For now on, the italics are Crystal's thoughts and singing! Thanks for all the reviews! Sorry if I was a bit late from updating.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah." my father said shaking his head, with his arms crossed.

Sarah? Isn't that the name of the girl that ran my father's Labyrinth?

"This is so UNFAIR!" the woman by the name of Sarah said.

"You say that so often. Such a pity..." father told her. She just scoffed at my father. Why was Sarah mean around him? He did nothing wrong. Sarah got a glimpse of me and her eyes got wide. Why was she doing this?

"Jareth! I told you not to bring her here! GET HER OUT OF HERE!"

"Why should I?" I asked as I stood straight. "Crystal! I told you not to say anything or ask anything!" father snapped. I just wanted an answer.

"I want an answer Miss Sarah. Why- should- I?"

Sarah just looked at the floor. "Because... I don't want anything to do involving you."

"Why do you not want anything to do with me?" I asked. Sarah sighed, "It's time for you to know the truth."

The truth? What's the truth?

"When you were born, you looked so much like Jareth. I didn't' want anything to do with him whatsoever-"

"Hey!" father exclaimed from hearing that she didn't want anything to do with him.

"so you lived with him." Sarah continued.

Father had lied to me. He said she was dead. I was thinking I could go on or somthing, but we don't have any computers in the Goblin City. Why did he lie?

"You... lied to me." I said softly staring at my father's tall figure.