Once a Prankster…

Summary: Q decides to have a little fun at the expense of the Reapers

Disclaimer: I do not own any the rights to any of the universes (or characters from said universes) mentioned in this fic and I'm not going to be making a profit on it.

~Location: The Q Continuum~

"Q! What have you done this time!"

"Just another test for my favorite inferior species"

"A test… you transported everything within 2 light years of Sol from the A Space Odyssey universe after Poole and Halman shut down the Monoliths to the Mass Effect universe the moment that they make Sheppard a Spectre!"

"Yes, and won't the fleets at Arcturus be surprised when the Sol relay is now in the Vega system?"

"Q… how can this be a test when you destroyed all but 250 of the Reapers"

"I didn't destroy them, I sent them elsewhere in the multiverse, and I thought it would do them some good `to experience some "interesting times" so to speak"

"Where exactly is 'elsewhere'?"

Q: ~smiles~

~Location: "elsewhere" ~

"Brother-Captain! A Xeno fleet has appeared in the Cadian Gate!"

~Back to the Continuum~

"Like I said, somewhere that the Reapers will experience 'interesting times'. Being the inferior specie for a while will hopefully do them some good"

"And the remaining 250 Sovereign-class ships?"

"Are still a significant but not insurmountable threat, of course Saren and Sovereign don't know that the Reaper Fleet has been diminished"


"Looks like Captain Anderson just got the "Earth has gone silent and the ship we sent through the relay wound up in the Vega system instead of the Sol system message" And right after Sheppard finishes the mission to Therum"

"And here we thought parenting would keep you out of trouble"

"What? Just because I have a kid now I can't enjoy eternity every now and then?"