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Hermione Granger: Wedding Planner?

Hermione Jean Granger woke up to the persistent ringing of her phone alarm. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, ran a hand through her hair, and smiled excitedly like a child on Christmas morning. She had reason to. Today, after all, was a big day. Not her big day, but something almost akin to it.

It was Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott's wedding day.

Which, in other words, was Hermione's latest project's day.

You read right, ladies and gentlemen. Everyone, meet the biggest name in wizard wedding planning, Hermione Granger.

Before we get caught up in the bustle of last minute preparations for the Abbott-Longbottom nuptials, let me address the proverbial elephant and answer the question traipsing inside your minds right now, which is, "Why is Hermione Granger a wedding planner? I thought she'd be a Healer, or an Unspeakable, a ministry employee or something. But a wedding planner?" (If, by any chance, that wasn't your question, then I'm afraid I can't help you. Do leave me a message though, maybe I can help).

Dearie me, I knew you'd need an explanation of some sort, and here it is…

The war had taken its toll on everybody, and Hermione Granger was no exception. She and Ron did not pursue a relationship contrary to popular belief, despite the obvious feelings they had for each other, as Fred's death was a heavy blow on the entire Weasley clan. George had taken it especially hard, as had Ron. Harry and Ginny's romance however, pushed through in an against all odds sort of way. And it was, actually, as Harry had to face endless interviews and mobs of people smothering him all the time because he was, after all, Harry Potter. Ginny was dealing with the loss of her brother as well, but their love blossomed underneath all the pressure and just kept on growing strong as the days went by. Despite the many ways of moving on, life wasn't quite the same for everyone. The whole Wizarding community took some time to recover, but it slowly found its way back on its feet, under the guidance of the new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Hermione had gone back to Hogwarts for her last year, while Harry and Ron had begun Auror training. Ginny had begun training with the Holyhead Harpies. After a year, the trio had inevitably drifted some ways apart. It was not too big a drift, mind you, as the members of the Golden Trio were still pretty much the best of friends even then. They had just, as I'm sure you'll understand, gone their own ways. Ginny, as she was Harry's girlfriend, Ron's sister, and Hermione's best friend, had become an extension of the group.

Hermione, being the smart girl that she is (not to mention well-known), got several job offers from the many departments of the Ministry the minute she stepped out of the Hogwarts train at King's Cross Station after finishing her studies at Hogwarts. She had politely declined every last one of them, saying she had to fulfill some duties first, consequently capturing the interest of the media in the process. Matter of fact, a certain Rita Skeeter wrote a scandalous (not to mention fallacious to the last dotted i) article in The Prophet speculating about Hermione's retreat to the Muggle world as an attempt to hide a pregnancy. Her friends, however, knew the real reason why. She had gone to Australia to find her parents, whom she had performed a memory charm on during the war. She had found them, after an unbelievable span of time of a year and a half, and had restored their memories, thankfully without any complications, effectively reuniting the Granger family.

Which still doesn't answer your question, I know. I was just getting to that.

To make up for lost time, Hermione decided to stay with her parents for the time being, reclaiming their lives in Muggle London. They told her they understood her reasons for modifying their memories, but Hermione still felt guilty, and, in her attempts to make amends for her actions, effectively (and unintentionally) cut off her life as a witch. Not completely though, as Harry, the Weasleys, and even occasionally, Luna Lovegood and her other friends still owled her, sending their hellos and inquiring on how she's been. They thought that the rumor circulating as a result of Rita Skeeter's article had sent her away for good, and they encouraged her that hardly anyone who knew Hermione trusted the credibility of Skeeter anyway. She replied to all of them with grateful letters, claiming that the Skeeter woman definitely hadn't "set her running", and that she only needed time to get away for awhile. She didn't tell them she felt guilty for her parents, and resorted to letting them believe she was dealing with the losses this way. She'd be back, she promised, just that the when was indefinite at the moment. Ginny had owled her back, confiding that she was envious that Hermione had "another world to turn to". Sheepishly, Hermione invited Ginny over for a Muggle day out every few weeks or so to give her best friend a fresh breath from the recovering wizarding world as well. Soon Harry and Ron began to accompany Ginny during her excursions to Hermione's home whenever they found the time, and the quartet enjoyed their small reunions.

It's almost been a year since Hermione found her parents when Ron let it slip that some people were beginning to believe Skeeter's continuous stream of speculative articles on Hermione's whereabouts. Fuming, Hermione vowed to out Skeeter as an unregistered animagus, as she had caused her enough trouble to finally make her snap. With a sigh, Harry told her that Rita Skeeter had become a registered animagus in Hermione's absence, explaining the fact that she showed no fear in writing explosive and downright libelous articles about the girl who once threatened to expose her secret. Ginny suggested that Hermione instead make a return to prove the woman, and anyone else who believed her wrong. "But," the female Weasley had mused, "you should definitely go back with a bang."

Hermione shot a look at her parents who had just gone down the stairs and apparently overheard the conversation the four were having in the Granger's sitting room. Her mother nodded thoughtfully. "We think its best for you to return to your life as a witch, Hermione. You managed living in both worlds before, and there's no doubt you'd manage now. It doesn't mean having to leave one life for another, dear." Mr. Granger nodded as well.

"But mom…"

"Hermione," her father cut her off softly. "We know you've been feeling guilty for what happened, but you did it to protect us. You did what you had to do out of love and as your parents, you must know that we love you just as much and hate seeing you having to split your worlds to make us forgive you for something we never held a grudge on you for."

Silence. Hermione pursed her lips in surrender. "Fine. I'll go back."

"With a bang." Ron supplied helpfully.

Mrs. Granger's smile turned wicked. "You definitely need to show that woman she's dealing with the wrong witch." Earning a gleeful laugh from Ginny and surprised grins from Harry and Ron.

"Yeah, teach her to never mess with a Granger." Her father added, chuckling as he put an arm around his wife's shoulder.

Hermione groaned. "Not you two as well!" she exclaimed, cracking a smile despite herself.

"I think I know exactly what you need for your knock-their-socks-off return." Harry spoke up, his smile turning shy as he reached for Ginny's hand. "You can plan the wedding of the century." With that, Harry proceeded to get down on one knee, procured a ring box from his pocket and proposed to Ginny Weasley right there in the Granger's living room.

Ginny had replied with a shriek and swatted his head for good measure before shouting "Yes!" and hugging the breath out of Harry. Mrs. Granger gave a delighted laugh and clasped her husband's hand tightly, giving him a look of pure adoration. A look passed between Ron and Hermione before they broke into wide smiles and turned to congratulate the newly engaged couple. Ginny was now wearing and admiring the ring, a simple gold band accented with rubies. Harry was grinning, explaining that he had planned on proposing to her over dinner tonight, but decided that the impromptu proposal he just did was worth it. Ron laughed and jabbed his best friend with a finger, saying he'd totally been caught in surprise. Hermione rushed to hug Ginny, and both girls proceeded to squeal excitedly in that manner most girls often do.

"I asked Arthur and Molly this morning before the two of you showed up from de-gnoming the garden." Harry said, flushed with joy at Ginny's acceptance. "I'd been meaning to ask you for so long, Gin, but I wanted their permission first."

Ginny smiled and planted a kiss on his lips. "You know they'd say yes in a heartbeat."

"They did."

They all laughed, and Hermione's parents voiced their best wishes for Harry and Ginny while Ginny tackled Ron with a hug and Hermione attacked Harry with a bone-crushing congratulatory hug of her own."Really, Harry?"

Her best friend chuckled. "What?"

"You made something about me to your own. You really have a talent for that, be thankful Ginny didn't mind."

"Mind? Oh please, Hermione, it's perfect!" Ginny interjected, her eyes gleaming. "Harry's right. You, Hermione, will plan our wedding as a comeback to the wizarding world!"

Hermione put her hands up. "Whoa, stop right there with your schemes, you two. What makes you think I would be able to pull it off and not make a mess of your big day?"

Ron shook his head, reaching out to squeeze her arm reassuringly. "You're Hermione Granger. Organized, perfectionist to the last detail, and definitely too loving of your friends to let their wedding day get derailed." He smiled.

"Exactly." Harry and Ginny chorused, wrapping their arms around each other, completing the circle.

"Besides," Ginny added as an afterthought. "You can't possibly make a hash of it twice."


"Yeah, you're going to be my maid of honor anyway, and you'll have to plan the wedding with me either way."

"Maid of honor?" Hermione shrieked, and she and Ginny began squealing again.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Mate, will you do us the honor of being our best man?" he asked Ron, who flushed before nodding.

"Of course."

"See? You've already began planning. I'm sure you'll do splendidly Hermione." Mrs. Granger encouraged her daughter, ushering her husband to the kitchen where they began to prepare a lunch that all six of them enjoyed. Afterwards, the four friends had apparated to The Burrow to announce the engagement. Everyone was thrilled, and even George had managed a weak smile as he congratulated his sister and Harry. Molly had been beside herself when she saw Hermione, and even more so when Ron conspiratorially whispered to her who the wedding planner will be.

"Not without my help, I hope." The Weasley matriarch had said.

Hermione hugged her and shook her head. "Definitely not, Molly."

Needless to say, the rest that happened afterwards is, as the Muggle saying says, history. But certain bugs are hard to kill and cease being pests, if you catch my drift. Soon rumors were circulating that the only Weasley daughter had a falling out with one Miss Granger, claiming that 'she had stolen her thunder' or something of the sort. As always, nothing could be farther from the truth. Although Ginny and Hermione had laughed it off, Hermione felt her patience slowly being eaten away.

Rumors aside, the wedding had been the greatest thing that happened since the war. Nothing could throw in happiness in an otherwise depressed world than love, after all. Grinning at Harry and Ginny as they first danced as a wedded couple had made Hermione realize how much she loved planning their wedding. She had a real knack for it, too. Thus the idea of planning weddings as Hermione Granger's job began to brew.

Knowing Hermione, anything she sets her mind on is bound to happen in the best way she could possibly make it. And it did. It was on the second wedding she was planning that she realized that she would need manpower. She soon met three young capable and eager witches and wizards and the team has grown since then. People were mostly intrigued when the business was just starting. Many have heard of the Potter wedding, and finding out that she was behind most of the preparations for it had gotten them to wanting Hermione to plan their weddings as well. After all, having your wedding planned by the same woman who planned the war hero's wedding said many things about you, regardless of the fact that said war hero (and bride) were said war planner's best friends. She had become a big name in the industry, not like there was anyone in it in the first place. The list of her contacts was growing as well. Caterers, bakers, tailors and all the like begged for her to consider partnering with them.

Ginny once joked that Hermione's return had made her more famous than before she had left. Perhaps she wasn't that far off from the truth.

Hermione was ensuring that the cattleya orchids and the rest of the floral decorations around the area were being handled with care when she heard a voice through her bluetooth earpiece. She had decided that mixing and matching up muggle technology wasn't a bad idea for practicality's sake. Nearly drove her team crazy, but they managed to adjust and learn how to use the 'muggle thingamazoids' over time. It was Bailee, one of the first members that Hermione began working with.

"Hermione, the maid of honor is having a panic attack over her dress. She's asking for you."

Hermione sighed. If she didn't love Neville and Hannah so much, she'd have hexed the maid of honor by now. This one was by far, the worst. Most of all the other maids of honor in the weddings she'd handled in the past were all cooperative, if not enthusiastic, about her helping hand. But Hannah's muggle cousin, Aimee, did everything she could to contradict Hermione's every suggestion. What made it harder was the fact that one of the clauses in the contract Hermione presented to her clients was the fact that the existence of magic would be used in the process, but muggle kin would have to be kept from knowing about it. Aimee was constantly messing up the plans that were finalized, sometimes tampering with things that magic had fixed, and Hermione had to restrain herself from hitting the woman with Imperio just to get her to agree and leave the staff alone.

"I'll be right there." She told Bailee, knowing that the message had reached the others and all of them were probably rolling their eyes with their mutual contempt for the woman. Yeah, she was that bad. "Colin?"

"Yeah?" an amused voice answered back.

"Finish up talking with the caterer and come oversee the florists, you know these flowers are special."

"Of course."

During the planning process, Neville had mentioned that they were Hannah's favorite flowers, and had asked Hermione if they could be featured during their wedding day. With ideas already rushing through her mind, she had suggested to the excited couple a color scheme that would go nicely with the blooms. It was perfect, they decided, and Neville had grown them himself as a wedding gift for Hannah.

Which explained Hermione's frustration at having to oversee their handling herself to deal with the woman.

"You sabotaged my dress on purpose, I know it!" Aimee wailed, pointing an accusing finger at Hermione. Merlin help her, if Aimee doesn't ruin the wedding with her false accusations and bothersome breathing, she'd consider Seamus Finnegan as a bartender for the next wedding that will require an open bar. Regardless of flames and Finnegan's reputation with them.

"One goblet of fire." A bubbly bridesmaid laughed, winking at Seamus in the process. Hermione overheard and crossed her fingers I the process. The wedding of Neville and Hannah had been a success, and Aimee had even thanked Hermione after the wedding, sobbing hat she was only so heard-headed because she was so jealous she had to share the role of planning with a wedding planner. She's had too much drinks then, Hermione guessed, but she smiled and patted the sobbing woman on the back.

She had to make true to her promise though, and this was the first wedding she had planned with Seamus at the bar. He had given her samples before she let him sign the contract, and no mishaps had occurred then. Still, she was a tad bit wary of what could happen, but so far nothing bad had happened, so she let herself wander farther from the open bar. Curiosity won over the brunette as she edged closer once more to watch how Seamus would prepare the drink with such an intriguing name. Fascinated, Hermione watched as the blue flame blazed over the drink.

"Y'know, Seamus," Hermione grinned "Keep up that awesomeness and you're going to be my regular barkeep."

Her former housemate laughed and winked. "Aye, I definitely will."

Walking towards the stage to congratulate the newlyweds, Hermione smiled.

She definitely loved this job.

Sneak Peek for Next Chapter:

"Hermione, someone's here to see you."

"Do they have an appointment?"

"They sure do. But… I have to warn you."

"Warn me about what?"

"Excuse me, can we talk to Miss Granger now?"

At the sight of the woman who just stepped into her office, Hermione gaped.

"About that." Bailee said, closing the door to the office with an apologetic smile.

"Mrs. Malfoy." Hermione swallowed inaudibly. "What may I help you with?"