Hello. This is my first KnB fic. I've been lurking around the archives for some time and decided to finally post up my own. I have to be honest that I still don't know the characters' personality very well yet. I have a gist, though. And hopefully this will help me in, uhm, understanding them more. Either way, please enjoy~

. . .

Dealing with a bunch of guys isn't a walk in the park. If it were then you'd have a full obstacle course laid in front of you. Complete with 'lucky items' you must be careful not to break (to test your agility), sweets and snacks that, no matter how agonizingly enticing, you must lay your hands off (to test your discipline). A hoard of fan-girls to test your shooting skills… err, patience. And Shogi games to test your intellect.

Oh, and apparently this one hard to beat course that is utterly mindfucking, it basically cannot be beaten. Don't even try to.

With a deep breath, Momoi Satsuki prepared herself to face the obstacle course that was the Generation of Miracles. It was going to be yet another long day of training. Both for the team and her.

. . .

Life Gets in the Way

Momoi was feeling happy today. Class didn't feel like a drag as it usually did that morning. The cafeteria wasn't as cramped up during lunch. And she was dismissed with the highest mark in her worst subject. It might've been luck, but it seems that everything was going smoothly for Momoi.

That was why today, she was also feeling generous.

"Okay! Everything's ready!" Momoi announced as she scanned the gym in satisfaction.

Momoi put in twice as much effort in setting up for practice that afternoon. She segregated the balls equally in six baskets for the convenience of the team. Momoi had the ring heightened for Midorima's utilization. She had traffic cones rented to further train Aomine's speed. Momoi had a table filled with snacks and sweets for Murasakibara's enjoyment, and she even scheduled a session solely for Kise and Kuroko so that the blonde would finally get a comprehensive study on the other boy's technique. As for Akashi… Well, Momoi would rather just leave him alone.

She's got to hand it to herself, Momoi may not be the coach, but she did extensive preparation all for the sake of the team. She even came in fifteen minutes earlier just so she could come up with new game play strategies. Well, being the manager, Momoi wanted nothing but the best for them.

Momoi was fiddling with her phone when it vibrated in her hands. It vibrated again…then again…

Incoming message – Kise Ryouta:

"Sorry, Momoicchi! I can't make it today. The agency called for me and said it was something urgent! I'm really sorry. I'll make it up next practice."

Momoi sighed, but she completely understood the demands of Kise's career. As long as he was able to balance his schedule and make time for practice, then it was fine to let him off the hook. After all, it was once.

Momoi smiled enthusiastically. There were five more of them.

Incoming message – Midorima Shintarou:

"Momoi. I am unfortunate to let you know that I will not be attending practice today. The class representative requested for my assistance, which requires dealing with logbooks. According to Oha-Asa, today's lucky item is a logbook."

Momoi's smile was faltering, but nevertheless, still intact. Midorima surprisingly excelled in academics, and if it calls for him then it was fine. As long as his grades weren't going to suffer and prevent him from practicing then it was okay to let it go.

Incoming message – Murasakibara Atsushi:

"There was a sale on sweet buns, Sa-chin! I had to go!"

Momoi's eyebrow twitched. Murasakibara was ditching practice for sweets? SWEETS?! Which he has every single waking hour of the day with him?! The teen took a deep breath and convinced herself that it was alright. Muk-kun loved sweets, and if it was going to improve his motivation to play basket ball then it was O-KAY. Momoi supposed. It was once. Just. Once. Even though she had practically prepared a whole banquet for him.

Now she was left with three…

Incoming message – Akashi Seijuurou:

"I'm sick."

Momoi didn't even dare complain on this one.

She skipped to the next message to see that the sender this time was Aomine. Momoi fell forlorn. Even the ace wasn't going to attend? What was wrong with everyone today! It seems that life just suddenly got in the way, even though Momoi could swear that basketball was their lives.

Received message – Aomine Daiki:


Hi? Momoi cocked an eyebrow. What was that supposed to mean?

Incoming message – Aomine Daiki:

"Sorry. Wrong send."

Momoi's smile never left her lips, except that now it had twisted into a malevolent grin. "Wrong send?" Momoi seethed at the sight of the absurdity that was Aomine's message. How was that going to explain why he wasn't here anyway?

"Isn't anyone coming at all?!" Momoi yelled in frustration.

"Momoi-san…" Came from the gym's entrance.

"Tetsu-kun!" Momoi headed towards to where the blue-haired boy was standing. She was relieved. As long as there was at least one player present then her efforts didn't completely go to waste. Why, Kuroko might even be able to shoot that hoop, or run those cones, or eat those sweets on the table. "I'm so glad you're here! Five minutes late, but its okay. Shall we start?"

"Actually, I wanted to tell you that—"

Momoi cut him off. "Let me guess, you won't be able to practice today..."

Kuroko nodded. "Yes. If you could just let everyone know…"

"There IS no everyone!" Momoi cried out. "There's not even an 'anyone'!"

"Well, I guess I'll be going now." Kuroko announced, when he noticed how Momoi was trying to kill him off with her gaze. He swallowed. "Is that a no?"

Momoi dragged Kuroko inside the gym.

So there you have it. Will be updated as soon as I can come up with stuff. Let me know what you think!