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. . .

It wasn't as if Momoi bribed them, or dare it be said, threatened them to come along. Oh no, of course not. Momoi would never stoop down to that level—she wasn't that type of person! Even when they'd practically turned her down every single time the first time. Momoi was just really good at negotiating. So, it wasn't in her control when Mukkun had actually accepted the bag of limited edition flavoured chips he'd always wanted to get his hands on when she'd offered it to him, saying, "Mukkun, I'll give this to you under one condition…" He said yes afterwards. Case closed.

It also wasn't in her control when she was able to convince Aomine's parents to make him join her. "What the hell, Satsuki!?"

And Momoi was just being kind when she'd offered Midorima to get his lucky item for him. "If you promise to…" It wasn't her fault that he was left with no choice since Cancer's lucky item for that day was something she'd owned, and it had already been sold out everywhere.

Momoi had no problems with Kise. In fact, he was looking forward to it. And she'd also left him with the task to convince Kuroko and Akashi. "But Momocchi! That's too difficult!" He'll manage. He had to—unless Kise wanted that picture of him drooling in his sleep to go around campus.

Ah, negotiating.

Momoi was in bliss when the group was complete that Saturday afternoon. She'd always wanted to go to a fair. Even more so with everybody around.

. . .

Jet Coasters

"There is no way in hell I'm riding that thing." A certain blue-haired teen spat as he looked up, pertaining to the metal structure of doom…rather, of an amusement ride. The jet coaster towered high above him, and as his gaze settled on the tracks, he cringed at the sight of the train speeding as it went into a route of various loops and steep slopes. Aomine's stomach churned. He was feeling sick already.

"Oh c'mon, Aominecchi!" Kise exclaimed beside him with childlike excitement as he too, looked up. "Don't be such a wuss!"

"Hah?! Who ya callin' a wuss?!"

"I refuse to ride such a thing…" muttered Midorima from the side. He continued to grumble more of his displeasures, lucky item sitting on his left palm (as if he were talking to it, perhaps?), when a sound had interrupted him. "And would you stop eating?" He turned and scorned at Murasakibara. The taller teen had simply popped another candy into his mouth, ignoring Midorima altogether. Midorima sighed. "You're impossible."

"Ugh. Damn it, Satsuki. Dragging me into this."

"What was that, Aomine-kun?" Aomine stiffened when he heard the familiar voice, soft and light with an edge that hinted ominous intent. Momoi had just reunited with the rest of them, along with Akashi and Kuroko, after accompanying her to buy tickets. (Aomine was also hoping she didn't hear what he'd said, but judging from the way she looked…) "Well whatever that was, you don't have a choice." (Damn. She did hear). "I got tickets! For all of us." Momoi announced, fixing her eyes on each of the boys. "And if you back out, you have to pay Akashi-kun… Double…"

"With interest," Kuroko chirped in.

"Don't decide that on your own!" Aomine said, reacting more violently than necessary.

"Akashi-kun was kind enough to pay for our tickets." Kuroko then began to explain.

Meanwhile, Akashi had noted other, possibly more important things than the amount of yen he had in his wallet. Like Murasakibara's sweets intake.

"Atsushi, you should stop eating. It will make you sick after the ride."

"It's useless, Akashi. He won't listen," said Midorima. He, after all, had the first-hand experience earlier. But much too his utter surprise, Murasakibara had actually put his bag of treats down.

"If Aka-chin says so."

Midorima was all but outraged. "What's with that?!"

"Then, everyone!" Momoi clapped her hands, getting the group's attention. "Let's go!"

. . .

The line was awfully long, and Momoi had to admit that she was getting a bit impatient. But it was fine. It was going to be worth the wait, she'd told herself. Earlier, Momoi had done research, even using her data gathering skills to scout for the best rides to go to. And then she'd stumbled upon this, and after reading, quote: "The most extreme! The most exciting! The most dangerous!" in bold red letters on a poster, she knew she wasn't going miss the chance getting on this one.

"Let's sit in the back, Momocchi!" Kise suggested. In reply, Momoi gave an inquisitive look.

"Okay, but why though?"

"You'll see," the blonde wriggled his eyebrows at her, which Momoi still didn't understand, but agreed anyway.

Once they were finally first on the line, Momoi had insisted (in spite of her excitement) that Aomine, Midorima, and Murasakibara go in first, just in case they'd decide to sneak out the last minute.

"Satsuki, quit shoving!" Aomine groaned.

"I'm not shoving, you're just too slow!"

It was Kise's turn to give his ticket next. Then Momoi. But just as she'd handed over her own, she was halted by a stout-looking male, passable to be a bouncer. "Nobody under 175 centimeters," he said, pointing at a chart with two cartoon boys drawn onto it. The first boy was tall and smiling as it went past the numbers '175', while the second boy had a frown and was smaller than the numbers by about a centimeter. "That's you means you, miss. And your two other companions," he added eyeing Kuroko and Akashi behind her.

"But we paid for these tickets!" Momoi cried out.

"Sorry, but rules are rules."

"But I have to get on this ride!" Momoi almost pleaded. Her body was pressed against the metal fence that separated her from the ride, and she was looking at the other side so longingly. This seemed to cause quite a stir from the people behind. Time was ticking, they were waiting, and mister bouncer just wanted to get on with his job.


Momoi shrugged in defeat at the dismissive tone and was just about to turn back, when Akashi had spoken.

"Atsushi," he called out. Naturally, Murasakibara had turned to him, taking a few steps closer near the fence. As if on cue, mister bouncer had looked up, only to see the purple-head giant looming over him, eyes cast downwards and glowering (rather, it was Murasakibara's natural look). He swallowed.

"Let us pass…" Akashi said to the man, before his eyes travelled up at Murasakibara. "Or…"

The man clicked his tongue in resignation, and reluctantly took their tickets and opened the fence. As much as he wanted to abide by the rules, he didn't to find out what might happen. Because even though the man was a size or two bigger, himself, Murasakibara had a monster of a size compared to that.

Momoi couldn't help a little squeal and jump after she'd gotten in. She gave thanks to Akashi, which the captain returned with a nod. Even though he didn't show it, Momoi's woman's intuition could tell that Akashi was looking forward to the ride just as much as she was. Akashi may be captain of one of the strongest middle school basketball teams, and a prodigy…and a genius, but he was still a teenager.

"Nobody questions my height…" Momoi heard him mutter under his breath.

And that, too.

The group sat in place with Momoi and Kise quickly taking the rear seat like they'd told each other. Aomine sat…somewhere…he didn't care, he just wanted to get this over with, while Kuroko followed beside him, not having much of a choice after Akashi proclaimed that he was going to be sitting alone. Midorima's lucky item apparently needed its own seat, and so did Murasakibara's bag of chips.



"This sucks," Aomine groaned. "Right, Tetsu?"

Kuroko shrugged and kept his monotone. "It's alright."

"Sir, please put your toy away."

"It's not a toy," Midorima corrected matter-of-factly. "It's my lucky item for the day, a ball-jointed doll." He tightened the strap around the doll on the seat next to him.

"We do not allow loose objects on the ride, sir," the same stout-looking man from earlier explained. What's with this odd group, was what he thought, his patience was slowly withering away—even more so when Midorima didn't respond. "Either you put your toy away or you get out of the ride," he said with finality.

Of course, Midorima would prefer to get off the ride rather than go on without his precious lucky item. But just as he was going to leave, he felt as though something was piercing his back, a set of pink eyes boring into him from behind. He turned around, and at the end of the train was Momoi, shaking her head as she mouthed,

"No. Stay. Or the lucky item gets it later."

Midorima huffed in defeat. He knew she wasn't bluffing—she'd tried it once before. "Fine. I'll claim it later when this wretched ride is over."

After the lucky item had been taken away (to a safe place where it wouldn't fall, or get scratched, or get exposed to sunlight—as per request by the owner) Midorima was forced to sit next to Murasakibara.

"This is absurd."

"Want some?"

"You're eating again?" Midorima raised an eyebrow at Murasakibara, who had yet again been munching on his snacks. He was able to smuggle a bag of chips under his shirt. "Didn't Akashi already—"

"What Aka-chin doesn't know won't hurt him." The purple-head smiled lazily with triumph, hiding the bag of chips again when the man had come around.

At last, after how many minutes of waiting, the ride was about to begin. The metal bars on the sides and overhead of each seat contracted to secure the passenger in place. And after three beeps and a green light, the train escalated up the first slope, slow and steady.

Momoi was shaking with excitement. "Oooh, Ki-chan! I can't wait!"

"Well, here goes…" Aomine trailed off, disinterested.


Murasakibara reached for another chip under his shirt. Midorima rolled his eyes.

Akashi was silent—and maybe slightly seething inside. The feared captain ended up sitting next to a college student (they wouldn't allow empty seats, despite him threate— convincing them). And let's just say that the college student didn't have the softest and most subtle voice—her screams were eight-octave high shrills.

The train reached its peak; the people below looked like ants, one could feel like they'd be able to touch the sky with an outstretched arm… Needless to say, they were very high.

And then the train sped down. Fast.

. . .

It was during the second loop when Kuroko had first seen the biggest smile Aomine has ever worn. "TETSU! THIS IS AWESOOOME!" For all his talk earlier, Aomine sure seemed like he was having a lot of fun.

"Yes, it iiis…!"

Midorima still didn't know how Murasakibara managed to eat his snacks at a situation like this, but he was certain that Murasakibara's face was starting to match the colour of his hair. Also, the chips started showering the people below as they went through another loop. "Oops… Guh. Mido-chin, I don't feel so…."

Kise and Momoi were having the best time of their lives as they screamed their lungs out.

And Akashi? He was not very pleased with his seatmate.

When the ride was over, everyone stepped out of the train looking as though they'd been hit by a hurricane,.

"Ki-chan! That was amazing!" Momoi jumped with glee, turning to the blonde. She could still feel the adrenaline rushing in her veins. "That's why you wanted to sit in the back!"

"Tetsu, that was amazing!" Aomine yelled and pounded two fists in the air. "Let's go again!"

Murasakibara immediately ran over to the nearest trashcan, a hand clamped over his mouth. Midorima glanced at him, sighing hopelessly, "I told you not to eat your snacks." Then he faced Akashi, who was not very far away from him. "How was the ride for you?"

There was no response.


"What was that?"

"I said how was the ride—?"

Akashi began rubbing the inside of his ear. "Shintarou, speak louder. I can't hear you properly."

"Now!" Momoi had faced the group expectantly. "Where do we go next?"

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