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Author: Keepcalm90


Summary: While out shopping Kurt runs into his ex boyfriend Blaine Anderson and
the guy he left him for. The encounter is painful but then out of
nowhere a handsome stranger, Sebastian Smythe, steps into save Kurt
from embarrassment by pretending to be his when Blaine invites the two to dinner they must to keep the
charade going much longer than as Blaine continues to try and became friends with Kurt, he and
Sebastian fall deeper and deeper into the lie they've created.
At first Kurt finds Sebastian a bit crass and rude but through weeks
of fake dating they begin to grow much when Blaine announces he's getting married Kurt starts to pull
away from Sebastian out of fear of getting hurt again.
Everything manifest at Blaine's wedding which Sebastian agrees to go
despite Kurt's behavior. The entire wedding weekend Sebastian tries
his very best to prove to Kurt that he's genuine but when they run into
on of Sebastian's ex's Kurt learns the truth and fleas.
Can Sebastian get to him and prove his love or will he loose him

Rating: M

Warnings: Language and eventually smut.

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Faking It Chapter 1

It's just another leisurely Sunday in the village, wandering around the
farmer's market, the flower market and finally at Dean and DeLuca to pick
out the perfect block of eighteen dollar cheese.

Kurt's eyes scan the case for a good one. He's tried all of them at
least once before. Now it's just time to decided which will go best
with the wine and crackers he's already picked out.

He's just about to point out a nice Camembert to the women behind the
counter when he hears a hauntingly familiar voice say his name.

" Kurt. Kurt is that you?"

His heart begins to race because he knows that when he turns around
he'll be face to face with his first love. Who also happens to be the
first person to break his heart into a million tiny pieces. Most of
which he has yet to put together again.

Kurt turns and is met with those life-ruining hazel eyes that he used
to just stare into for hours.

" Blaine. Hi how are?" His voice comes out much higher and more nervous than intended.

"Oh my god Kurt it's really you."

They met in a painfully awkward hug that thankfully only last a few

"What's it been now?" Blaine asks curiously.

"About a year and a half," Kurt answers a bit too quickly.

"Oh right. Well how have you been?"

"I've been great. Never better." For some reason Kurt can't seem to control the nerve and higher-than-normal pitch of his voice.
"How are you and Lucas?" It's hard to even say his name but somehow Kurt manages it.

"We're great. He's actually just down the next aisle."

Of course he is. As if this encounter couldn't get any worst.

The perfect guy Blaine left him for is just around the corner and then, as
if on cue, he appears. Looking just as beautiful as Kurt remembers,
maybe even more so. His dark brown hair tousled perfectly, his light green eyes sparkling and his tight shirt clinging to his immaculate body.

Lucas slings his buff arm around Blaine's waist. "Hey Sweetie, they didn't
have the wheat ones so I got these instead. Is that cool?"

Blaine nods. "Yeah, that's fine honey."

Even after a year and a half, just hearing the term of endearment fall
so effortlessly out of Blaine's mouth and be directed at another man feels like a machete to the heart.

"Lucas, you remember Kurt right?" Blaine asks his man.

Kurt can't help but laugh inside when Lucas' eyes bug out at his name.

"Yeah I remember Kurt." He extends his hand out. "How have you been?"

I've been a hell of a lot better, Kurt thinks to himself.

"I've been great." Kurt smiles fakely.

Standing right behind him one very curious Sebastian Smythe can't help but overhear this awkward exchange of fake pleasantries.

It's painfully clear that the tall one with the high voice used to be
with the pretty boy in the sweater vest and bowtie and that he left
him to be with the uber-hottie.

Sebastian listens to every word as he pretends to pick out a bottle of
wine but when he hears the pretty boy ask high voice.

"So are you seeing anybody?"

Sebastian's even more intrigued.
There's a long pause from high voice which means he's clearly stalling
because he obviously isn't seeing anybody.

Sebastian isn't sure what possesses him to do what he does next. Maybe he
just feels bad for this guy. He knows all too well what heartbreak
feels like, on both ends.

Suddenly he turning away from the wine selection and slinging his arm around the
stranger, or from what he's heard from his eavesdropping, Kurt's

Kurt jumps as a strangers arm falls across his shoulder before squeezing
it softly. "They didn't have the year of wine you wanted baby so I
decided to just stick with the one bottle. I hope that's alright?"

Kurt nods very, very slowly because he's in utter shock.

"Good," the strange man sing songs before kissing Kurt's cheek.

"Kurt aren't you going to introduce
us?" Blaine asks.

Kurt opens his mouth to speak even though he has absolutely no idea what
to say. he's literally speechless.

But luckily the stranger steps in before Kurt can make a bigger fool of himself by being mute.

"I'm Sebastian."

Kurt watches as he takes Blaine's hand in a very over the top shake.

"It's very nice to meet you Sebastian. I'm Blaine and this is my
boyfriend Lucas."

Sebastian takes Lucas' hand in the same kind of exaggerated shake.

"So how long have you two been together?" Blaine asks casually.

"Oh about two months," Sebastian answers effortlessly. "Right sweetheart?" He looks at Kurt then winks.

"Right," Kurt answers in monotone.

"Well that is just great Kurt. I'm so happy that you've found
someone. You know the four of us should really do dinner sometime.
Lucas is an excellent cook." Blaine boast.

"And we can being the dessert," Sebastian the stranger adds. " Kurt's an amazing baker."

Kurt looks at the man in disbelief. How the hell does he know that?

"Yeah I remember." Blaine nods." Here, why don't I get your cell numbers and we can set up a little dinner party sometime."

"Sure." Sebastian grins eagerly before punching a number into the
iPhone Blaine hands him.

"Well it was really nice to see you again Kurt and it was very nice
to meet you too Sebastian." Blaine comments as he shakes Sebastian's hand again.

"It was very nice to met you too Blaine. Kurt's never mentioned you

Kurt has to hold in his giggle at Blaine's shocked expression.

"And Lucas it was very nice to meet you as well."

They shake and then Lucas and Blaine turn to leave.

The moment they're completely out of sight Kurt turns to the handsome
stranger, now his savior, and smiles.

Sebastian smiles back. "Hi honey, I don't think we've been properly
introduced. I'm Sebastian Smythe your new boyfriend." He holds out his hand to Kurt.

"Hello," Kurt says curiously.

Judging by the look on Kurt's face Sebastian feels like he must explain quickly. "Look I'm really sorry about that but I couldn't help but over
hearing and I kind of just wanted to wipe that smug look off of your
ex-boyfriend's face."

"Well thanks. I guess." Kurt pauses. "The look on Blaine's face was pretty funny wasn't it?"

"Yeah it was. Um, well, I'm just going to go back to shopping now."

Sebastian turns back towards the wine selection and a few seconds
later he feels a tapping on his shoulder.

"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't buy you a drink?" Kurt