Dedicated to KillerBunnyOfSCIENCE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LUVZ YA! Even though you're not on WattPad, I feel the need to dedicate it to you... Just for you, America.

"What's wrong with England-san?" Japan asked.
"He always gets depressed around this time of the year." France replied.
On the wall, a calendar: July 1st. England crouched in a small dark corner, slawly clawing the whitewash off of the wall.
"Why don't you go visit him, bro? Why are you sitting her? Being depressed won't get you anywhere!" France shouted at England.
"I'm not depressed... He made it clear he didn't want me around anymore." England mumbled.
"What'd he say?" Japan asked.
"He said no." France replied. "You might want to take a trip. Otherwise I'll go wish him happy birthday for you." he called to England.

England snapped around, fire in his eyes. "Don't you dare go near him. You'll turn him into an jerk." France walked torwards the door a few paces.
"Well you can't really stop me seeing as you won't go near him." he said.
"What're you doing, France- kun?" Japan asked.
"Just watch." he replied.
England seemed to be having an internal battle and then darted out of the room.
"I knew it." France said.
"Huh?" Japan questioned. France smiled knowingly. England ran in a minute later with a suitcase and out the front door.
"Where's he going?" Japan asked.
"To visit his little brother for his birthday." France said and held up a victory sign. "I have to do this every year and it always works." he sighed.
"I"M COMING AMERICA!" England shouted from down the street.

Therefore ends the first section of KillerBunny's birthday fanfictiion. I would keep typing except for the fact that this was the only part that I had going for me and now I have nothing else planned... I really hate writers block... guh... anyways..
DISCLAIMER! ahem i do not own Hetalia or any of the characters. My friend just loves the anime and I decided to make this her birthday present is all.
America: hey why is England the main character in this?
Me: because not everything is about you now get out of my disclaimer.
America: or what?
ME: *sparkle* RUSSSIIA!
Me: then get out of my freakin dicslaimer!
America: kthnxbai!
Me: that wasn't exactly how I planned that disclaimer but that's what makes disclaimers fun. bye peplz!