-My P.O.V-
I awoke to see 'Dashy was staring me in the eyes

"Goodmorning good looking" She said hugging me

"Goodmorning 'Dashy" I said with a smile

I looked over to see Sunshine was walking around

She came over to us and I saw she was about scootaloos age

"Hey sunshine" I said

"Hi Lightning" She said happily

"Well since you are old enough I think you need to go to school" I said looking at her sternly

"Okay." She said

I carried her flying down to the school

"Cheeralie?" I asked walking in

"Hold on im with my husband" She said

"Husband?" I asked

"Nick" She said

"NICK?" I asked

"Yes" She said

"ok, can my duaghter to go school here?" I asked

"Yea, whats her name" she asked

"Sunshine" I said looking down at her

"Ok Lightning, she can be in our class, school starts in 15 minutes,
so I could watch her untill then" Cheeralie said

"Thanks" I said flying out

I flew back to Rainbowdash's house and Got back into bed with her and slept

-Sunshines P.O.V-
School? Why did lightning take me here?
ugh gunna have to live with it

-10 minutes later-
"Class we have a new student today" Cheeralie said

"Say hello to sunshine" Cheeralie said as I walked out

"Hi" they all said

I took a seat next to an orange filly-pegasus

"Applebloom, Sweetiebelle, come over here!" She said

two other fillys, one white and one yellow walked over

"Do you want to join the cuitiemark crusaders?" The yellow one refered to as applebloom asked me

"Umm what are the cutie mark crusaders?" I asked

"A group of fillys dedicated to getting our cutiemarks" They said happily

"Sure!" I said happily feeling welcomed in

They threw me a cloak that had what I assumed to be the group symbole on it

"Thanks!" I said feeling specail

"We are always looking for new members!" The one refered to as sweetiebelle said

"Somepony just told me Rainbowdash is getting married today!" Scootaloo said

"Oh yea, my dad Lightning-dasher is" I said

"Whos your mom?" applebloom asked

"Princess celestia, but I was given to lightning to be taken care of, Celestia
well umm.. didnt want me I guess" I said with tears coming to my eyes

"Well you get to hang out with Rainbowdash all the time! that sounds much better!" Scootaloo said

"Well Lightning said I can bring some friends to the wedding.. you gals wanna come?" I asked

"Totally!" They said simaltaniously

-My P.O.V-
Tuxedo rented from rarity,
reception setup,
got friends to be best men

I checked the time
well just time to wait for everypony to get here

I sat down on a bench near where the wedding is being held

-45 minutes later-
everypony was there!

I was standing by my best men, (Burt james tarin and Nick)

'Dashy Slowly walked up the isle

blah blah blah some preaching crap later

"Lightningdasher, do you take Rainbowdash to be your wife?" luna asked me

Staring right into 'Dashy's eyes, "Yes"

"And do you Rainbowdash take Lightningdasher to be your husband?" luna asked Rainbowdash

She looked me stright in the eyes and said, "Yes"

"You may now kiss the bride!" Luna said

I grabbed 'Dashy close to me and we stood there kissing as if time was frozen (a/n just like my other book)

'Dashy and I walked down the isle followed by everypony else

-At the reception-
"Woo party!" Nick screamed

I looked over to see sunshine playing with the CMC... oh wait she is one now heh heh

Dashy and I were slowdancing on the dancefloor

"Lightning I love you" She said nuzzling her head into my chest

"I love you too dashy" I said

-At our house after the reception-
I got into bed with dashy after laying sunshine on the couch

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the nose, "Goodnight Lightning, Love you" She said snuggling into me

"Love you too dashy" I said as I began to drift off to sleep

-tarins P.O.V-
"Dude fluttershy you ever had sex before?" I asked totally fuckin drunk outta mah mind

"umm no.." she said quietly while blushing

"Lets have sex" I said diving on her
-My P.O.V-
When I heard a soundbreaking scream,
I flew to fluttershys to see tarin ontop of her fucking her

"If ur gunna do that, be quiet" I said as I flew back to dashy

Hours later I woke with dashy laying pretty much ontop of me

"your soft" She said snuggling herself right ontop of me so I couldnt move at all

"Well sleep is always nice" I said wrapping my hoofs around her.

"Oh Im interested in more then just sleep" She said

"Umm what do you mean?" I asked

I saw that I was hoofcuffed to the bed

"Okay, lets get it on!" I said

She stuck her plot in my face then went downhill to my dick and shoved it into her juicy wet plot
I went in and out for quite a while untill love juice poured out all over the bed it was auctully Rainbow coulered

"awhh yea" I said

She uncuffed me and said, "Uhh yea sorry, I just wanted to clop" She said luaghing

"Its ok" I said hugging her as we both fell asleep again

I woke up and took sunshine to school and came back home

"Im home" I said to Dashy

She came in and hugged me

"I love you Dashy" I said

"I love you too lightning" She said

"But I have important news" She said

"yea?" I asked

"Im pregnant" She said

"WHAT?" I asked

"Yeah..." She said smiling

"Well okay then" I said

"Yea sorry for not telling you" She said blushing

"Well it happened erlier today, you havnt seen me since" I said

She started moaning, "I need TO be AT a HOPSITAL" She screamed

"how do ponys have kids so quickly?" I asked

"What?" She asked

"Nothing" I said

we flew to the hospital and went into the delivering room

"Pushy dashy push!" I said

She was moaning incredibly hard

"Its a mare!" Nurse redheart said

I looked down at the little filly
It had a Rainbow hairstyle,
with a light green tail,
Light blue fur,
with white wings.

It looked all around the room,
Then it walked over to me and started rubbing up agenst my leg like a cat

Tarin walked in drunk and said, "aww a kitty!"

Fluttershy from the room next to us yelled, "Its comin out if u wanna watch!"

"Hell yeaz!" He said and walked out

"That was odd, but what do we name her?" I asked holding her in my arms

"No clue" Rainbowdash said

"Light-Flash" I said as Rainbowdash stroked its back

"Thats a good name. how do you come up with these?" She asked

"I guess just its just a skill" I said happily

At that moment Sunshine walked in

"The filly is here?!" She asked exitedly

Sunshine looked at it and said, "Applebloom, scootaloo, sweetiebelle, Come in here!"

The three fillys came running in and all said, "Aww" When they saw the filly

"Hey hey hey stay out of my shed!" I said (A/N all credit to that goes to hotdiggitydemon on youtube)

"what?" Scootaloo asked

"nothing" I said with a devilish smile

"Okayy" Sweetiebelle said

Soon enough sunshine and the CMC got bored and left

Rainbowdash and I flew back our home in cloudsdale

Tarin came into my house drunk and said, "Fluttershy crapped out a kitty too"

Then he walked outside of my house and fell through a cloud somehow
becuase he was drunk out of his mind

"Okay somebody make a law agenest tarins" I said

Rainbowdash walked over to me and said, "Lets clop"

So I replied, "Hell yea!"
The End!