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Now, without further ado, I present to you Aomine and his fanboy feels. (slight crack)

Fanboy Feels

Momoi had been following Aomine for some time now. Actually, she'd been doing for the past few days, and it seemed that the blue-haired ace was deliberately avoiding her. If Momoi knew any better, she'd think he was hiding something from her.

"Aomine-kun!" Momoi said again, the nth time that hour. The latter had abruptly stopped in front of her, causing her to bump against his broad back.

"What, Satsuki?!" Aomine asked, mildly irritated, and turned around to see Momoi rubbing her nose. She looked at him with a frown.

"Don't 'what Satsuki' me!" She snapped. "Where is it?"

Aomine looked confused. "Where's what?"

"The thing you borrowed from me."

"Which thing?"

"That thing! The one you borrowed and haven't given back!"

There was a short pause. "Uh..."

Must Momoi spell it out for him? "The magazine featuring Horikita Mai!" Momoi finally said, flinging her arms up in frustration. It was just so hard to get through to Aomine sometimes, Momoi didn't know what she was going to do anymore. "I still haven't had a glimpse of it!"

Momoi actually bought a magazine with Aomine during the weekend. It so happened that it featured twenty pages of Aomine's number one idol (if you could consider it that), complete with poster pin-ups, interviews, latest news, and much more. Exactly right after Momoi had paid at the counter, Aomine casually 'borrowed' it and went home.

And he just left her there...in the shop...alone.

Talk about being a gentleman, right? Oh, but Momoi knew deep, deep in her heart that her childhood friend was hopeless and would never even come close to that. Ever.

"What happened to it, Aomine-kun?" She looked at him suspiciously.

Aomine feigned clueless. "Alright, alright. I'll give it back tomorrow, okay?" He replied, not answering the question and effectively dismissing the conversation.

That night, Aomine had no regrets as he cut off another page of Momoi's magazine and stuck it on his wall with masking tape. "Oh, my precious Horikita Mai-chan," he trailed off with bliss, blushing slightly at the celebrity's photo.

The next morning,

Aomine was still quite proud of himself. He had worked all week for this and now it's complete. He jumped off the bed, stepped back, and looked at his masterpiece with pure astonishment. On the wall just above his headboard was a collage of Horkita Mai, in all poses, in all outfits (maybe even no outfit?).

Oh, and it wasn't just the wall. Aomine scanned the rest of his room and admired the pin-up posters on his door cabinet (next to the one with Michael Jordan making a dunk), the interview articles tacked on the back of his door (right beside the picture of his favourite pair of Nikes), and the laminated picture on his desk (next to the framed photo he had with the Teikou basketball team).

Yes, Aomine was indeed, a proud man.

The only one who can come up with something as awesome as this is me, Aomine thought, a teardrop of glee rolling down his cheek. And for a second, in place of Teikou's fierce ace was a starstruck teen. "Horikta Mai..." Aomine said dreamily.

Suddenly, he felt a burst of energy surge through him, and he started jumping. And Aomine found himself doing poses he wouldn't dare do in public. And he started singing.

"And I am telling you..." Aomine continued in an off-tune, broken English that sounded a lot like, "En aimu terring you, aimu not goingu...

Yoru ze besto woman airu eba no..."

Aomine leaped towards his dresser, grabbed a can of deodorant spray, and effectively used it as a microphone. By the time he was singing the chorus, Aomine had hopped back onto his bed, which was now his newfound stage.

"I'm stayin'!" Aomine was singing from the top of his lungs. "I'm stayin'! And YOU, and YOU..." He was pointing at pictures of Horikita Mai around his room as he said 'you'. And for the finale, Aomine dropped to his knees and shot back. "YOU'RE GUNNA LOVE MEEEE~"

Aomine plopped onto his bed, exhilarated and panting. He really worked up a sweat, didn't he? Aomine could feel the adrenaline still rushing in his veins. And with a grin, he waved his hands up and thanked the imaginary crowd on his ceiling.


Aomine was about cooling off when all the muscles in his body tensed up. He bolted upright, and eyes meeting the slight crack of his door, he froze and started paling. There stood Momoi, Akashi, and Kuroko. No traces of amusement were found on their faces.

When Akashi swung the door wider, Momoi practically stormed in, furious. "Are these from my magazine!?" The tattered magazine on the desk told Momoi that it was, and she shot a glare at Aomine, who was still far too shocked to process what was going on. "They are! DAIKI!"

"Aomine-kun is a good singer..." Kuroko commented, trying to ease the tension. But Akashi nudged him.

"Don't lie, Tetsuya."

Kuroko muttered an apology.

When Aomine's head finally stopped spinning, he turned to the three. "What the hell are you doing here?" He sounded more forlorn than angry.

"We're picking you up for weekend practice," Kuroko answered. "We texted you but you weren't replying, so we decided to drop by your house."

"Yes," Akashi added, and strode inside Aomine's room without much interest. Though, he did note all the clutter on the floor, the unmade bed, and the bundle of dirty laundry sitting on the roller chair in front of the desk. "You should tidy up, Daiki."

"Who are you? My mom?"

The feared captain ignored the retort and turned back, calling for the others before heading out. "Follow us in awhile, Daiki. And extra thirty laps once you've arrived at the gym."

"Extra thirty?" Aomine was in shock. Even that was too much for him. Their regular training menu consisted of seventy laps, and now he was supposed to add thirty more?

"No. Make that fifty for your messy room. See you."

"What does my room have to d—" Aomine called out, but the three had already left, shutting the door behind them.


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