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Pairing: Kise x Reader

Point of View: You

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Kise was looking at me, staring at me. He extended his hand to my face. He lifted my chin up.

"W-What…?" I stammered.

He doesn't answer. He put his thumb at the left side of my lips. I jerk my head backwards.

"Stay still," I was told. And that moment, I froze.

He applied a little pressure on where his thumb was. I winced in pain.

Why is it painful?

He sighed. He turned to his stuff and brought out a band-aid and peeled it off, preparing to use it. He put it on the left side of my lips.

"You should be more careful," he said. Such gentle voice. "You're still a girl, no matter how strong you are."

I have a cut. I didn't realize it. Not until he did that. I was blushing, I think.

He stood up. "Come on, I'll walk you home."

"N-No… it's fine. The station's near here so it's fine. Thank you," I said.

He sighed and just patted my head. "At least send me a message when you arrive home."

I nod. It's funny. I feel so warm.

While on my way home, I realized that a lot has happened today. I met Aomine-san, Momoi-san, Kuroko-kun, Kagami-kun, and Kise-kun. I got the two Seirin members' contact and Kise-kun asked mine himself.

When I got home, I sent Kise-kun a message just like he told me to.

I was playing Basketball. That's how I met them.

I was helping a classmate during lunch time on a problem he couldn't solve. I said I'll eat lunch after teaching him.

My phone was ringing. Since I'm far from my seat, I ignored my phone and told myself to leave it be, that I'll just leave a message later to whoever calls me. My friend got my phone for me, and to my surprise, she shouted.

"(Y/n)-chan!" she said with sparkling eyes. "KISE RYOUTA IS CALLING YOU!"

I heard some squeal. All heads turned to me. Of course everyone knows who Kise Ryouta is. Girls know him because he's a popular model who is featured on magazines. Boys know him through Basketball.

My friend handed me my phone and everyone turned silent when I was about to answer my phone.

I sighed and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"(Y/n)-cchi!" Kise-kun said on the other line.

"What made you call?"

"Anou… A-Are? Isn't it lunch time? Why is it quiet there?"

"They… they know that you're the one calling."

"S-Sou… Anone~ I'm here in front of Touou Gakuen~ I want to eat lunch with you~"

What? He's here?! Panic starts to occupy my body. I looked at the window and saw the gates of Touou Gakuen mobbed by fangirls, or boys (if there are any). I sighed in defeat. "I-I'll be there…"

I hung up. Everyone was staring at me, waiting for news.

"Ki-Kise-kun is at the gates…" I said, bored.

They stood for a couple of seconds, absorbing the news, then one started running towards the gate.

I didn't run. Why would I run? I'll just let him wait and be mobbed!

By the time I arrived at the gates, he was mobbed by girls who want his autograph and a picture together with him.

When he saw me, he immediately approached me. "Ah~ I didn't expect you'd look good in your uniform, (y/n)-cchi~"

I shot him an annoyed look. "What's that suppose to mean? And… and you're causing ruckus here at school. Go back."

He just smiled. What happened next was so fast. He grabbed my wrist and we started running away from the gates of Touou Gakuen.