Just a little something for our favorite pink-haired manager!

Happy Birthday, Satsuki

Momoi wasn't exactly having the best week of her life. This day was no exception. Things just hadn't been going her way, and if she were to quote a certain shooter, it would most likely be, "Fate is not in favor of me." Momoi frowned.

Last night, she unknowingly set her alarm to 7:00 PM, and when she'd woken up the next morning it was a quarter passed 8! After all, she did put up an all nighter to finish a project. As she rushed to prepare for school, Momoi had forgotten some of the most important things like having breakfast and her sweater! That's why when she had made it to the front gate she was automatically reprimanded by one of the disciplinary officers and gave her a warning slip!

To make it worse, the project she had worked so hard on (and the main reason why she had to through all this in first place) had also been left at home. And for that she'd gotten a 5% deduction. Five percent is still five percent!

Glooming, Momoi didn't have much of an appetite for lunch. But it had been such a mistake since she'd gotten hungry later on in the middle of class.

Momoi sighed in forlorn as made her way to the gym for training, only to find that it was pitch black and empty. "No training today...?" She said it more as a statement than a question. Flipping her phone open, she sent a text to each and every member.

None of them replied.

Not even after she waited fifteen minutes.

Or twenty-five minutes.

While just sitting there alone.

Momoi stood up in resignation and stomped furiously towards the exit. If none of them were coming then she might as well leave! This time, Momoi was a bit aggravated. Then a churn in her stomach quickly changed her mood, and now she was a bit worried. She'd started to grow hungry again.

"I really have to eat now..." Momoi pouted, clutching her stomach as it grumbled underneath her hands. Since it was already after class hours, the canteen had already closed. Going home would take more time before she might actually end collapsing on the way. So the best option here was to go to their regular place.

And so she did.

Bright neon lights greeted Momoi when she had arrived at the front of Maji Burger. She swung the doors open, entered and headed over to the counter to order her regular meal.

Huh? Momoi thought to herself. Was it her or were the staff members looking extra happy today? They were smiling bigger and brighter than usual and they gave her free coupons! Did they have a promo or something? Ah, well. She wasn't complaining.

As she made her way to a solo table, she noticed one more unusual thing. The restaurant was jam-packed with people. And upon closer inspection, she could actually make out the faces of her classmates. Why were they all here? And didn't she just see them back in school? But then again, Momoi had been too depressed to notice (let alone, interact) with anyone earlier that day.

"Rin-chan?" Momoi was looking down at the person she was sure of was her friend.

The girl stiffened, a drop of sweat cascading down the side of her face, and turned to Momoi. "H-Hi!"

"What are you all doing here?"

"D-doing? You know..." She lifted up the burger in her hand.

"But why is everyone else here?" Momoi asked suspiciously this time, making the other slightly nervous.


"And why are you all fidgety?"

"Fidgety?" Her friend swallowed.

Just when Momoi was about to bombard her friend with more questions, the lights had gone out. Momoi had panicked for a bit. "What's happening?" And then a flash of light came on then suddenly, the whole place was glowing with all the colors of the spectrum. Momoi was in a daze as she watched all the pretty lights, when a song came on and boom. Everybody had started dancing! Everyone. And they were all in sync! It was like a flash-mob. Which was cool since Momoi hadn't witnessed it first-hand yet.

They were ridiculously good, Momoi admitted.

When the lights had gone back on, everyone threw their arms towards her. A banner came unfurling down from the ceiling and everyone had yelled a great big 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMOI!', before the sound of party poppers and colorful paper filled the room.

Blinking, Momoi turned to Rin, but her friend only pointed the entrance of the backdoor where the staff came out with a four-layer cake and six very large boxes following after it.

Momoi's eyes widened in disbelief, "No..."

And then the boxes opened.



Yellow and purple hair peeked out.



Then light-blue and green.



And finally blue and red.

And each of them held an equally large stuffed animal.

Momoi stood there in awe and confusion as Kise, Murasakibara, Kuroko, Midorima, Aomine, and Akashi stepped out of their boxes and presented the gifts to her.

"I..." She trailed off and that was all she could say as she tried to process everything. "My birthday..." She couldn't believe that she had forgotten her own birthday.

"What?" Kise cried out suddenly, seeing the vacant expression in Momoi's face. "Don't tell me we got it wrong!"

"Of course we didn't!" Aomine replied huskily, and silently added, "...I would know."

As Momoi's indifference continued, Kuroko couldn't help but feel concerned. "Momoi-san, do you not like it?"

"How could I forget my own birthday..." She said at no one in particular, ignoring Kuroko.

"Aw, Sa-chin's not happy," Murasakibara turned to Akashi. "Akachin, do something."

"We did what we could," Akashi stated.

Suddenly, Momoi began giggling, taking everyone aback by its abruptness. "How could I forget my own birthday!" Momoi's giggles then became heavy sobs, and it didn't take long before she had burst into tears. "You guys remembered! Of course I like it! Of course I'm happy!" Momoi said in between sniffs. "This is the best thing anyone could ever ask for...!" Momoi was weeping when she grabbed and pulled the boys close to her in a hug. Rather, something close to a hug considering how short her arms were compared to the boys' bodies.

"There, there, Sa-chin," Murasakibara patted Momoi's head.

When she pulled away, she turned to everyone else. "Thank you! All of you!" Momoi smiled, tears still welling up in her eyes, but were now brighter with enthusiasm.

"Alright! What're we all waiting for?" Aomine announced. "Let's all get some more burgers! It's Kise's treat!"


"Have you forgotten that you volunteered since you had extra income from your recent photo shoot?" Midorima pushed his glasses up, and Kise sighed in defeat. He hadn't forgotten at all.


. .

(After the party)

"So everyone practiced these crazy dance moves in one week? That's really amazing!" Momoi said astounded as her friend, Rin, nodded. They were currently discussing about how everything was set up. "Who came up with it?"

Rin glanced over to the boys who were helping clean up. As Momoi had recalled Rin mentioning, it was in exchange for renting the whole place for free. Akashi though wasn't cleaning. He was 'supervising'.

"Shintarou, you missed the spot."

"But how did you get everyone to do it? I mean, most of us don't even interact with each other."

"The blonde guy pulled some strings, I heard. Especially at the ladies' department," Rin said cheekily, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Oh... Wow."

"Signed picture books! What did you think?"

"OH! Wow." Momoi flushed. "What about the boys?"

"The redhead had it compromised."

"I don't think I want know," Momoi giggled.

"You know, they're really nice people, Satsuki-chan. Despite how...well, intimidating they look. No offense!" Rin said, quickly holding her arms up in defense at the 'intimidating' part.

"I know. They're the best."

This was actually an impromptu since I totally lost track of the date! I thought it was Friday today x_x and I just had to write a birthday special. Anywho, a typical cheesy surprise party. But who doesn't love typical cheesy surprise parties?

Ah, and please don't mind Rin, the extra, popping up from time to time. Momoi just needs a friend to be a girly with sometimes. (Rin doesn't know any of the guys, so...)

Happy birthday, Sa-chin!