I watch my tributes, Alder and Hazel, stand in their pedastles surrounding the cornucopia. Like the other tributes they are wearing a navy shirt, black shorts, and black running shoes. Alder might have a chance of winning. He is tall, muscular, and quite handy with an axe. Being from District 7, he told me that he works in the lumberyard to take care of his younger sister. Hazel on the other hand couldn't hurt a fly. Around our district she is known to have no human friends, her only friends are the animals surrounding our district. They told me last night that they are going to be alliewhich I think is a stupid move on Alder's part. He could've been with the Careers!

I turn to face my fellow mentor, Cedar. Cedar is one of the youngest mentors. He only won his games eight years ago at the age of 16. He won it quite easily. That year the Gamemakers decided that there were going to be no weapons in the Cornucopia, but he didn't need a weapon, his whole body was a just went around breaking tributes' necks or strangling them to death, since he was very big for a 16 year old it was very easy for him.

" Hey Birch, who do you think is Alder and Hazel's biggest competition?" Cedar asks me. Yes, I am Birch Walters, the famous victor of the 465th Hunger Games. Yes, I won my games by seducing and sleeping with the strongest male tribute, and then killing him in his sleep when we got to the Final Three. Yes, I got pregnant from that tribute, and had his son. And finally, yes, he lives with his father's sister in the Victors Village of District 1. I reply to Cedar's question,

" I think the Careers, of course, District 10 boy, and District 6 and District 12 girls." After all, both the girls from 6 and 12 have victors blood in them. The 12 girl, Sandy Storms, I think that's her name is the daughter of the District 12 mentor. Selene Storms. Jane Elizabeth Thomas, the 6 girl, is the granddaughter of the oldest mentor here, Ford Thomas. Cedar says,

" I agree, have you seen Colt with that lasso thing and a knife. He is going to be a major threat this year. Moira told me that he works on the Mayor of District 10's ranch." Moira Hartman is the only living mentor of District 10. Since she is the only one living, that means that she has to come back here year after year and watch her tributes get killed. A lot of the mentors are scared of her, but being the same age as Cedar and winning the games after his, he is the only one not afraid. The reason people are afraid of her is because she is known for using her very long finger nails to claw out tributes' eyes in her games. It was one of the most bloody and vicious games that I have ever seen in my whole time as being a mentor. As the clock goes to 49, all I can do is hope that Alder gets that axe and Hazel just stays out of the way.