Chapter 1: Walking

Dash's POV

Courthouse 09:00 hours

I, I can't say what I want anymore. I've lost my right to do so.

I walked towards the courthouse that morning, feeling absolutely horrible. I haven't slept since the day this happened. It was an accident I didn't mean to cause. Now I've lost everything.

And his family lost everything too.

No more football scholarship, no more going on to University, no more dreams of mine that are ever going to come true. Nobody believes me. Everybody think's I'm a monster. I just wish this nightmare would end already before I wind up hurting anybody else.

It was a straight way into the courthouse from the prison vehicle I was being escorted out of. Two guards grabbed my arms and started leading me into the building. Along the straight way into the building, a border of people from my school, my old friends, his family and the press watched me. Most of the looks were gazes of horror, while others were disappointed and a few were terrified. But none of them looked at all happy to see me.

I looked at the faces of Kwan, Star and Paulina, who had arrived to see what would happen to me. None of them are my friends now, but before this accident, they were. Kwan looked the most disappointed.

Kwan and I have been best friends since kindergarten. We were always the most athletic kids in the school. Taking home every single award and scholarship. When the accident happened, he told me he couldn't believe that somebody like me would be strong enough to end a human life. He said he'd be here, but that he couldn't be friends with somebody as dangerous as me.

I turned my gaze away from him and looked farther into the crowd. Suddenly, I spotted somebody I was hoping wasn't going to show up. His best friends, Tucker and Sam. Sam was wearing a shirt with his face on it, and Tucker shook his head uneasily as his eyes met with mine. Usually, that nerd is scared of me.

Never thought in my life, that I'd be scared of him.

Before I could gaze away from Sam, she yelled at me in her anger.

"How could you do something like this?!" She screamed. "Why did you have to go this far to hurt somebody?" I turned away, terrified to say anything. As I turned my head, my eyes saw someone else who I really didn't want to have to speak to.

His parents and his sister.

The three of them bawled as I walked towards the doors, ready to go through with this stupid trial already. The judge says I could be tried as an adult, but I'm too dangerous to go to a juve center so I might be sent to the actual town penitentiary. I never meant to hurt anyone this bad. I've been on the front pages all over the country, labeled as a monster.

And I'm really starting to believe them...

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