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Lorina had been sitting out in the hot Vulcan sun for nearly an hour and was fanning herself fiercely (more from anticipation it seemed) as she scanned the streets, watching and waiting for her husband and daughters arrival. It had been nearly seven years since she had seen T'Pel and as much as it pained her, she understood her child was simply chasing her stars. Sakar had been on a advisory mission for three weeks. She had been tied up in the house by herself and was ready to see some friendly faces.

Finally, she caught a glimpse of them both, strolling at a leisurely pace down the walkway as they conversed. She wasn't about to go running up to them, but the thought was more than appealing. However, Vulcans frowned on such behavior so she would save the smothering of affection once they got inside.

"Please do walk faster, little one. I am dying out in this heat." T'Pel had heard her mother in her mind and turned to look at the woman standing out on the porch in the shade.

"It may be best if we pick up speed, father. Mother may melt if we take too much longer." She informed Sakar with a slightly amused expression.

He turned his head and his eyes seemed to sparkle at the sight of his wife, "Yes. We best prepare to be held and not released for some time as well. You especially, as I fear you may get the worst of it."

T'Pel quirked a brow, "It is likely she has a batch of your favorite cookies inside. Laced with chocolate. I would say it is you whom she has nefarious plans for."

As they rounded the corner into the yard he looked to his daughter and with a smirk, "She does not need to resort to such measures. I will gladly give her the attention she requires."

T'Pel couldn't help the furrow of her brow. That was not information she needed and she forced it from her mind just before being pulled inside and into her mother as the woman covered her face with kisses, holding her tightly.

"Oh, my Kestra! I am so happy to have you home I am crying!" She restrained herself enough to pull back to look her daughter over thoroughly, "Have they been feeding you well? You look thinner...and paler. Are you well?"

T'Pel allowed the attention and gave a small sigh, "I am quite well, mother. I eat regularly. You may ask our doctor if you think I am lying to you."

Lorina smiled, tears of joy streaming down her face, "Oh I am sure...you must allow your mother to make something of a fuss, however. It's been seven years since I have been able to touch you!"

T'Pel couldn't help but stare at her mother. She had never seen, nor felt, such strong admiration from the woman in her life, "Seven years, three months, and twelve days to be precise." Her gaze drifted to her father who was standing back observing just as Lorina pulled her in for another rib crushing hug.

"Don't make it worse, dear. It doesn't matter now. You are home for a time. Come; let me take your things to your room. Sit and relax." She grabbed T'Pels bag and turned, pulling Sakar into a rather impassioned kiss, "You did not think you would escape me, did you my love?" she smiled devilishly before walking off toward the stairs, "You can let the fluff ball out now. Just inform him that the neighbor's sehlat is a rather detestable creature who loves to chew on fur and that it is best to stay in the house."

T'Pel quirked a brow at her father who was in the process of wiping lipstick from his lips, "Why she wears that and then chooses to kiss people is beyond me."

Sakar looked at her, "It is her own way of marking us. She has adapted Vulcan customs in some of the most interesting ways." He moved a thumb to wipe lipstick from her cheek, "You may wish to wash your face, however. As I said...you would get the worst of it."

Her eyes grew, knowing she had to look a mess, and she set Foofie's carrying case down and opened the door, watching the fur ball shoot across the floor chirping all the way before heading to the bathroom where she saw pink splotching nearly her entire face. She sighed and began washing. Despite the physical affection, it was good to be home. The way Vulcan smelled, its overall vibe was pleasant to her. Seeing her father and even her mother was welcomed. She had probably missed them more then she realized.


Varel had stepped off the transporter with T'Lara and her eyes were searching around at the sparse crowd and a moment later they seemed to brighten. He followed her gaze and saw a tall man with a lighter brown color of hair and brown eyes begin walking toward them. His own wife beside him, and he felt a rise of his own spirits.

"Tevek, my a'dun." T'Lara said as Tevek had held out his fingers for her and she raised her own to caress them.

"T'Lara, adun'a. It has been far too long." He closed his eyes as he returned the gesture, opening them and looking to Varel, "Commander. It is agreeable to see you again. I was just speaking to Sileia of how long you have both been from home."

Varel had his eyes locked on Sileias as their fingers touched, "It has been some time. It is good to be home." He looked up to Tevek, "Perhaps you and T'Lara will join us for dinner during our time here."

Tevek looked to T'Lara who gave a nod, 'That would be agreeable. Just let us know when would be most convenient for you."

They all gave a bow to one another and Tevek and T'Lara headed off. Varel took a moment to look over his wife a moment, "This was the dress you were working on last we spoke."

Sileia gave him a nod as they began walking, "Perceptive, ashya. I see your skills have not gotten rusty aboard the T'Kumbra. This is pleasing."

Varel clasped his hands behind his back and continued to look her over. She was a few years younger than he was, but she still looked as beautiful to him as they day they bonded. They had born two children who had grown and become productive members of society, Mena and Kintha. Mena was married with children of her own and Kintha was an ambitious young diplomat.

It was, indeed, very good to be home and once they slipped into their home he took the opportunity to pull her into his arms, "Though living aboard the T'Kumbra has been interesting...it has been lacking. However that void is now filled with your presence, my ashal'veh."

Sileia leaned into him a little, "You have been missed as well."


Larkin walked through his family house door. No one was home it seemed, though it was only his father now, who was likely off at the college. His father was a professor in medical science, so he was not expecting him home for some time.

He entered his old room and set his bag on the bed. It was unchanged and spotless. After looking around a moment, he began putting his things away in draws for his stay. Once he had finished, he walked out into the living area of the house. His eyes moved to a small picture of his late mother.

She had died when he was younger and it had been him and his father ever since. He remembered everything about her, from the scent of her hair, to the warmth of her skin. She was kind and fair and she had held her family in high esteem. His father and he, in all honesty, had never been the same since her passing. In his youth he had fought against his father's logic, joining Starfleet to get away from the pressure.

It wasn't many years later, when he had lost his own bond mate, that he understood that his father had simply wanted him to remain close. However, his career had been formed and time from Vulcan was good for him. Even now there was a slight twang of emotion lingering in the back of his mind at the memories, so he turned and headed out into the back yard to meditate. The Vulcan sun was setting now, and the heat had subsided a bit. After his meditation, he would prepare dinner for when his father returned home.


After browsing on the station for a while, he adjusted his pack on his shoulder and headed down to the planet via transporter. The transporter station was abuzz with all the people, and as he had not expected a greeting party he promptly headed for the exit.

"Captain Solok, slow your pace," came a woman's voice from behind him.

He quirked a brow and stopped, turning to see a tall slender woman. Her hair was a perfect bob and her ice blue eyes locked on his, "T'Sai?" He asked, his eyes moving to the small child wrapped up against her chest.

"I was informed the T'Kumbra had arrived, so Rorik and I came to meet you. You look well, brother." She said, tilting her head.

He gave her a bow, "I was not expecting you, though it is agreeable to see you. You also look well."

"I have a room set up for you. Would you like to rest before evening meal?" She asked, ushering him toward the door.

"I would like to shower, then I will assist with the preparation should...Rorik require attention." He answered.

"You are not required to assist, Solok." T'Sai answered, adjusting her son.

"You are kind enough to let me stay with you while I am here. I will have it no other way." He tilted his head and gave her a pointed look indicating he was not about to argue on the matter.

Shortly thereafter, they arrived at her home and while Solok cleaned himself up, T'Sai was looking through the food stores to find something for dinner. In anticipation of her brother's arrival she had gone out for his favorite dish. Klitanta k'forati-mun (kleetanta with forati sauce) accompanied by Kreila (a flat bread-like food). For a light snack however she placed out sliced Pla-savas fruit. She recalled a very early memory of Solok as a child, just barely able to walk, and seeing his fascination with it. The blue to black color of it was often found attractive to off worlders, so it wasn't all that surprising.

Solok stepped out of the sonic shower and dressed in a black, silver trimmed tunic and pants before heading downstairs. It was odd not to be able to hear a low hum that permeated the T'Kumbra from the engines, but the silence was agreeable. He headed toward the kitchen and nearly tripped over small Rorik, who was sitting on the floor holding a small box that looked like some sort of puzzle.

The infant simply looked up at his uncle, his large blue eyes examining him before he cracked a large smile and cooed. Solok quirked a brow, "T'Sai? Do you make a habit of leaving your child on the floor?"

T'Sai turned sharply, her eyes searching for her son, "He was in his pen. Would you be so kind as to return him to it?" She glanced up to the look on Solok's face and gave a small smirk before turning back to her cooking, "You did say you wanted to assist and Rorik has developed skill in escaping his pen when my back is turned."

Solok's eyes returned to the boy who was still gazing up at him and, somewhat reluctantly, he bent down and picked him up, both his hands under the boy's arms. Rorik gave a squeal as he was hoisted up, obviously enjoying the momentum, and Solok's eyes widened. He moved over to the small pen and set the boy down inside, making sure the latch was properly locked before moving to turn away.

Rorik was not going to have it, however, and began a loud blood curdling scream, making his uncle spin around at the sound, alarm pricking his eyes. The child's face was contorted in anguish as his hands were reaching for him. Solok blinked and looked to T'Sai, who had not turned and was still focused on dinner.

"T'Sai...what do I do?" Solok asked after staring at the boy a moment.

"Pick him up. He may be hungry." She said simply, hiding the smirk on her face as she was enjoying this uncomfortable interaction between her son and brother.

Solok blinked before bending over to pick the boy up and he crinkled his nose, "I do not think hunger is the issue." He said, eying the boy who was now smiling at him.

"Then change him. Everything you need is in his nursery. There is even a manual should you need direction." She said, still not turning from her cooking. T'Sai did not need to see her brother's face to know his subsequent displeasure at the mere thought and her smirk spread ever so slightly as she heard him let out a sigh and head out to the nursery as instructed.

Solok entered the smaller room and looked around; being sure to hold the pungent infant at arm's length, until he found what he assumed was a changing table. He laid Rorik down on the table and found a replacement diaper and wipes, glancing at the manual and trying to ignore the ever growing feeling that his sister had somehow planned this.

He shut his eyes a moment and breathed in what little fresh air he could before removing the dirty diaper. He found quickly he had to hold his breath as it nearly made him gag. It was a natural function and this process was required, however, he had not expected to be taking care of it. This was not his son. However, the boy seemed to inherit his mother's mischievous nature as he gave a giggle and released his bladder.

After Rorik finished and giggled again, Solok looked down at his once clean tunic, sighed, and worked to get the boy changed as quickly and efficiently as possible. That being done, he removed his tunic and tossed it in the hamper, picked Rorik up and dropped him off in his pen as he headed back to the showers.

T'Sai turned and quirked a brow, thoroughly amused as she watched him walk off. Once he had showered again and changed his clothing, she had Rorik seated in a high chair and was spoon feeding him an orange paste.

Solok paused only a moment at the door, to look at the boy then to the table his sister had set, "Klitanta k'forati-mun?"

T'Sai gave a nod, "Your favorite, as I recall."

He gave a quick nod before taking his seat, "Thank you." His eyes danced over his plate, and he felt warmth build in him, knowing she had taken the time and effort, despite making him change her child.

"I have missed you, Solok. Welcome home, my dear brother." She said, spooning her own food into her mouth.

Solok's eyes moved to her face and he gave a small smirk, "I have missed you as well, T'Sai."