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It's all about the boy

Harry fell to the soft ground, from a hard push to his back and quickly tried to put some distance between himself and his abductor.
The person moved into Harry's vision and he gave the man a passing glance before taking a good look around the clearing that they had appeared into.
He was pretty sure that he'd be reintroduced to Bellatrix again and felt stupid for not paying good enough attention to his surroundings at the party.

"You're an arrogant little boy, aren't you?" The man asked, clearly annoyed with Harry's quick dismissal.
"She said that you were." He smirked, getting Harry's attention.
Harry glanced at the surrounding trees again and wondered which one she'd be jumping out from. He was unprepared for the sudden flare of fiery pain that coursed through his body and cursed himself for being distracted.
"Where are your manners boy?" The man snapped, watching Harry gasp for air.
"I guess you're upset that I ended your little children's game early, why don't we play a game here instead." He suggested with a dark smile.

"Where's Bellatrix?" Harry asked, making the man smirk.

"Clever little boy, figured it out did you? She'll be here after making sure everybody sees her at the party." The man said, flicking his wand at Harry.

Harry rolled away from the curse sent his way and pulled his own wand out.
"I shall take care of that, thank you." Lord Voldemort said, making his presence known before summoning Harry's wand. The Deatheater took the opportunity to hit Harry with another cruciatus.

Harry managed to keep from crying out by sheer will alone, he would not bring the man the satisfaction of screaming.

He did scream though, when the man brought his boot down on Harry's lower leg hard enough to cause a loud crack to echo in the clearing.
"I'd like to see you dodge my curses now, boy." The man sneered before stepping aside, so that the Dark Lord could approach.

"What am I to do with you Mr Potter? People are starting to talk and I don't like the topic." Voldemort muttered, standing over Harry's aching body.
He flicked his wand and Harry was once again under the influence of the cruciatus. Voldemort laughed at the gasping noises that escaped Harry's tightly closed lips.
"I'm impressed, mostly annoyed but definitely impressed, boy. You have real spark within you, it's a pity to have to put that out." The Dark Lord said, sounding rather apologetic.
"I can't have people talking about you though, it instils false hope and people are ever so tiring when they believe there is a chance of survival." He added glancing at Harry, who was leaning against one of the trees trying to manage the pain.
Voldemort smiled darkly and perused the clearing.
"A lovely place for you to rest in, don't you think?" He asked, his back to Harry.

Harry fought to get his breathing under control and focused on his wand in Voldemort's pocket. He'd done wandless summoning's before and silently cheered when it returned to his hand.
He raised the wand and then screamed in both pain and terror.
"Oh no you don't, you naughty boy." Harry hardly heard the Deatheater's chiding words as the pain dulled everything else.
Voldemort turned and eyed them silently and the Deatheater stepped back into the shadows without causing any more damage.

"Iggy, Iggy please help." Harry mumbled, frantically trying to call Iggy.

Voldemort stared down at him and Harry swallowed down hard, biting his lip.
"You are one of the few wizards I consider a possible threat, Mr Potter. A small one still, but I can't allow you to grow into my equal." Voldemort said moving Harry's hand, which lay amputated on the ground, with the tip of his boot.
"I'm a busy man, with an even busier schedule. I'm afraid I'll have to bring our time here to an end as I am leaving the country for a business trip." Voldemort continued before lifting his wand, once again. He gave Harry, who was trying to stop the blood from gushing out of his arm, a last look as if to put the moment to memory.

"Tom, I would kindly ask that you step away from my student." Dumbledore ordered, stepping out from the trees.

Voldemort swore and looked from Harry to Dumbledore with a glare.
"Have you placed a bloody tracker on the boy?" He asked, making the corners of Dumbledore's mouth curve ever so slightly.

"Are you able to hold on a moment longer Harry?" Dumbledore asked softly, ignoring Voldemort's insulted face.
Harry nodded tiredly, feeling such a sense of relief that his head started spinning.
He leaned backwards on the tree and closed his eyes, letting the sounds around him become a buzz. He could hear Dumbledore and Voldemort duel but didn't have the energy to open his eyes and watch. It was sure to be a magnificent fight though as it had been in the atrium at the Ministry of Magic and Harry could feel the hairs on his arms raise at the amount of magic being used in the small clearing.

He did wonder at one point where the Deatheater was but couldn't quite bring himself to care anymore.
Reality seemed so far away and his body was finally starting to let go of the terrible pain.
One of the trees to his right snapped from a spell and came crashing to the ground with an almighty bang, bringing Harry back to the present and he looked around the clearing with dazed eyes.
Once the dust settled he spotted the Deatheater hanging upside down in the air, bound and gagged, eyes wide with terror.

He blinked and then more trees fell.
"Can you stand Harry?" Dumbledore suddenly asked, making Harry blink owlishly, was it over already he wondered.

"Has Bellatrix arrived yet? The man said she would." Harry mumbled, trying to focus on the headmaster's blurry face.
He wondered if he'd lost his glasses and was rather surprised at finding them still perched on his nose, when he reached up to check.
He went to grab the headmaster's outstretched hand and swallowed hard at the sight of his missing hand. Blood was still pumping out of the wound, now that he'd stopped putting pressure on it, but Harry was more worried about his wand being lost.
"My wand is with my hand I think." He mumbled, looking around himself.

The headmaster pulled him up from the ground and the world rushed to meet him before the lights went out.

Harry woke with a gasp and raised his hand in the air, all he could see was a white blob and he quickly searched for his glasses.
A white cast covered his hand and he tried to pull it off.
"You'll damage your new hand if you do that, dear." A woman said, coming closer.
Harry eyed her suspiciously and looked around the room he was in.
"Your parents are just talking to the healer outside, I'll go and get them for you." She added giving him a soft smile.

Harry tried to remember all that had happened and realised that Dumbledore must have brought him to St Mungos.
He was ever so pleased to hear, that he had a hand again. He wondered if Dumbledore had been able to find his wand and where it was being kept as he couldn't see it.

"Oh Harry! How are you sweetheart? Are you in pain?" Mrs Potter rushed through the doorway with tears in her eyes.

"I'm alright mum." Harry mumbled, relaxing into her tight embrace. His leg suddenly cramped and he bit his lip hard to stop himself from screaming. She stepped back at his suddenly tense body, afraid that she'd hurt him.

"Here you go Mr Potter, drink all of it." The nurse promptly instructed, holding a vial to his lips, he swallowed down the potion and grimaced at the taste.
The pain in his leg eased and he mumbled a thank you to her making her straighten out his sheets with a soft smile on her face.
"You have some nerve damage where the break was, we have healed the bones but you might get cramps as the nerves heal." She said, placing another vial on his bedside table.
"That's a muscle relaxant, take it if your leg pains you." She ordered, glancing at his parents.

"Are you alright Harry?" James asked meekly, peeking out from behind their father as the nurse left the room.
Harry nodded and James moved forwards looking relieved.
"Did you really lose your hand?" He asked after a moment of silently observing his brother. Harry didn't' have a chance to respond before James was pulled aside by their mother.

"The Deatheater and Miss Black have both been arrested, the dark Lord managed to escape though. I'm not sure if they'll keep Miss Black for long but I doubt she'll be causing us trouble anymore." Mr Potter said, making Harry furrow his brows. That was pretty much what Mr Black had said and look how well that had turned out.

"Mr Black took away her memory, she doesn't know anything." James piped up with big eyes, having moved closer to Harrys bed, making their dad frown.

"And you would know this how? I'm pretty sure that you weren't there when the adults held that conversation." Mr Potter pointed out, bringing out a guilty look on James's face.
"Eavesdropping is a bad habit to have James. I don't want to find you doing it again, Is that clear?" He added sternly, making James nod quickly.

"When can I go home?" Harry asked, breaking the tension in the room.
"Is Iggy alright by the way?" He added, he was fairly sure that Iggy had burned today as he would have come before otherwise.

"Iggy is alright, worried for you though. We found him on the stairs at home when we came back, he calmed down when we told him you'd been found." Mr Potter said, making Harry let out a breath of relief.

A man entered and smiled at Harry.
"Hello Mr Potter, I am Healer Jones. I hear the leg gave you a bit of grief, did the potion take all the pain away?" He asked, lifting the blanket up by Harry's legs and giving them a scan with his wand.
"Now, you may well have some problems with the leg for a time but we hope that the potion will help until the nerves heal completely." The healer said, tucking the blanket back around his legs.
"You were under the Cruciatus for an extended time and it made the healing of the leg a bit harder, you are not to stress the leg by lots of running about. I want you to stay off them as much as possible, with only gentle walking as exercise." He added, making Harry sigh.
"Let's get this cast of now then." He said in a cheery voice and Harry held his breath.

The hand looked fine, just as it always had, to Harry's surprise. He moved the fingers and smiled in thanks to the Healer who held out his hand for Harry to shake.
The healer moved to the side with his parents and spoke in a too low voice for Harry to hear and he sighed again, he hated being kept out of his own business.

"Headmaster Dumbledore came to the party before we even knew that you were gone and asked where you were. That's how we knew that you'd been taken and then Mr Black got mad at Bellatrix and started shouting at her." James whispered, eager to share his side of events. He glanced at their parents before turning to Harry again.
"Then Dumbledore left and we got a note from his Phoenix saying that you were here at St Mungos." He added, making Harry nod as he had wondered how Dumbledore had known to come.
It still didn't explain how Dumbledore knew that he'd been taken and where, unless he did have a tracking spell put on Harry.
"Dumbledore left for the ministry as soon as we got here yesterday, oh and dad has your wand by the way." James said, making Harry perk up.
"Why did you have it with you to the party? You know we're not allowed to do magic outside of school." He asked, making Harry roll his eyes.

"So? Doesn't mean we should walk around without being able to, if we need to use it. And I clearly I do." Harry said, making James nod slowly.

The next few weeks drudged along at a slower than slow pace and Harry thought that he was going to go mad from boredom before starting school again.
He'd been promised a trip to Diagon Alley though, if he followed the Healer's orders of rest.

The shopping had gone very smoothly as most of the books had been bought already by their parents.
"We don't want you to tire yourself out after all Harry." His mother had mumbled, stroking his hair.
They had gotten their robes and James an owl, as he wanted a pet as well.
James had of course taken to writing lots of letters for it to deliver, most of them to Harry, who thought that James was being rather ridiculous seeing as the owl only had to jump from one window to the next to get to him.

Iggy had been stuck like glue to Harry since his return home, the poor bird was devastated at having had such a bad timing with his burning day. Harry had tried to comfort him as he doubted that the bird had any choice of when to become a baby again.

Sirius had been over for a visit one day, with a small trunk full of books for Harry to read as he was convalescing. They were apparently from his father, as an offering of apology for not keeping Bellatrix away from him.
"Dad obliviated you and the Dark Lord from her memory completely, she doesn't even remember your names if you mention them to her. The Aurors were kind of angry with him as they can't prosecute her as badly since she's already being punished and doesn't remember why." Sirius had told them, sitting cross-legged on Harry's bed with James hanging on to his every word.
"The whole family is furious with her, even my aunt and uncle, I never thought I'd see the day as she was one of the good ones of the family before." He added, rubbing his head.
"You know, big muggleborn hater and all that." He mumbled.

Harry found the books from Mr Black to be really interesting as they ranged from everything like defence to herbology. He especially liked the spell builder book as it started to explain how you could build new spells, very difficult but interesting.

A couple of days after Sirius visit, Harry had been told that the Deatheater had been sentenced to life in Azkaban for his crime against Harry. He had also been found guilty of other crimes with the use of Veritaserum.
Bellatrix had been sentenced to five years in Azkaban but would be spending some time in St Mungos as the Aurors wanted her lost memories.

By the time September first arrived, Harry was more than ready to leave for Hogwarts.
He had met with the Healer several times as his leg was checked and rechecked for its healing progress. It had cramped numerous times and would probably continue to do for a while longer, according to Healer Jones.
Madam Pomfrey had been given a copy of his journal and was ready for his arrival to school, he would be seeing her regularly again it seemed.
Harry had gotten used to carrying a small vial of muscle relaxant in his pocket, just in case, and was rather good at anticipating when the cramps would come.

"Harry, sweetheart, try not to get into trouble now." Mrs Potter said on the platform at kings cross.

Harry scowled at the notion of him getting into trouble on purpose but nodded at her pleading look.
"I'll do my best mum." He answered, turning to say goodbye to his father, who settled for giving him a hard hug.

"And you James, don't cause trouble! I don't want any more floo calls from Minerva, do you understand?" Mrs Potter said sternly, to which James shrugged.

"I'll do my best." He said echoing Harry, before pulling his trunk towards the train with a bright smile on his face.

"I mean it young man!" His mum called after him, sighing as he disappeared from sight.
"That boy…" She muttered, giving Harry another kiss and hug before Mr Potter helped him get his trunk onto the train.
"Take care, write and be careful! Oh and keep an eye on your brother, please." She called as the train started moving.

Harry smiled and waved until the platform disappeared, It was great to be on his way back to school again.

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