It's been awhile!

Just silly things involving the gang and glass.

Now, onwards.

Glass Doors

One time, the Teikou management had decided to put up glass doors in the cafeteria, replacing the old but still functional wooden ones. Why? It was to keep a 'good-eye' on the students as they might engage in 'wild and unruly' activities such as 'food-fights'. Not that any of that was actually going to happen. The head principal obviously didn't give enough credit to the teachers, and he had probably been watching way too many high school centric films.

Most of the students had already been informed.

Most of them.

It was lunch time, and Murasakibara had just bought himself enough packs of sour tapes to fill in a huge paper bag he was now carrying in one arm. The sour tapes were in a variety of flavors (he'd probably bought every flavor available) but there was one that Murasakibara favored over all.

He would squeeze his eyes shut at the acid that stung and tickled his taste buds, letting the flavor roll from the tip to the back of his tongue and melting away the sugar before finally having a taste of that sweet tangy flavor that was just a burst of satisfaction every time he chewed until finally swallowing it, leaving him with the urge to reach inside the bag for another piece, only to repeat the cycle all over again.

And that's exactly what he was about to do—


Meanwhile, Momoi was just about to enter the cafeteria, when she was frightened out of her wits at the person who had suddenly walked straight into the glass door, face unattractively pressed against it for a quick second before he had stepped back, thinking how the hell a door was there.

Momoi on the other hand had decided that it'd be best to skip lunch today, and didn't stick around to find out who the person was.

A few days later, the school's management had taken out the glass doors.


This was probably the first time in a long time since Midorima had lost his glasses. The first time ever he wished he would never lose them again.

It started earlier that morning when he had excused himself from class to go to the washroom. Midorima's eyes were apparently irritated, and since he didn't have eye-drops with him, he had no choice but to settle with water.

So there he was, rinsing his eyes out. Midorima was in front of the middle sink, his glasses placed precisely two inches away from it so that he would be able to reach for it easily when he brought his hands down. Midorima was just about done, and he had just turned the faucet off, when suddenly, alarms started ringing throughout the school.

Midorima was startled for a quick second, until he remembered, "That's right! The fire drills!" It was announced to be done at random during the week.

Teachers were already evacuating the students in a quick and orderly manner. And just before Midorima had a chance to grab hold of his specs, he had been pulled away.

"But my glasses!" Midorima yelled out, but it seemed that sensei didn't hear him over the noise everyone was making.

Poor Midorima was plunged into the crowd practically blindly—he stumbled upon objects like potted plants and trash bins, and bumped into people—how he was able to manage through the drills was a miracle.

But after it had been done, Midorima's top priority was retrieving his glasses.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as he hoped it would be. Midorima literally had to feel his way around the building, using the walls and handrails to guide his way. What made it even harder was how he refused to ask for any help. And when people asked about his glasses and what the hell he was doing caressing the doors of each classroom, he would simply reply, "It's none of your business..." to the wrong person.


But that aside...

It wasn't after many, many minutes later when Midorima had finally reached his destined floor (he heard the familiar voices of his classmates so he couldn't be mistaken). The shooter didn't waste any more second as he immediately began his search for his glasses in the washroom.

...Until he froze at a high-pitched, eardrum-piercing scream.

"Midorin! What are you doing here?!" Momoi had stepped out of the cubicle shocked to see a 195-centimeter guy standing in front of her.

Midorima spun around violently to face a hand dryer. "M-Momoi? What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean what am I...?" Momoi didn't even continue as she began pushing the taller male outside. "Get out of here!" Momoi said furiously.

"But I'm looking for my—"

"And stay out!"

Momoi had pushed him out successfully.

Midorima was confused.

And the male's washroom was on the left side. Not the right.

Half Empty, Half Full

"Stupid Kise..." Aomine spat. "The glass is half empty."

"Positive people have a different outlook, A-o-mi-ne-cchi," Kise replied, emphasizing each syllable of Aomine's name as if to prove a point. "So I say it's half full.

Aomine snorted. "Who cares what you think? It's half empty!" The blue-haired teen said stubbornly and plunged himself against the edge of the table to take a good look at the glass of water that was still and silent in the middle.

"It's half full!" The blonde argued, copying Aomine as he too, plunged himself forward. He then glared back at Aomine through the glass.

"HALF EMPTY!" Aomine abruptly stood up, slamming both palms down the table and not caring about all the extra attention he'd attracted.

"HALF. FULL." Kise sat back and looked up at Aomine, crossing his arms across his chest as he gave him a challenging expression.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang continued to mind their business—of course, being interrupted every second or so by Aomine and Kise's senseless bantering.

Midorima sighed and adjusted his glasses over the bridge of his nose. "How do we even know them." It was more of stating a disappointing realization than a question. Murasakibara only shrugged as he chewed on a chocolate-filled panda cracker. Momoi on the other hand was too engrossed on the latest edition of Basketball Monthly.

"Does it really matter how much content the glass has?" Suddenly, all fell silent. Aomine and Kise stopped mid-sentence, and everyone else around the table turned to a certain Phantom Player. "All it matters is that you have a glass..." Kuroko continued and took the glass, "...with something in it." He then put it back.

There was a short pause. Aomine was the first one to speak.

"Wow, Tetsu. Never thought of it that way..."

"Ahh... Kurokocchi's so deep!" Kise added.

Momoi smiled cheerfully. "That's why you guys should listen to Tetsu-kun!"

Everything had just settled down, when Akashi suddenly made his way toward that table, and with such incredible physics-defying force, he had flicked the rim of the glass, and the whole thing fell off the edge of the table and broke.

The gang was utterly speechless, all seeming to have the same thought of how that was even possible.

"The glass is broken." He stated nonchalantly.

"A-Akashi-kun!" Momoi sputtered, when a waitress had come by their table. She was now on the brink of panicking.

The sound of the glass cracking under the waitresses' high-heels was unmistakable, and when she looked down, she was shocked to see what she had stepped on. The waitress darted back at the table, crossing her arms across her chest and waiting for an explanation.

Akashi looked away.

Midorima and Murasakibara were safe on their side of the table.

Momoi and Kuroko engaged in conversation.

Another pause as the waitress tapped her foot impatiently.

"HE DID IT!" The blonde prince and the blue-haired ace broke out and pointed at each other because there was no way they would point at Akashi.


"Hey, Tetsu-kun, do you believe in bad luck?"

Kuroko took a long, satisfying slurp from his milk and shrugged. "Not really. Why?"

Momoi hummed. "Oh nothing… It's just that a couple of my classmates broke a mirror earlier in class and kept going on about how it was bad luck. I guess I was just curious what you might think."

"I see… Well, I'm sure it depends on the person and their beliefs…"

As the two continued on, Midorima couldn't help but tune in from the sidelines. He was intrigued at how they took the topic so lightly, when he, on the other hand, took so much precaution. As if on cue, Kuroko turned to him. Midorima was caught off guard, and was a second too late at looking away. But he still feigned clueless, even when his eavesdropping had been more than obvious from the start.

"Midorima-kun, don't you feel tired of carrying that thing around?" Kuroko asked and looked down at the 3-foot tall maneki neko sitting on the floor.

"Hmph." Midorima huffed and brought the figurine next to him. "What kind of silly question is that? This is my lucky item of the day," he informed matter-of-factly. "And as you may already know, this is essential for me to carry out my tasks completely and without fear of stumbling into something uncalled for. But you people wouldn't understand. You—"

Kuroko cut him off. "See? Take Midorima-kun, for example…"

"Ah! You're right!" Momoi replied.

"Hey! I'm not done talking!" Midorima called out. "And what do you mean by 'for example'?" Midorima was ignored.

There was a brief silence as Momoi brought her compact mirror to her face. Her eyes fell on her lips and she frowned. "I knew it! My lips are this chapped. That's why they hurt…" Momoi swiped some lip balm over it and smiled in content, when suddenly, a ball came flying towards her.

The basket ball landed directly on her lap, but the mirror she had been holding had fallen to the floor.

"Sorry!" Aomine yelled from across the court, waving his hands at her.

Momoi only sighed as she bent down to pick the shards up. "What a shame. And I just bought this, too…"

Midorima clicked his tongue. "That's forty years of bad luck, Momoi."

And just as Momoi had stood up, at that exact moment, yet another basket ball came flying towards her. And this time, it hit her right smack on the back. She shrieked at the sudden contact, and dropped the shards of broken glass. She wasn't picking it up again. Instead she snapped her head back at the court.

Aomine only looked at her. "Oops…?"

Momoi felt her eyebrow twitch. "OOPS?" She repeated. That's it? Momoi then readied herself in a stance that looked as if she was competing in a marathon race. Aomine swallowed. He took this as a sign to run for his life.

"I didn't mean it!" Aomine begged, running in terror as Momoi chased after him. "It was an accident!"

"The only one who's going to have forty years of bad luck is Aomine-kun," Kuroko stated as he watched Momoi tackle Aomine to the floor and headlock him.

"Forty years or more…" Midorima added.