. I am pretty sure you won't get her drunk." The man smiled and she smiled back, taking a sip of the wine. "Now come on, remember that tonight is baby free."

"I miss her, though." Juvia pouted.

"I know." He sighed. "I thought that I would be glad to have a night off, but…"

"Yes." The blunette reaches for his hand across the table. "First night away from her."

"We are so whipped." Gray scoffed and Juvia laughed. "She's five months old and she whipped our asses."

"Just imagine what she'll do with her boyfriends."

The man narrowed his eyes. "The ones I'll scare away?"

"You won't." Juvia chuckled. "It is nice to be here with only you, though."

"It is." Gray smiled.

"You two are sweet." Both looked to their left side, where an elderly couple was sitting. Their hairs were snow white and their skin was wrinkled. The woman was the one who spoke with them. "I remember Robert and me sixty years ago on our first date." She chuckled.

Juvia and Gray smiled to the couple. "It's not our first date, though." The blunette informed the older woman. "But it is our first night out since we had our daughter five months ago."

"Oh, really?" The older woman's eyes sparkled. "So this is just like your first date all over again."

"Wait, I don't think we ever had a proper first date." Gray said after a moment's thought and then looked towards the couple. "It's complicated."

"Which love story isn't?" She smiled gently. "If this is your first date, you two should do it right."

"I took Eva here dancing on our first date." The older man said.

"And we still go dancing whenever we can." Eva looked lovingly to her husband. "You two should go dancing too."

"Maybe we will." Gray said with a smile as the older couple got up to leave. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. The best for you and your little girl." Eva smiled and Robert nodded towards them. They watched as the older couple left, the man holding his wife's hand.

"That's sweet; sixty years together and they still go out on dates and dancing." Juvia smiled softly. "It must be nice."

Gray looked at his girlfriend's longing eyes to where the older couple went. She wanted that too. He knew she wouldn't ask him to do anything he wasn't too comfortable with, but he could give her a good first date, no matter how late they were for it.

"Come on." He stood up and offered his hand to his girlfriend – they still had some time to kill before the food arrive – which she took it while frowning.

"Where?" Juvia asked while he pulled her gently towards the small dance floor on the restaurant's corner. "Gray-sama, what…?"

"You heard the old lady." The man pulled her close to him, putting one hand on her waist and the other on hers. "This is our first date, we should do it right. What's better than dancing?"

Juvia chuckled as the music started and they swayed in its rhythm; she put a hand on his shoulder.

Feels like I have always known you

And I swear I dreamt about you

All those endless nights I was alone

It's like I've spent forever searching

Now I know that it was worth it

With you it feels like I am finally home


"Do we have a song?" Juvia whispered to him.

"Let's see: we have a daughter, an apartment and pretty much the same friends, but I don't think we have a song." Gray answered while his hand travelled his hand from her hip to her lower back. "But a song? Don't think so. We made a baby before we even had a proper date."

"We should have a song." She looked up to him.

'Cause you leave me speechless when you talk to me

You leave me breathless the way you look at me

You manage to disarm me, my soul is shining through

Can't help but surrender my everything to you

"Why not this one?" Gray asked with a shrug. "First song on our first date on our first night out after having our first child, seems appropriate."

"First child?" Juvia raised an eyebrow.

"Well, growing up without siblings must suck, right? Lyon was a pain in the ass, but it would've been lonely without his sorry ass." The man cleared his throat. "And I am not telling for us to go upstairs and make one, but in three or four years…"

"Do you see us together in three or four years?" The blunette was surprised.

I thought I could resist you

I thought that I was strong

Somehow you were different from what I've known

I didn't see you coming

You took me by surprise and

You stole my heart before I could say no

"Of course I do." Gray frowned. "Why? Don't you?"

"I see us old, wrinkled and seating in matching rocking chairs on our house's porch with grandchildren running around us." Juvia answered. "I am surprised you do."

"Juvia, I can't see my life without you anymore." They stopped dancing. "You and Aurora are everything to me. I don't miss when we were not together and I can barely remember not having you in my arms when we go to sleep."

Falling head over heels

Thought I knew how it feels

But with you it's like the first day of my life

"When I told you that I love you, I wasn't joking or lying." Gray leaned down and kissed her lips lightly.

"Juvia knows, but…" She melted into his arms. "It seems like a dream. Juvia thinks she will wake up in her bed back in her old apartment and with you not even noticing her existence."

"Oh, I noticed you." Gray laughed and they started swaying with the song once again. "It was hard not to when you were constantly there."

"Juvia was a little silly, wasn't she?" The blunette blushed in embarrassment.

"A little." The man smirked. "A lot, sometimes, actually."

"I get embarrassed with some of the things I did to get your attention." Juvia whispered.

"Mostly I thought it was funny and I couldn't see why you were so into me."

"Because you" she wrapped her arms around his neck "are sweet, funny, strong, you brought light into my life." His cheeks got pinker and she giggled. "Plus, it doesn't hurt that you are very handsome."

"I am. It's the cross I have to bear." The man faked a resigned sigh and she laughed out loud. "You are not too bad looking yourself."

She smirked playfully. "Keep this up, mister, and Juvia will reconsider: she was thinking about breaking her rule of not sleeping with a guy on the first date just for you."

"Wouldn't want that to happen." Gray chuckled and still smiling, kissed her once more. He was right: he couldn't see his life without her anymore. It was good that he wouldn't need to. Not if he had a say on it.

You manage to disarm me, my soul is shining through

I can't help but surrender my everything to you


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