Kurt is finally dressed, after six different outfit changes he's settled
on what he believes to be the perfect outfit for the evening.

It's a big night, so he has to be dressed to impressed.

By seven, his taxi is pulling up to the theater. It's packed but
luckily he has a front row seat. Blaine and Lucas are already sitting,
hand in hand, in their seats when he arrives to the row. He waves at
the pair before removing his jacket and sitting.

The next ten minutes are spent twiddling his thumbs nervously.

Finally the curtain rises and the entire crowd applauds.

A few moments later when Sebastian first appears on stage, Kurt's heart flutters in his chest. Being this close, he can make out every flawless feature on his boyfriends stunning face. The stage really suits him well. While the average person would look bad under the harsh lighting, Sebastian looks gorgeous.
The audience whistles and catcalls from him and he, of course, shoots out a wink in response.

Kurt watches in rapt fascination as Sebastian acts up on stage. He's
attended his fair share of plays but never in his life has he been so
close to one of the stars. This is what dating a celebrity must feel like.

Sebastian is sharp and witty, hitting all his lines with perfect timing and making the audience laugh in all the right places.

During intermission Kurt catches up with Blaine and Lucas. Their three month anniversary is coming up soon which Lucas is ecstatic about.

For the past three months Kurt been getting to know Lucas much better and while a part of him still can't understand why Blaine is with him, it's nice to see his ex so happy. Besides, Kurt figures Blaine probably thinks the same thing about Sebastian. On the surface he's not really Kurt's type, but underneath it all, he's the whole package.

The lights in the theater dim again as the second act starts. When
Sebastian steps up to perform his big number 'Luck Be A Lady', Kurt
sits back and watches in awe.

He's heard Sebastian practice it a million times. But now, up on the
stage with the lights and the theatricality, Kurt is mesmerized. It's
much more substantial than watching Sebastian perform it in his boxers at the foot of his bed after spending the day having sex and eating take out.

His voice is just as crystal clear and captivating as always.

After Sebastian hits his final note he gets a standing ovation from
the crowd.

The rest of the production goes off without a hitch and when the
curtain closes, the whole place erupts. The cast all take their bows.
Sebastian throws a playful wink at Kurt and nods towards the back of
the stage.

Kurt takes the hint, popping up from his seat and saying a quick
goodbye to Blaine and Lucas.

"Tell Bas he was amazing," Lucas instructs Kurt after they hug goodbye.

"Best Sky Masterson I've ever seen," Blaine adds after giving Kurt
his own goodbye hug.

"Thanks. I promise to tell him all that." Kurt nods before running off.

"Yeah, if you're not too busy," Blaine calls out jokingly before taking
his husbands hand and leaving.

Thankfully, Kurt makes it to the backstage door before anyone else and just a moment later Sebastian bursts through, grinning from ear to ear.

He immediately lunges at Kurt, capturing him in a big bear hug.

Their lips meet in a hungry kiss. Kurt just loves kissing this man. He
could do it all day, every day.

"Mmm- You were so-uhh- so good," Kurt mumbles around his boyfriends lips, nibbling softly on the bottom one until Sebastian moans quietly against his parted lips.

"Well thanks. I'm glad you like it. Now how about we go back to my
place and I give you a private show of a very different kind?" Sebastian's lips skim roughly down Kurt's cheek to his neck.

"Wha-what about the Press? Kurt stammers. "All of them are gonna
want to talk to you."

"Yeah well the Press doesn't have a body like yours. Or give me
blowjobs, so they lose and you win. Now let's go. We have a bed and a carton of Chinese take-out with our names on it."

Kurt leans away with an eyebrow raised. "Why Sebastian Smythe, I do believe you've gone domestic on me. Choosing a night in instead of a night out celebrating your debut."

"Well how about we compromise and I tie you up and eat the food off
of you," Sebastian practically growls. "That sounds pretty non-domestic to me."

He grabs Kurt's hand and yanks him out of the building. They arrive at his place in twenty flat.

As Sebastian unlocks his front door, Kurt's hands slip around his waist and begin to fiddle with the button and zipper on his jeans.

"So eager to get my clothes off. Gee I wonder why? It wouldn't have
anything to do with my performance tonight would it," Sebastian chuckles, just as he gets the door unlocked.

They step in and Kurt kicks the door closed with his foot.

"Oh no. It has nothing to do with the fact that I just spent two
hours watching this drop dead gorgeous man, that I just so happen to
love, act his ass off. Nope. That wasn't a turn on at all." Kurt says

"Yeah, I didn't think so," Sebastian jokes.

"Get over here you." Kurt beacons Sebastian over to him with his pointer finger. "So I can show you just how big a fan I am of your work."

Sebastian begins to step very slowly towards Kurt. "Oh, a fan. I've
always wanted to sleep with one of those. So my number one fan… What did you really think of the play?"

"Well I thought it was wonderful but you see I have to say that
because I'm sleeping with one of the stars." Kurt covers his mouth to
hide his growing smile.

"Lucky guy," Sebastian purrs.

"Yup. He's the luckiest, but not half as hot as that guy that played
Sky Masterson. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of that," Kurt giggles.

"Really? Well I guess you'll just have to settle for me." Sebastian
pounces at a still giggling Kurt, tossing him easily over his shoulder
and running towards the bedroom.

They fall onto Sebastian's bed. One of Kurt's all-time favorite places
and their mouths crash together.

Sebastian holds Kurt around the waist as they fall back into the
pillows. Kurt loves those most of all. They're soft and cool and smell
strongly of his boyfriend's always delicious scent.

Kurt moans and writhes as Sebastian begins to swiftly undress him
before undressing himself.

There is no need for foreplay or heavy petting of any kind. They both
know to get right down to the dirty stuff and save the other stuff for
their post sex cuddle.

Sebastian yanks open his side table drawer. The box of condoms and
bottle of lube get tossed beside Kurt who can't help but laugh at the crazy yet determined look in his love's eyes.

This whole night was supposed to be about Sebastian and yet somehow he's making Kurt feel like the star. He has a funny way of doing that all the time. This is just one thing on the long list of stuff Kurt loves about him.

Sebastian coats two of his fingers with the strawberry lube that
Sebastian insisted on buying the last time they were out. It makes the air waft with a light fruity smell that Kurt enjoys more than he thought he would.

The two thick digits waste no time slipping right into Kurt's waiting
body. They scissor in and out, stretching Kurt expertly. His body and mind both totally relaxed which makes each twist of Sebastian's wrist
easier than the last.

After Kurt is properly stretched Sebastian removes his fingers. He tears the condom open, sliding it on before pouring some more lube
over it.

Kurt rolls them over so that he's on top. He stokes Sebastian up and
down a few times before sliding all the way down in his lap. They both
moan at the contact.

With Sebastian busy with the show they haven't had sex in a week and a half. It's a long time for them. The one place their relationship never lacks in the bedroom. They have a more than healthy sex life, fueled by the fact that they're both so attracted to each other all the time.

"God Kurt, you look so sexy riding me like this." Sebastian grunts. "I'm so glad we stayed in."

Kurt just nods, focusing solely on getting as much of Sebastian inside
him as possible. His hands rest comfortably on Sebastian's firm, broad chest as he snaps his hips over and over on Sebastian's lap.

Sebastian in turn juts his hips up.

"Ahh-ohhh! Bas-Bas, it feels so good. So good." Kurt wails.

"Yeah it does." Sebastian nods.

After a few more pumps Sebastian's coming, calling out Kurt's name
loudly. Instead of pulling out he strokes Kurt firmly until he comes across his stomach.

Kurt sits up straight, wiping his brow and catching his breath.

Sebastian lifts Kurt easily off his lap and rolls him over on his back.

"I'm so glad you're here Kurt." He kisses his forehead. "That you got
to share my opening night with me."

"I'm glad too. You know all joking aside, I thought you were great."

"You really mean that or are you just faking it?" Sebastian jokes.

"Nope. With you, I never have to fake anything ever again. I love
you." Kurt leans up and kisses Sebastian softly.

"I love you too," Sebastian smiles. "Now, how about I tie you up now
and we order that Chinese food?" He winks.

Kurt chuckles softly. "Don't ever change Sebastian Smythe."

Sebastian runs his fingers through Kurt soft hair. "Never."