T'Pel stood from her chair and walked into Solok's ready room to find him sitting and reading. When he heard the door open he looked up and cocked a brow, "Lieutenant? Is there a problem?" The look of confusion grew as he watched her walk around his desk and plant herself on his lap, her legs on either side of him as her hands grasped his face. When he was about to give protest she kissed him. Pressing her smoldering lips against his with a fevered passion.

His hands moved to her waist to move her off of him, yet he hesitated. She was warm, and he could feel the heat of her neither regions pressing against his as he gasped for air. Her action was unrelenting and he found himself submitting to it with every brush of her lips against his, her tongue as it slipped into his mouth and he gave a moan.

Her perfume was intoxicating and he moved his arms to pull her closer, deepening the kiss and he could feel his inner beast begin to howl in pleasure, YES! Such willingness! Such passionate abandon! Now take her...make her yours...

The ferocity in which it growled inside him caused him to stop and he pushed her face from his, trying to catch his breath, "T'Pel...what has gotten into you? We can not do this..."

She moved her hand to his throat and pushed his head back so she could see into his eyes, "I have certain desires, Solok. Desires that have focused on you. Desires that are..." She paused, slowly grinding her hips into his as a devious smirk crossed her lips, "...quite difficult to control when they reach such a level."

Feeling her move against him, his eyes gave a flutter, "There is...much I do not understand of you, but will take this as truth for your case..." He paused, feeling her move to nibble on his ear as her hand took in a fist full of his hair, her movement on him not stopping, "...We should not...can not. I am your captain. T'Pel...you will obey me." He gave a growl as her teeth sunk into his neck, and his body tensed. She claimed him in that single moment, and his blood roared in his ears as he picked her up and pinned her to the floor, sinking his teeth into her neck in answer.

There was a sharp pain in his forearm and he awoke, giving a jolt then falling to the floor. His eyes scanned his surroundings and he knew then it was a dream. And what a dream it was! After a moment, he got to his feet and ran a hand through his hair, looking to Fonn'es who had been fast asleep until the sound of Solok hitting the floor woke him. The sehlat simply looked at him a moment before lowering his head and eyes to return to sleep.

What was this foolishness? He had meditated before bed, and he was not due for the erotic dreams of Pon Farr for quite some time. It made little sense to him as he walked to get out a small med kit to fix his bleeding wound...that was caused by his own teeth. He scoffed and shook his head. How could he mark himself in such a way? There was no way he would be going to sick bay to treat it as it would likely inspire too many uncomfortable questions.


T'Pel opened her eyes, her skin was crawling from her dream. She sat up and found she had kicked all the covers off and Foofy was sitting at the end of her bed, quietly cooing. The image of straddling her captain was stuck in her mind, yet she was not due to wake for another two hours. To be honest, she was confused as to where the dream even came from and rubbed her temples to try to clear the image. Her mind was awake now so there was no returning to sleep, and considering the alarming nature of her dream, a longer meditation was likely warranted. First a shower.


The T'Kumbra was due to arrive in Vulcan space today, and as much as Vulcan propriety allowed, the crew was seemingly buzzing with mild excitement as T'Pel headed to the bridge for her shift. As she headed through the turbolift doors she glanced at the view screen to see if Vulcan was visible yet, but felt a twinge of disappointment that it was not.

At that moment Solok had arrived, and he paused a moment to look at her until she took her seat, "ETA, Prek, please."

Prek was usually the one who commanded during the night shift and he stood from the captains chair, "Ten hours and fifty eight minutes, Sir."

Solok gave him a nod, "Thank you. Dismissed." Prek left and Solok took up his seat, checking through operations as he did every morning.

T'Pel began going over the system charts for the area and did a few calculations of her own, "Sir, if we adjusted course slightly, we may be able to remove twenty minutes from Prek's estimate."

Solok quirked a brow and saw the projection she sent him, "Very efficient, lieutenant." He turned slightly in his chair to look at her, "In a hurry to get to Vulcan?"

She blinked and turned to look at him, "It simply occurred to me." She responded simply, though something was pulling at her mind and her stomach. They way he looked at her...it was some how different and suddenly she felt anxiety that perhaps somehow he knew of her dream. Though she pushed it away. How could he know? Unless she was to give it away by being too free with her emotions and thoughts.

Solok turned back in his chair, but kept his focus on her. It was as if for a moment she had somehow reached for him, but pulled back quickly. Her telepathic abilities were greater then Vulcans and he found himself wondering if she was able to pick up the memory of his dream. If that was the case, she likely would pull back. He ignored the ping of anxiety that seemed to grow.


Six hours and ten minutes left of their journey home, and a shift change came. T'Pel and helmsman Torvik headed off the bridge on their way to the mess hall for midday meal and had struck up conversation of their lives on Vulcan before Starfleet, "There is a particularly treacherous canyon near my families home. I spent much time as a teen climbing and exploring nearly all of it. My mother often chided me, convinced it was an unnecessary risk." Torvik went on.

T'Pel gave a nod, "Mothers often have such concerns. Though my mother aimed to get me to socialize more often with my peers. Many logical debates ensued. So here I am, attempting to...broaden my social horizons." She said, a small smile curling the edge of her lips, both of them seemingly unaware that their captain was following.

It was not Soloks intention to eavesdrop on their conversation, however it was unavoidable as he was hungry and also heading to the mess hall. That did not alleviate the awkwardness and he had the urge to join the conversation, if for no other reason then to alert them to his presence, "Your mother is a diplomat, is she not?" He asked finally, picking up his pace ever so slightly.

T'Pel and Torvik slowed their pace, allowing for Solok to merge in the conversation (as this was unusual), "She is. She studied on Vulcan at the School of Diplomacy with my father, and is an efficient diplomat." T'Pel responded, feeling that odd sensation in the pit of her stomach again, which she figured was simply her hunger.

"There have been many partnerships between Vulcan and Betazoid through diplomacy. The two do seem to make an interesting team." Solok responded, his icy stare moving over T'Pels features. An interesting pairing indeed. The memory of finding it so when he saw her file surfaced. He had not known just what to expect from her, but he found himself pleasantly surprised. Logical yet able to understand emotions in a way Vulcans did not wish to, while keeping her calm with an unexpected ease. He had almost assumed she would be an emotional mess.

His goal had been achieved, however T'Pel and Torvik seemed to have had enough conversation for the time being as the rest of the walk to the mess hall was silent. Thankfully it was a short walk, and Solok stepped up to order some Plomeek soup and headed to the Captains dining area. T'Pel watched him walk off to sit alone in the small enclosed area while Torvik grabbed a salad, after which he went and sat by Yemen.

She stepped up to the replicator, "One bowl of supplement T'Pel Kestra 23." Once her bowl had appeared she picked it up and turned, fixing to head to her usual table by the window, but Solok caught her eye as he sat quietly and slowly eating alone. She tilted her head, he almost looked lonely as he seemed to stare at the table. So she walked over, peaking her head through the small window, "Would you like some company, Captain?" She asked.

Solok looked up, perking his brows slightly, but said nothing and simply waved her in. T'Pel took a seat across from him and watched as he quirked a brow at the green lumpy substance she had ordered, "What is that?" He asked.

"Pea soup. An acquired taste, so I am told. Though it is best with a bit of salt and pepper." She took up a small spoonful and gave it a smell before taking a bite.

Solok watched as she did the same to her second spoonful, "Why do you smell your food each time? Do you think the consistency and flavor has changed since your last bite?" He asked a little perplexed.

The faintest jade tint pricked the pointed tips of her ears as she blinked a moment, not having realized she was sniffing her food, "I...like the sent?" She replied, not entirely sure of herself.

He quirked his brow again, and returned to eating his own soup. A few minutes later T'Pel titled her head, "Did you realize that you wait exactly three seconds before you swallow?"

Soloks eyes widened a little before he looked at her, "I beg your pardon?" He asked finally.

"You wait three seconds before swallowing. One, two, three, and swallow. As if it is your own personal metronome." T'Pel responded.

He blinked a little indignantly, "What is the relevance of this observation?"

She raised a brow, "What was the relevance of yours?" She asked in turn.

Solok got the distinct impression she was attempting to be amusing, and felt a flutter of something in the back of his mind, only to feel it vanish too quickly before he could focus too keenly on it. He tilted his head, "Fair enough." He took another bite, intentionally swallowing after two seconds, "Are you looking forward to visiting your parents?"

T'Pel avoided sniffing her spoonful of soup again and swallowed, "I have not seen them in person since I left for the academy. I would say seeing them again will be a welcome change. Are you looking forward to returning home, Captain?" She asked in turn.

He gave a small pause as he looked to the table, "As you say...it will be a welcome change."

T'Pel tilted her head slightly, seeing a hint of something in his light blue eyes. Something that seemed almost scornful. Though as quick as it was there, it vanished as his eyes locked on hers. Normally she would have looked away or said something, however something inside her insisted she not break his gaze as she studied his features more then she ever had before. Then the feeling in her stomach returned and she looked down to her empty bowl, "Well, I should be heading back to the bridge. I have some notes that I need to revise. Excuse me Captain." She gave him a small bow and headed out after dispatching her dish.

Solok watched her as she left. He wasn't sure he was all too pleased to be left so quickly. There were very few of his crew that ever asked to eat with him, yet she did...rather freely. There was a certain pleasantness being close to her and he almost wondered if perhaps it was a projection of her Betazoid half. He wanted to ask her what it was like with dealing with such a half, but prevented himself. It would be inappropriate to probe her in such a way.

...probe her...a voice purred deep inside himself and he was suddenly reminded of his dream again and forced his eyes shut to push the images from his mind. Silence...he growled in return then stood, returning his dish to the replicator before headed back to work.

T'Lara stood and deposited her plate back into the replicator after watching Solok and T'Pels interaction as Larkin suggested. Nothing overly unusual, however there seemed to be something lingering between them. Perhaps more observing would be needed.


"Vulcan is within range, and Vulcan Orbital Control has cleared us for docking platform 5 Captain." Torvik announced, and a wave of anticipation moved through the bridge.

Solok stood and walked up behind his helmsman, placing a hand on the back of his chair, "Then bring us home, Torvik."

Docking went smoothly and once everything had been seen to, the crew began to beam down to the planet in groups and some took transport off the station. Samok was one of the first to head off the bridge with Torvik. T'Pel had headed to her quarters to gather a few things and put Foofy in his carrying case. Larkin had met up with her as she headed onto the station. T'Lara and Varel had headed to the transporter room as soon as docking had finished.

Solok was the last to leave as he made sure his ship was left in good hands and that everyone made off the ship safely. He was also not in much of a hurry to head to his sisters, so he decided a walk around the station would be an adequate distraction.

Once on the station he was walking by a small sitting area and spotted members of his crew. Two were Larkin and T'Pel, sitting on a bench engrossed in conversation. There was a stirring in his stomach and something about it did not agree with him. Especially when Larkin had handed her a small glass box.


T'Pel eyed the lilac and ivory fractal flower as she took the box from the doctor, "It is a gift of friendship. I noticed you seem to have a fondness for orchids." Larkin stated.

She looked up at him, obvious surprise written in her eyes, "It is...fascinating. Thank you. You did not have to do such a thing."

Larkin gave a nod of his head, "You are not the only one who has received a gift from me. I wanted to make you something."

There was a jade hue growing in her cheeks, "I really do not know what to say."

Larkin bowed his head, "You are not required to say anything."

T'Pel gave a small smirk, "I will simply need to make you something in return. However, my fathers transport should have arrived. Thank you for waiting with me. Enjoy your leave, Doctor."

They stood and he gave her a small bow, "You as well." With that they parted and headed off.

T'Pel had spotted Solok on the other side of the promenade and gave him a nod as she headed to the airlock she was to meet her father. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was bothering him. Ever since lunch he had seemed distracted by something. It seemed unusual and she couldn't help but wonder if coming home was not as 'happy' as it should be.

Once to the airlock they had already began unloading passengers and she stood waiting, hoping she hadn't missed her father. He didn't know she was coming and had hoped she could make it a surprise. Luckily enough a moment later, she saw his green eyes and graying hair as he neared the exit and she stood at attention.

Sakar caught a glimpse of her and his brows perked up, "My daughter...how is it you are here?" He asked, thoroughly surprised.

She gave a bow, "I arrived shortly before you did, Ambassador. Starfleet has granted the T'Kumbra leave. After contacting mother, she informed me of your arrival time, so I decided to greet you."

"Ambassador...amusing. Come, I am sure your mother is quite anxious for us to get home." He said, giving her cheek a small pat before ushering her away from the group of people. His eyes moving to the small sound of anxious cooing coming from one of her bags, "Is this the...Foofy you wrote about?"

T'Pel gave a nod, knowing the creature wished to be let out and was growing frustrated with her, "It is."

He quirked a brow, "Why the name Foofy?"

"Kalen ingrained the name into the animal before sending him to me. His brand of humor." She answered, attempting to calm her pet with her own emotions, and it seemed to work for a bit.

"I see. Well it pleases me to know you have some companionship, even if it does have a ridiculous name." He looked over to her, his gaze soft and warm, "It is very agreeable to see you again, T'Pel. Your mother and I have missed you."

A small smile spread across her lips, "I have missed you both as well. It is good to be home."

They approached a transporter and stepped aboard, "I trust your life in Starfleet has been...fruitful?"

T'Pel quirked a brow, "It has been quite interesting to say the least." She responded before the transporter activated and they were sent down to Vulcan.