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(It is a beautiful Saturday morning in Fair City, as Violet Heaslip and our heroine, Becky "WordGirl" Botsford are talking on the park bench)

(But what they don't know, is that Tobey is behind them, hiding in the bushes, eavesdropping and recording every word)

Violet: Becky, have you ever thought of telling anyone else that you are WordGirl?

Becky: My family doesn't believe me. If Scoops found out, he'd be thrilled and publish it in the newspaper. Once he almost did. It was when the city had the Vocabulary Bee. Jeremy and I were the finalists and since I'm WordGirl, I had to go fight the Butcher, who had this plan with chili and stuff. The judge let me define all the words except the last one. So when I came back from fighting the Butcher, Scoops noticed that I smelled like the chili, and that I still had my cape on...So he summed it all together and said I am WordGirl because of the chili, cape, me dressing up as WordGirl every year for Halloween and my word-defining abilities. I had to keep my identity a secret, so I misdefined the last word on purpose.

Violet: What was the last word?

Becky: Perfect was the last word, it was embarrassing misdefining it because it's like one of those words that I could define in my sleep, I was so nervous so I said the first thing I thought of , I said something along the lines of , 'to massage a duck's feet while wearing rubber shoes'.

(She hears someone laugh, but when she and Violet turn, they see no one there, so they go back to their conversation)

Violet: I love Scoops and all, but I think you made the right descision not to tell him. So did you think of telling anyone else?

Becky: I would tell Tobey, but he's part of the Villains' Association(in a whisper, but Tobey still hears this) You know, even though he takes his robots out on a weekly basis, I still kind of like him, he is the only other kid I know who has almost as good word knowledge as me. But I don't know how to tell him that I like him. I gave up my crush on Scoops long ago, since I realized he's into you...

(Tobey hears about what Becky said and smiles)

Tobey:(thinking) I should probably reveal myself now, plus, I'm sick of hiding and staying quiet...

(Tobey jumps out of his hiding spot, to the surprise of Becky and Violet)

Becky: TOBEY?! What are you doing here?! (In a lower voice) You didn't here the last part, did you? Why are you eavesdropping on ME anyways?

Tobey: The part about me? (Becky nods) Yes I you must know, I'm sick of you telling me you're not WordGirl, because I know you are. And this conversation you had with Violet today proves it.

Becky: But...I-I-I..Uhhh.. (decides to give up denial) Do you promise not to tell a living soul?

Tobey: Yes, under one condition, I take you out for ice cream.

Becky: (thoughts) The day I've been waiting for is about to come true! (Out loud) Okay! How about tomorrow?

Tobey: It's a deal! (winks at her)

Becky: (winks back) Okay, see you tomorrow (they wave) (talking to Violet) Well, I have to go, Bye!

Violet: Okay, see you! I'm happy for you, Becky :) (thoughts) I knew one day they'd get along..

(The next day, Sunday, at the ice cream parlor, Tobey is with Becky)

Tobey: How are you enjoying this?

Becky: I'm really enjoying it, Tobey. Did you really hear what I said about you?

Tobey: Yes, I hoped one day that a day like today would become reality and my hopes and dreams came true!

Becky: Thanks for the ice cream. Well, see you tomorrow at school!

(5 minutes later, they go to their homes)

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