It had been 3 years since Ben had come out to his parents, Shard had found Dusty (Who refused to live with them), and Rook's thing. Ben had turned 19 and Rook was 21, Ben had moved out of his parents house and in with Rook. Of course Shard had followed, not that either of them objected to her moving in with them.

Ben and Shard were on the couch each with gaming controllers infront of them, Ben let out a long groan "How do you beat me everytime without thumbs?". Shard shrugged "I don't know" she said in a bored tone, Ben just laughed and pet Shard, she fell on her side and purred.

Ben was petting Shard when there was a scratching at the door "Sounds like Dusty" Ben said and got up to open the door, Shard watched as Ben opened the door and Dusty ran inside and at Shard "Hello my love" Dusty said from the floor infront of the couch.

Shard looked down at him "Hey Dusty" she said to him, Ben came back to the couch "Hey, you guys got plans?", Dusty just shrugged. "Ben, you know we never have plans" Shard said getting up and stretching. "Maybe we can annoy the Mr. Smoothie people til they make us a milkshake again" Dusty said with a shrug.

"No, we've done that for the last couple of days" Shard said with a bored tone, Dusty shrugged "then theres nothing to do" he said and layed down on the couch next to her.


Animo was in his lair working on a new device that would transfom all creatures on Earth into mutants, he activated it and watched a small ca he kept in a cage. When there weren't any effects, he shouted "Blasted Machine!" He yelled, he walked to the machne and turned up the output. When he turned it on again it let out a load rattling and the machine sent out a large blast wave as it exploded.

The lair was in ruins but Animo had survived miraculously, he checked himself to see if he was ok and saw leathery wings instead of arms, talons on his feet and a mouthful of fangs "It worked, in a sense" he yelled happily.