Bankai of the red dragon

I know I have three other stories out that need work but this plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone so I had to get it out of my head.

This is a idea I got after I watched high school dxd, what If Rias and the other girls were a little more protective of Issei than they are in canon?

There might be some slight OOCness

Plot summery: Issei receives a note from Kiba to go and take out a fallen angel on Rias' orders, however when he gets to the location on the note, he is attacked by not one, but three fallen. In the heat of battle the fallen all start to berate him, telling he is a fool and that Rias sent him to his death.

Will be sad at first, but will get better

Pairing will be Issei/harem

A.N. going to be a slight crossover with bleach, but only slightly.

Issei was walking home from another meeting, depressed that he had failed to get a contract…AGAIN.

'Man…pres looked really upset, man I really feel like crap for letting her down again.' the young man thought.

He was about to sit down on a bench he had seen to rest and think when Kiba ran up to him and, without so much as a word, handed him a folded piece of paper and took off again.

"That was odd…I wonder what that was about…" Issei wondered.

He opened the paper to see his masters writing.


I have received word that there is a fallen angel in the area were u live, so I want you to take care of it. Do us all a favor and try not to get hurt or mess this up ok?.

Rias Gremory.

'Damnit…I must have really pissed her off if shes this mad…man now I feel like a total asshole.' Issei thought, now thoroughly depressed.

"Well, if I'm going to make it up to her I guess I can start by taking care of this fallen angel." he told himself.

The young devil continued on his walk, he new that Asia would most likely be at his house already so he had decided before he left the club he would go for a walk so he wouldn't bother her.

'Man, I hate having to act like a damn hentai (pervert) when I'm around the girls…but if I don't they will suspect something…hehehe, not that it matters, after all I'm just buchous (presidents) pawn…I'm the weakest piece she has.' he thought

Contrary to popular belief, Issei was not really a pervert, sure he liked boobs as much as the next guy, but the only reason he pretended to be obsessed with them was because he didn't want to loose the first two…and only two human friends he had. Matsuda and Motohama were the first friends he had ever made, but they were also incredibly perverted, something that annoyed him to no end.

"Don't let it get you down to much partner, you'll be able to show your friends your true self soon…among other things." a deep voice spoke.

Issei looked at the back of his left had were a circle of green light had appeared.

One of the things that set Issei apart from other devils was the fact that he had a dragon living in his left arm, giving him a special power that took the form of a gauntlet in the shape of a dragons claw, the name of this weapon was boosted gear.

Boosted gear allowed Issei to increase his strength every ten seconds, as well as fire bolts of magic after being charged up enough. He had dubbed this attack dragon shot and, as far as his master knew, the only ranged attack he knew.

"I know that, but it still doesn't help the fact that I upset pres and everyone else today….Damnit I feel like a idiot." came the response from the young devil.

The red dragon emperor living in Issei's left arm new the truth about the young man, having been the one to help Issei get even stronger than Rias or the others thought he was.

For starters, Issei was now beyond Kiba in swordsman skills, thanks to Ddraig both training him and giving him what Issei considered a 'badass' sword. The sword, which the red dragon told him was actually called a zanpaktou, was a sentient weapon that had a human-like spirit appearance when Issei trained or fought(though he hadn't done any of the later) and was called Zangetsu.

The weapon at first took the appearance of a large cleaver that was about two heads taller than Issei was, and almost as thick as his body. But what Issei loved most about his new weapon and friend was that he had found out that Zangetsu had a total of three different forms, however he had told Issei that the 3rd form was only for when he had no other choice, although the spirit would not tell Issei what the form was. He did however, tell Issei about the 2nd form of Zangetsu.

The final thing Issei was particularly proud of and could not wait to show Rias and the others was another technique he had created for boosted gear. Although it required him to boost his power up ten times more than for dragon shot, he had decided to name the new attack dragon quasar. He was also working on a variant he called dragon pulsar. he knew that the names were rather silly and stupid sounding, but he liked them and felt that they fit the attacks he created.

"Oh, by the way, didn't you say something about my outfit changing when I use that bankai thing you told me about Zangetsu?" Issei asked.

"Ahh yes, the form I take when you activate bankai, as well as your appearance…yes, you do change slightly Issei, for one thing you will have slightly more muscle, you will grow a bit as well, although im not sure how much.(A.N. sorry but I cant describe how Ichigos bankai outfit looks to well, so just think of his outfit on Issei except change the white and black to red and black.) your sword will resemble a katana somewhat, although it will be longer than one. At the end of the hilt there will be a small length of black chain, how you utilize that will be up to you." the sword spirit replied.

"And you said that to use bankai all I have to do is hold my sword out in front of me and say "bankai"?." Issei asked.

"Yes, all you must do to activate bankai is hold your blade out in front of you and say bankai, I forgot to mention before that whenever you use bankai your strength will grow exponentially…in fact if I had to guess…I would say that you would be stronger than the four great demon kings." Zangetsu said.

"so what? Having power of any amount doesn't mean a thing unless you can control it and not let it corrupt you." the young devil replied.

Zangetsu and Ddraig could only smile at the response their host gave, they agreed with each other that they could not have not asked for a better vessel.

As the young man walked the short distance to the location indicated on the note, he had no idea he had been tricked….he would not know this unfortunately, until it was to late.