Chapter 2: Morning Troubles

When Calvin woke up the next morning, he saw Hobbes.

"WAUUGHH! IT'S A... Oh, it's you. You gave me quite a scare there."

"Sorry about that. Anyway, I came here to tell you that I'm sorry." said Hobbes.

"About what?" asked Calvin.

"When I pushed you out of your room and made you sleep on the floor."

"Oh, that." said Calvin.

"I've changed my mind. I'll come with you, if you want me to."

"You will?" asked Calvin. "HOORAY!"

"Shhh..." Hobbes said. "You don't want to wake up your parents."

Calvin looked at the clock on his chest-of-drawers. "It's 7:30!" he said. "My parents are already awake by now!"

"I knew that." said Hobbes. "I was just kidding with you."

"Hobbes?" asked Calvin.

"Yes?" Hobbes said.

"How are you going to come to summer school with me if my parents won't let you?"

"When did they say that?"

"Just yesterday."

"Oh yeah, well, simple. I'll just slip inside your backpack. Look, I'll show you." Hobbes opened up Calvin's backpack, and put his back paws in.

"Don't do it!" Calvin screamed. "You won't fit inside! You'll suffocate! You'll..."

"Nonsense," said Hobbes. He put his front paws in.

"Hobbes, please don't! I'm sure there's some other..."

Suddenly, Hobbes slid all the way in.

"way...?" Calvin looked at the backpack. Inside, Hobbes was resting comfortably.

"Please tell me how on earth you do that!" Calvin said.

"Couldn't tell you, but it comes from the sleekness of us jungle cats." Hobbes replied modestly.

"Alright, now get out." Calvin said. "It's not time to go yet."

Hobbes stuck his neck out of the backpack. Groaning sounds came from the backpack as Hobbes desperately tried to squeeze his way out. Suddenly, Calvin heard some choking noises.

"HOBBES!" Calvin steeped back. There, Hobbes was struggling to get out, and got his neck caught on the zipper.

"Can't...breathe..." Hobbes mumbled.

Horrified, Calvin just stood there, unsure of what to trying to squeeze his way out,

Then there came a loud voice from downstairs.


Uh oh. Calvin looked at the clock. It was 8:30. Had an hour really gone by?


Quickly, Calvin began trying to undo Hobbes from the zipper.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?" Mom asked. "I'M COMING UP!" She began walking up the stairs.

Calvin worked faster at the zipper. Mom was on the third step.

"Hurry...up..." Hobbes moaned.

Mom was now on the sixth step.

Calvin undid it faster and faster.

Mom reached the ninth step.

Calvin went so fast, he couldn't even see his hands.

Mom was on the twelfth step. She was almost at the top of the stairs.

"Come on... come on..." Hobbes moaned.

At last, Calvin finished undoing Hobbes from the zipper. He quickly shoved Hobbes into his backpack, and zipped it up. Just in time, too, because his mom came into the room.

"Calvin, you were supposed to get ready a long time ago!" Mom screamed. Steam was coming out of her ears.

"It's just that Hobbes and I were talking and..."

"I don't want to hear about it. You spend too much time with that stuffed tiger." Mom said. "It's a good thing you're not bringing him to summer school. Where is he anyway? I want to know where he is so I can make sure you don't bring him."

Calvin had thought that his mom would say that. But he had a plan.

"He's in the basement." Calvin lied. "I decided that we would not sleep together tonight because we had an argument."

"Ok, then." Mom said. She went back downstairs.

Quickly, Calvin unzipped his backpack and took out Hobbes. "Wait here." he said to Hobbes.

Moments later Calvin returned with his Duplicator. He put the box over Hobbes and pressed the button.

"Wait, what are you... Oh." Hobbes said from under the Duplicator.

Slowly, Calvin lifted the box. There were two Hobbeses standing in front of him.

"It worked!" the duplicate Hobbes said.

Without a word, Calvin picked him up, and started dragging him across the floor.

"Hey!" yelled the duplicate. "What do you think you're..."

Calvin opened the closet door, pushed the duplicate in, and shut the door.

"A job well done." Calvin said, putting Hobbes back in his backpack.

Then, Mom came up.

"I checked downstairs, and he isn't there!" she said.

"Sorry, I lied," said Calvin.

"And why?"

"Because...I just wanted to have some fun." said Calvin.

"Where is he now, then?" asked Mom impatiently.

"Ummm... He's in the closet."

"Thank you." said Mom, opening the closet and taking the duplicate Hobbes to a safe place where Calvin couldn't find it.

"Wow, that was pretty cool," said Hobbes.

"Totally," said Calvin. "But we'd better hurry, we only have five minutes left."

So Calvin quickly got dressed, took the backpack downstairs, grabbed a bowl, put a mountain of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs with an extra pile of sugar on top, poured the milk in, ate it as fast as he could, brushed his teeth, and ran to the door with his backpack half on and out to the sidewalk just as the bus was arriving.

"Bye, Calvin," his parents were calling to him. "We'll see you tonight!"

Calvin's mom blew a kiss at him.

This is going to be a long summer, thought Calvin.

As he got on the bus, an strange camera popped out of the bushes. It looked at Calvin as he got on the bus and scanned him. Nobody noticed it though.

"Supreme Earth Potentate detected," the camera said in a robotic voice. "Prepare for war."