Lucas Hawthorne POV District 12 Mentor




I'm not the only victor to come frm the Hawthorne family. Along time ago one of my ancestors named Rory Hawthorne won the 78th Hunger Games. The arena that year was a labyrinth filled with mutts from Greek mythology at every dead end. Rory had a way with all kinds of animals, so he figured out how to tame a hydra mutt. A hydra is like a dragon but bigger and with eight heads. He tamed it so when he found other tributes he would trick them into following him to the hydra, which he named Skip, and then Skip would eat the tribute whole. It is known as one of the best games of all time, and they still play recaps of it all the time. District 12 does not win a lot of Hunger Games, but when we do they are known to be very exciting.

The only thing I remember from my games is fire. There was fire everywhere I looked and ran. Finally after ten minutes of trying not to burn to death, I came out of the hell-hole alive but burned badly. But it was all my fault. I caused the fire to begin with. I created the fire that took away ten innocent lives. . Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with fire. I love the way it dances in the light. Being from the coal district we had no shortage of coal, so that also means that we had no shortage of fire. I practically grew up around fire. Being from a long line of coal miners I already had my future planned out. I was going to be a coal miner, live in the Seam, get a wife andhave two or three kids. That was all ruined after Alise Trinkett read out my name for the Reaping of the 486th Hunger Games when I was 17 years old. In District 12 there was an unwritten rule that if your name gets called out a Reaping then you will be dead in the next week. Only 28 times out of the 486 has that rule been broken. The latest time that rule was broken was in the 473rd Hunger Games by Wendy Storms, who won at the age of 18.

During training at the Capital I tried the other weapons but I was not good with them. But then I tried the fire-making station, and within two minutes I had a fire blazing. The trainer said that I was the fastest person to make a fire in all his years of working with tributes. When the games started I didn't have an alliance so I just focused getting out of the bloodbath as fast as possible. Luckily I came out of there alive with an orange backpack filled with a lighter, water, iodine tablets, and rope. My district partner was not so lucky, she ended up on the wrong end of the girl from District Nine's knife . The arena was a giant wheat field that was taller than me. The trainer at the fire-making station told me that one of the best conductors for fire is wheat. It is like the Gamemakers wanted me to win, they gave me a lighter and the perfect arena for me. So three days passed after the bloodbath and no one has been killed yet, I think it is because nobody can see over the gigantic wheat. I knew that if the tributes didn't add some excitement sooner or later then the Gamemakers will for us, and that is never a good thing. So in the middle of the night when once again no faces were in the sky, I lit the grain around me with my lighter. It was only meant to kill the Careers, since I knew that I was near the Cornucopia and Careers tend to camp there every games, but after the fire consumed the Careers it just kept going and going, getting bigger and bigger as it went along eating up tributes. I ran the opposite direction after I started the fire, so when I thought I was safe it turned out I wasn't. Apparently the fire had spread throuout the entire arena, and it was coming back to finish whoever was left, including me. So when I woke up in the middle of the night smelling smoke, and seeing the girl from District 9 running the opposite direction from which I came, I knew it was a bad sign. I got up and ran. I didn't even bother collecting my stuff because I knew that this were the final minutes of the games. So finally I caught up to the girl from District 9 who happens to be a very slow runner, but unfortunately the fire is very fast, and we could see a wall of fire surfing towards us, but all I saw were the faces it killled. So I did the only thing somebody in that situation would do, I pushed down the District 9 girl, who I later learned was named Miranda. Right after Mirnada burned to death, the Gamemakers extinguished the flame for good, and I was taken out of the arena. When I was getting out and I had a birds eye view of the arena, all I could see was scorched land. There was no wheat fields that I grew to know, only ash and soot. This arena is not going to be a popular choice for Capital citizens when choosing ther next vacation spot, was the last thing I thought before the nurses gassed me to conduct their post-game examination.

But my tributes this year are the strong, charismatic Brandy Jones who has worked in the mines since he was 15 to help feed his two younger brothesand his mom after his dad died of a strange disease. And all that working in the mines has left him with as much muscle as a rhino. Apparently all the Capital girls are head over heels in love with him. The girl tribute is the beautiful, some might say slutty, Sandy Storms. Yes, she is the only daughter of fellow mentor Wendy Storms. And she is just like her mom when she was that age. They both could wrap a naive boy around their finger and make him do anything they wanted. She is so beautiful that the Careers have let her into the pack, but all they think is she is just a pretty face. But they could not be more wrong. Her mom had been training her with throwing knives for as long as I can remember. Sandy is using the same strategy as her mom when she won her games. But her mom took that strategy to the extreme.

Wendy Storms was known around District 12 as the slutty, rich daddy's girl, who had at least two boyfriends at a time. And when her name was pulled out if the glass bowl at the age of 18,no one expected her to make it past the bloodbath. Until on the night of her interview she told all of Panem that she was pregnant. We were all shocked, no one had ever gone into the games pregnant before. Her master plan was to make the Gamemakers, other tributes, and Capital to feel sorry for her, and then she will use her secret skill with throwing knives to eliminate the tributes. Her master plan worked, everybody did feel sorry for her, and a lot of them sent sponsor gifts to her in the arena. She got a training score of five, but that was all part of her plan too, because when she got into that mountainous arena of hersknives howled her true colors with throwing knives. She was so good that she hit a tribute right in the heart every time. The arena that year was one giant mountain in the middle where the Cornucopia was on top. In order for tributes to get to the Cornucopia and the rest of the arena, they had to climb the mountain with the climbing gear already supplied to them. Six tributes died just from falling off the mountain, plus another seven in the bloodbath. Three of those seven were Wendy's kills. There were plateaus branching out from the mountain, and that is where Wendy camped, and she eventually came out of there with seven kills under her belt. She is known as The Career of District 12 because of her performance. No one knows how she was so good with throwing knives, but there have been many rumors flying around. One of them was that her rich daddy flew in mentors from either District 1, 2, or 4. And apparently those same mentors taught Sandy, because I feel sorry for whatever tribute gets fooled by Sandy, just as Wendy fooled all of Panem all those years ago.

Back to the current games, Sandy is in with the Careers and is probably going to leave them around the fifth day, and if I know Sandy then she will probably try to get a kill when she goes. And yes I know Sandy very well, because she is like my little sister to me. After all there are a limited number of District 12 victors, so we are all one giant family. Brady is not in an alliance, he is just going to go into the Cornucopia and try to find a sword or a pickaxe. The arena is like a prehistoric jungle filled with a lot of prehistoric mutts in it, and luckily rivers to. Wendy looks like she is going to have a heart attack seeing her only child in the games. Knowing that if she comes out she will not come out her little girl, but a victor or a dead corpse in a wooden box. I'm never going to have children now, because I know if I do the Capital will probably just use them as another pawn in their games.