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Pairing: Kise x Reader

Point of View: Kise

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"Why don't we settle this with a Basketball match?" one guy asked so cocky and dared to challenge us.

Earlier ago, we're just playing here in a street court. I was with Kagamicchi and Kurokocchi, just helping Kurokocchi to develop his new technique. Momoicchi was the one who told me about Kurokocchi's new technique so she dragged Aominecchi along. We're going smoothly until a group arrived and wanted us to leave the court to them. Of course, the hot-headed Kagamicchi lost his temper immediately. This is what happened.

Aominecchi went to the court as well after seeing what happened. Oh why… Another hot-headed appeared. Kurokocchi was fine on leaving but Kagamicchi and Aominecchi wasn't. And even if we agree, we lack one more member to play. Momoicchi can't play.

"Or will the so-called 'Generation of Miracles' will just run away?" another guy from the group appended. It sounded like an insult-no. It was an insult. I also felt insulted. And I fear that even the calm Kurokocchi won't let this pass.

"Let me join you," a mysterious person out of nowhere appeared and is willing to join us to fight the scumbags who want us to get off this court. He was wearing a hoodie so neither one of us couldn't see his face. I am suspicious about this guy. He just appeared out of the blue!

I was about to protest but Aominecchi started to speak. "Okay. You join since we lack players. But don't drag us down."

And that was it. It was set. We were playing a damn game for this damn court. We could've just found other courts. But on second thought, they insulted the "Generation of Miracles". They insulted me.

The match was just as I expected. Those guys were all just talk and boasting. Well, they could score. But with Kagamicchi and Aominecchi on the court, and the phantom sixth member of the Kiseki no Sedai, they are no match. I keep showing them their own plays. I let them taste their defeat by their own skills and techniques. What surprised me is the suspicious guy. He could catch some of Kurokocchi's passes that only Kagamicchi and Aominecchi could catch. I wonder if they noticed that but I'm betting they didn't. They're too worked up.

Of course the guys fled after losing. They were still cursing, though, like, they'd get back on us. I sigh.

Then we all turn on the guy with the hoodie. Kagamicchi seemed impressed that he asked the guy's name.

"K-Kise Ryouta of Kaijou!? Aomine Daiki of Touou?! Kagami Taiga and Kuroko Tetsuya of Seirin..?!" the hoodie-guy suddenly blurted out. "I'm sorry! I noticed you just now…!"

How many times will I feel insulted today? Is this guy saying that he just noticed who he was playing with after the match? I wanted to punch him so bad but he started to blabber something again.

"E-Excuse me. I will just fix myself up. I have a match tonight…" then he picked some of his stuff and ran to the nearest restroom.

I was about to stop him but Kurokocchi told me not to.

"He will be back," Kurokocchi pointed at the stuff he left. "That's his things, right? He couldn't possibly just leave it there."

Momoicchi said that "her Tetsu" was right. She also gave us an earful, telling us not to lose our cool so easily.

"That guy surely takes his time," Kagamicchi sure is tired of waiting.

And a girl suddenly approached us the moment Kagamicchi said that.

"Anou…" the girl stammers.

Her hair was down. A beautiful and silky (h/l), (h/c) hair. She has gorgeous (e/c) eyes. She was wearing a jersey, a Volleyball jersey to be exact, with matching knee pads and rubber shoes. She's going to have a game, I presume. Wait. She's wearing a Touou jersey.

"Aominecchi, is she someone you know?" I asked him.

But Aominecchi and Momoicchi are as surprised as I am.

"That hoodie," Kurokocchi suddenly said and pointed at the girl's hands. I didn't notice that before. Probably because I was so busy looking at her details. "That's the hoodie that the guy was wearing a while ago, right? Is he your friend?"

At first, she was stunned and unable to answer until she giggled and covered her mouth. "I told you I'd just fix myself up, right?"

Is it what I think it is? This girl standing before us was the suspicious guy with the hoodie that we played with a while ago?

"Can I have your number?" I immediately asked her. I was used to this already. And somehow I felt embarrassed about immediately asking her number.

She blinked for a couple of times before taking my phone and entered her number. Unlike before, getting her number made me happier.

"You said you have an upcoming game tonight, right?" Aominecchi asked and the girl was startled.

"A-Ah!" she started to put all her things in her bag without fixing them. "You're right!"

I chuckled at her actions. "What's your name?"

"You asked for her number without asking her name first?!" Kagamicchi said with an annoyed face.

"I'm (y/n)," she seem to ignore Kagamicchi's question. No, she didn't ignore it. She just didn't mind. "Yoroshiku ne onegai shimasu~"

I entered her name in my phonebook.

"Where will your game be held?" Momoicchi asked.

"There," (y/n) pointed at the nearest sports' building. "The nearest one here."

"Oohhh~" I said enthusiastically. I've never been this excited before until now. Taking note that this is Volleyball, not Basketball. "We'll watch you~ We don't have anything to do anyway~"

"A-ahh…" Kagamicchi said. I think he's about to say no but he sighed. "S-Sure!"

Of course Kurokocchi will stay with Kagamicchi.

"Ah, I'll pass," Aominecchi turned his back. "I want to go home."

"Mou, Dai-kun!" Momoicchi protested. "She'll also fight for our school! You should at least watch!"

"Ah," (y/n) said. "It's fine. You can go if you want to~"

I actually felt bad for her.

"Gomen, (y/n)-chan," Momoicchi apologized. "I really want to watch your game but Dai-kun would be in trouble without me around. I'll make it up to you at school!"

(Y/n) just nodded at Momoicchi who was now chasing Aominecchi. "It's fine! Thank you! Jaa~!"

"We'll fetch you there," I said to comfort her.

And we started to go to the venue of her Volleyball game.