Of Luck and Items

What a beautiful day, Momoi thought as she made her way to school, merrily skipping as her pink hair swayed in the wind. When she entered building, she didn't fail to greet everybody with her biggest, brightest smile. It was obvious that Momoi was just in such a good mood today. And it only skyrocketed when she had spotted a rather interesting item along the halls.

Excited since she had not quite seen anything like it before, she immediately picked it up. The object was small and pink and had the initials M.S to it. Why, she was an M.S! It must have been a sign! Maybe it would bring her good luck. And so with that in mind, she kept it away in her satchel—at least until somebody actually looked for it.

And that day, the item proved to be lucky.

In the morning during homeroom, Momoi was so close to have gotten drenched in spit water. But by some miracle, the teacher had called for her just in time. And the person closest to the desk she was sitting on at the moment was hit instead. It turns out that a classmate was drinking a hefty amount of mineral water when he was suddenly jabbed in the sides. If Momoi had not moved the way when she did, she would have gotten a face full of it.

As she heard the ruckus going on from behind her (she was facing the teacher), Momoi sighed in relief. 'That could have been me!'

At lunch, the line in the cafeteria was unexpectedly short, and Momoi was surprised—more thankful. After all, the place would usually be jam-packed with students. And to think that she hadn't brought her own food, it really saved her the worry of wrestling a sea of people just to buy a sandwich.

"Enjoy your food," the kind lunch lady said, and Momoi smiled back as she collected her change.

Suddenly, the strangest thing happened. As if on cue, the moment Momoi had stepped out of her spot, people started crowding to buy food! Momoi was yet again, relieved. If she was even a minute late, she wouldn't have been able to get lunch!

Soon the day had passed with the pink-haired teen almost ending up in crazy freak accidents or unlucky events, but always finding herself safe at the last minute. At that point, Momoi couldn't help but think that it was the object she had found earlier that protected her and brought her luck. After all, it was just so out of nowhere! And it wasn't every day that she'd stumble across weird things.

"Thank you, little thing!" Momoi thought, looking down at the pink object in delight.

Practice later that afternoon was as per usual—except, a certain shooter was looking quite off of his game.

"Shintarou, take a break," Akashi announced.

"I'm perfectly fine!" The shooter spat back and attempted to make a shot into the ring. But instead, the ball hit the snacks right out of Murasakibara's hands and were crushed beneath the weight of it. The giant glared back at Midorima.

"Hey, Mido-chin!" Murasakibara yelled from the distance.

"Break. Now." Akashi said in a definite tone, and Midorima could do nothing but comply.

"Wow, Midorin, you don't look so good." Momoi looked at Midorima with concern as she scooted to the side to make space for Midorima. "What's wrong?"

Midorima sighed. He'd really rather not talk about how bad he had been feeling. Not just at this time, but since this morning as well. But there was also no point in just bottling it up either. It'd only make him feel ten times worse if he didn't vent it out.

Momoi was taken by surprise when Midorima actually turned to her and began telling her about his day. "It seems that luck is not in my favor. In the morning, I was spat at. At lunch, I wasn't able to buy any food because as always, the cafeteria line was incredibly was long. When I first arrived, it was completely empty. And when I came back from the toilet to wash my hands for a quick minute or two, half of the student population was already there!"

As Midorima continued talking about the less than fortunate events he had encountered—such as being hit by a base ball to tripping over random things to getting drenched once again (this time because of the sprinklers), and getting chased around by a stray cat—Momoi couldn't help but feel uneasy. Everything Midorima said sounded strangely familiar, and as Momoi really pondered on it, she realized that these were the same things she would have gone through if she hadn't avoided it in the last minute.

"And the worst part of it all was I lost my lucky item. I've been searching everywhere but I just can't seem to find it. I'm certain that is why my day hasn't been going so well. Momoi?"

Momoi snapped out, too engrossed in her thoughts, as Midorima waved a hand in front of her. Then she trailed off weakly, "it wouldn't happen to be this, would it?" Momoi secretly hoped it wasn't the item she'd found earlier. But Midorima's expression clearly showed that it was as she took it out from her satchel.

"Y-yes!" Midorima exclaimed as he reached for it. "Hey! What are you doing?!" But as soon as he did, Momoi was already standing up and backing away.

"No, Midorin!" Momoi cried out. "This item is keeping me safe. You can have it back later. And didn't you say that sharing was caring?"

"What are you saying, Momoi?" Then it occurred to Midorima. "Ah... That's right! Today's lucky items for all signs are things with their initials on it. And because we have the same initials..."

"That means this is my lucky item, too!" Momoi announced, raising the thing up to the heavens.

"Momoi, give it to me," Midorima half-pleaded—a sight Momoi had never seen before. "You don't understand. My life is in danger! Do you know how hard it was for me to manage the whole day? And besides! You don't even watch Oha-Asa!"

"My life is in danger, too!" Momoi countered.

"Give it back, Momoi!" This time it came out snappier. And just as Midorima was about to go after Momoi, his foot got caught in the straps of one of the duffle bags lying around. The shooter fell face first and broke his glasses. "Ow."

"Oh my gosh, Midorin! Are you alright?" The shooter shook his head as he got up, Momoi assisting him immediately. "Ugh. I'm sorry for being stubborn. You've already gone through too much today."

"Yes I have." Midorima said dejectedly, rubbing his forehead. "I hope my glasses are fine." He groaned when he felt the glass and frame in pieces under his palm. "I spoke too soon."

"Anyway, you can have your lucky item back." Momoi smiled. Then she remembered dropping the item when she ran off to help Midorima up. "Wait, I'll go get it."


Momoi turned back to be greeted by a basket ball coming straight at her.


"Midorin, I think we're gunna have to share this thing until we both get home...safely."

What Guys Do

P.E had never been so exhausting before. Momoi dreaded it. It shouldn't have been that bad really, but because their teacher was being stricter than usual for some unknown reason and making them do ridiculous drills and other exercises that weren't exactly related to soccer, this was a class Momoi was going to dislike soon.

As soon as sensei announced a five minute break, Momoi quickly plopped down on the grass and took big breathes as she wiped the sweat trickling down her face. "This is horrible, Aomine-kun," she said, glancing at her childhood friend who sat next to her.

"Uh... Not really. Training's harder."

"But this is not training. It's only a class," Momoi argued. The latter sighed.

"Whatever you say, Satsuki." Aomine then brought up the bottle of water he was holding and twisted its cap. He was just about to drink from it when slim fingers grabbed it out of his grasp. He snapped his head towards Momoi. "Hey! What're you doing?"

"I'm so thirsty! " But before even Aomine had a chance to reply, she had already brought the opening of the bottle to her lips.

Aomine stared at her in shock. "What the hell?! Stop! Satsuki! STOP!"

After three more gulps did Momoi finally stop and turn to Aomine who was looking quite uncomfortable. "What's wrong Aomine-kun?"

"You just drank from my water bottle!" Aomine yelped, flinging his arms towards her.

Momoi tilted her head. "So what? You just opened it, right?" She explained. And as much as Aomine would want to have interrupted, Momoi kept on going. "And besides, isn't this what guys do? Aren't guys not choosy?"

"But it's different! You're a girl!" Her childhood friend cried out desperately.

"That's being sexist. And besides, it's not like I carry a disease or something." Momoi took one last sip (much to Aomine's terror and dismay) and handed him back the bottle. "Here."

"Keep it! I'm not drinking from that."

"Why not?"

"Because...because it would be..." Aomine paused. "I-i-ind-di-di—" Then chocked for the words before giving up completely and standing up. He dusted off his pants, "I'm playing some ball," and headed off.

As soon as Aomine was far away from earshot, Momoi let herself chuckle out loud. "Ohh...Ahh... Dai-chan. Fun to tease..." She said in between gasps of air. Suddenly, she felt the bottle slip out of her fingers, and when she looked up, Kise was there. Drinking from it.

"HAAAHHHH," Kise let out a breath of satisfaction.


"Oh, Momoicchi!" Kise beamed at the petrified Momoi.

"Why are you here? You're not even in our class!"

"Just walking around. It's our free period and sensei let us do whatever we want. Oh, by the way, thanks for the water. I was really thirsty, you know?"

"But I just dr-dra—" Momoi blushed and stood up the exact same way Aomine did earlier. Embarrassed. "Keep it!" Momoi said, eight octaves higher than she'd expected, and stiffly walked off.

"But!" Kise called off, but she refused to turn back. "Momoicchi... Oh well..."

Kise took another swig from the bottle.

Not Sorry

One afternoon during practice, Kise had brought with him a large box of pastries. He settled it down on the podium, and with wiping the sweat from his forehead with his finally free arm (it took great amount of effort not to ruin the intricate design on the pastries as Kise carried it the gym), called out the rest of the team.

"What is it, Ryouta?" Akashi asked which literally translated to 'what do you think you are doing?' Kise scratched the back of his neck uneasily. Even more so as the team started to gather instantly like they didn't have a training course to complete.

"Well, a fan made them for me. I obviously wouldn't be able to finish this much so I decided to share it with everyone!"

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's dig in!" Aomine announced excitedly before Akashi could protest and say that they'd have to wait until training ends, and lifted the red cardboard lid off the top. Aomine's eyes shimmered hungrily at the deliciously good looking, "What are these supposed to be?" He paused, realizing that he couldn't quite tell what those 'deliciously good looking' things were.

"Tarts!" Kise replied.

It was like any normal looking tart except that it was completely Kise-fied. The tart was about as high as a thumb with three-thin layers of carefully sliced fruits, all of which were in a shade yellow or close to it—probably lemons, or mangoes, or peaches, or pineapples. And the center design that went on top of the layers was made of dough shaped into a basketball. Some were number 8.

It proved to be delicious as said by Aomine after taking a bite. "But it's too Kise inspired. It's making me sick."

"Don't eat it then!" Kise spat out. Then he turned to everyone else. "The rest of you, please help yourselves!" And so everybody did. One tart after the other. And it wasn't long until only one piece had been left.

As if on cue, Murasakibara had just entered the gym. He was still in his uniform as he approached Akashi (who took none of the tarts, by the way) and explained to him briefly and lazily why the teacher had kept him for some time. "Sensei needed help sorting some files. She was small and couldn't reach the shelves." Murasakibara yawned both almost immediately did his usual dull purple eyes sparked with interest. And before Akashi could even acknowledge his excuse, Murasakibara's attention was somewhere else already.

A little vein was prominent on the side of his temple. Akashi didn't like being ignored.

Murasakibara was staring at the lone tart in the middle of the box. Kise specifically told him with a smile, "There's one more left, Murasakibaracchi. Take it!" so without hesitating, he reached for it.

When suddenly, the most unexpected thing happened; Momoi popped out of nowhere and swooped the tart away before Murasakibara could even lay as much as a finger on it. And before he could even say anything, it had already been bitten on.

It took everyone by surprise. It took Kuroko by surprise!

"Momoi-san, where did you come from?" Kuroko asked honestly bewildered, with the same look on his face to match.

"Me?" Momoi swallowed heartily. "I was just there by the steps jotting down some analysis. Then I heard Kise say this was the last one." She took another neat bite out of the tart. "Wow, Ki-chan. This is really good!" She said delighted.

Murasakibara though, was not delighted as he stood there watching Momoi have the time of her life with his tart. "Sa-chin! That's mine!" He cried out finally, crossing two long arms across his chest like a child. "You ate it..." he pouted.

"Muk-kun?" Momoi said belatedly after taking two or three more bites. There was only a fourth left when she really turned to him and realized, "This is yours!? Oh gosh. I didn't know!" Murasakibara huffed. "Do you still want it?"

Suddenly, Murasakibara was enthusiastic again as he nodded his head eagerly. Momoi was just about to hand the bitten tart to him when, "Wait! I already ate parts of it. Sorry, Muk-kun. I can't give this to you..."

Momoi frowned sympathetically, but ate the last bite anyway. Then she went back to her seat at the steps like nothing happened.

"She wasn't sorry in the least bit!" Murasakibara complained to no one in particular.

Momoi giggled. She wasn't.


I referenced Of Nail Files and Trinkets, Guys Being Guys, and A Fine Line between a Sip and a Chug (respectively) here.