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Pairing: Kise x Reader

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Point of View: Kise

I finally completed my Perfect Copy. I am now against Aominecchi. I managed to copy his techniques, his skills, his moves. He was also given his fourth foul. One more and he's out. But I didn't expect that he wouldn't stop even with four fouls. That's it. Aominecchi is really strong. Touou still won against Kaijou. Senpai needed to help me stand after the game. Really, losing sucks.

At the locker room, we were all quiet. I quickly fixed my things and went out.

I went at the rooftop of the venue to have some air, fresh air to refresh myself. I still can't stop myself from crying. I set my back on the fence, sat down and relaxed.

I closed my eyes.

Then a little later I heard some footsteps. And they're now near. Then I heard the door at the rooftop flung open. I ignored it. Whoever it was maybe just wants some air, too.

"Kise-kun…" a familiar voice said.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw (y/n)-cchi standing in front of me. I've never been so happy after losing a game.

She just smiled at me. I let her. I'm too tired to say something, or to smile.

(Y/n) sat beside me, not saying anything. I think she knows very well just not to say anything. It must be hard for her. She studies at the school we just lost to. But she doesn't know how happy I am that she gives me her very presence.

I cling at her arm, and reached out for her hand, and held it. She just looked at me, and smiled. She lets me. I think she knows that I just want to be with her this time.

That's it. I'm going to do this here and now.

I extended my hand to her face, cupped her chin and caressed her soft lips with my thumb. I can feel her body stiffen at my actions. But I continue.

I lean forward, closer to her face.

I stopped with our face only inches away from each other. I wait for a few seconds on what she will do. But she just stayed at her place. Maybe she's too stunned to move.

I can't take it anymore. I crashed my lips into hers. I promised myself to make my first kiss long. And I did. It took me a few seconds before breaking the kiss.

I smile at my sight. In front of me is a very stunned (y/n), face flushing, eyes wide. Very cute. Very beautiful.

"I love you, (y/n)."

Point of View: You

I cannot believe what just happened. Kise-kun… says…

My heart is beating faster and faster now. What is this…? Why…?

Then I just realized tears were flowing down from my eyes.

I saw Kise-kun worry by the sight of my tears.

"O—Oi… (Y/n)-cchi…" he said, holding my hand tighter. And my heart feels hugged when he said my name.

That's why. That's why I was so happy whenever he comes to pick me up from school and walk me home. That's why I can feel my heart go wild whenever he touches me. That's why I feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter around when Kise-kun does something for me. That's why I felt so glad and relieved that my parents know Kise-kun. That's why I was so shy around his parents whenever I go there. Why didn't I realize it sooner? For months we've known each other, I just realized it now?

Of course I am in love with my best friend!

I hit him again, unable to control my tears and my actions. "I love you, too, you idiot Kise…!"

He scratched his head and I saw him smile and grin at me. His eyes sparkle like crazy.

Kise-kun hugged me, so tight that I think I'm going to lose my breath.

We broke hug. He cupped my face and kissed me again.

This time it was passionate, long, and hot.

Who's an idiot who was too exuberant after losing a game?

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