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*pokes head out of safe zone*
Can I come out?
*broken beer bottle flies at head. I dodge barely*
I guess not…

Chapter 10: The End

Dani POV

I looked at David. I felt like he had just ripped my heart out.
"You? You released him?!" I yell at David. I stand up warily.
"You've got to understand-" I cut him off
"Understand what?! That you work for him!" I yell and point at Cronus "I thought….I thought you loved me"
David looks just as hurt as I and looks like he's about to talk but Cronus beats him to it.
"Ah, young love. Too bad Clevergirl you've been betrayed. David has always been doing my bidding. Why do you think he wanted to become your friend? To get close to you" Cronus laughs "It was all a part of my plan" Cronus says. I look back at David with tears threatening to fall from my eyes.
"I'm sorry Dani" David says and I look at him. Anger boils in my veins.
"Me too" I say coldly. I look back at Cronus and blast him with plasma rays. After blasting him I feel an eerie calm come over me. I hold my scythe and walk towards the army slowly.

Danny POV

As we're fighting I suddenly see a swell of Cronus's minions running towards us. I prepare to attack but they run straight past us.
"What are they running from?" I ask to myself and look back down the street.

I see Dani walking towards us and I realize she's who they're running from. A shadow seems to follow her turning the landscape dark, her cloak had turned midnight black and appeared to be made of shadow. Her eyes are crimson red and have red smoke coming from the corners of them. A minion who was running trips and Dani doesn't hesitate to decapitate him. She keeps walking and the army after I guess thinking they had enough to stop her and turn to face her.

She looks at them with eyes that I now notice are leaking tears of blood. She takes two steps forward thrusts her hands out in front of her and a huge blast of ectoplasmic energy escapes her hands and vaporizes nearly half of the army. I stare at her stunned.

I see that the ghosts that had been fighting with us, fly up to the sky in sheer terror. I fly up to them.
"What's happened to her?!" I exclaim and Ember looks at me scared.
"She's gone into her Rage State" She explains as another battalion of ghosts are destroyed by Dani.
"Rage State?" I ask "What the hell is that?!"
"Whenever she's been pushed too hard or suffers something emotionally painful she goes into a locked state of untamed power and malice" Ember explains frightened "It's only happened once before in Venice and...It was not pretty"
"How do we stop her from destroying everything?" I ask
"I don't know! Clockwork stopped her before, and he's not here" Ember says. I look down and see Cronus had appeared in front of her. He looked furious but Dani didn't seem to be phased by him.

"You will not-" Cronus starts to yell at her but she flies right at him and gives him an uppercut to the jaw. He stumbles back a pace and she slashes at him with her scythe. He blocks with his own scythe and cuts her shoulder. She glances at her shoulder then back at Cronus's smug gaze. She then grabs the ectorainium blade of Cronus's scythe and bends it backwards on itself. Cronus himself looks stunned. She then thrusts her hand forward towards Cronus's chest. I didn't realize what she had done until she draws her hand back and in her now bloodied hand is Cronus's still beating heart. My mouth drops open in shock. Cronus falls to the floor but he's not dead. Dani opens a portal next to him and he's sucked in, she steps in after him and the portal starts to close. I start to fly towards it but I see David's blurred figure run in before me and the portal closes.

David POV

I see Cronus laughing at Dani when I step through the portal.
"You think you can kill me girl?" He asks with a hand over the hole that was his heart.
"I don't need to" Dani responds, her voice had changed so that when she spoke it sent icicles of sheer terror into your spine "I just need to get you back into there"

I now see we were not ten feet from Tartarus. The giant black pit seemed go on for an eternity. It was impossible to tell how far down it went. Cronus notices me standing there.
"David! Help your lord! Blast her!" Cronus orders me. I start to aim my ectoblaster at Dani but a voice in my head told me not to. Not that it matters, a wisp of shadow knocks the gun out of my hand. Dani then looks back at Cronus who actually looked scared.
"You're a lord of time" She smiles wickedly "Time how fast you go back to the hell hole you crawled out of"

Cronus's eyes widen as she blasts him. He rolls backwards towards Tartarus. She steps forward again and lets another blast loose. Cronus flips over backwards one more time before disappearing into the gaping maw of Tartarus.

Dani then turns to me and I realize I'm screwed. She still has the shadows around her and crimson eyes. Her scythe drags along the ground threateningly as she comes toward me. I stumble backwards, trip and fall onto my back. I look up at Dani scared. I then say what needed to be heard.
"I'm sorry" I start out "I wasn't thinking when I freed Cronus. I was angry, I wanted revenge on Clockwork for taking you. So I helped Cronus… I didn't see what he was till it was too late…I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. Especially not you. I really do love you Dani, with all my heart. I'm sorry"
I then close my eyes and prepare for her to kill me but instead I feel a gloved hand on my cheek.

I open my eyes and look into Dani's green eyes.
"Now you see the truth about vengeance. It is a double edged sword, it hurts both the wielder and the victim" She says and looks at me softly. Then she slaps me hard across the face.
"I deserved that" I say rubbing my cheek.
"Yes you did" She says then helps me up "We tell no one you were a traitor"
She rips the dog tag off my neck and throws it into Tartarus. She smiles.

Dani POV

"You allowed yourself to go into your Rage State" I whirl around
"Mentor?!"I exclaim looking at Clockwork "I'm sorry I-"
"You have nothing explain Danielle" Clockwork says and I look at him shocked. He hadn't called me Danielle since I chose the name Time Changer.
"Sir please it was my fault-" David starts to say but Clockwork cuts him off.
"I am well aware of what you did David. I'm afraid to say that the last three years had been a test" Clockwork says, I look at him surprised "I should have known you could not be a Time Lord Danielle; you are far too much like your brother, a hero. I should have known you would not be content to sit on the sidelines and watch time with me"
"I'm sorry I failed" I say sadly
"Do not be sorry" Clockwork says "I saw your future go two ways. One way, you would stay a Time Apprentice. But the second way the way you taken is what you've always wanted: a family, friends and a town to call you own. Your cloak, staff and emblem please"
I take off my cloak, hand over my staff and rip off my shirt's emblem.
"Danielle, this was not a failure. I still expect great things of you and you still will have many of your time powers. Use them wisely, I'll be checking up on you every now and then" He says and I smile. I realize what this meant.
"Good bye Clockwork, thank you for everything" I say and the time lord smiles at me. He opens a portal to the Human World. I notice that Clockwork had used his powers to make my original emblem appear. I smile wider than I ever had.

When we step out of the portal, I fly straight up into the sky and do several flips in the air.
"DANI PHANTOM IS BACK!" I shout thrilled and spin in the air. I float back down to earth and look at David who is also smiling. Danny, Diane and Alejandro come running around the corner.
"Dani? Dani! What happened? Are you okay?" Danny asks and stops in front of me. I throw my arms around him and hug him.
"Everything's fine. Cronus is defeated thanks to help from David" I say and pull away from Danny. He notices my emblem.
"Your emblem! Your scar!" He exclaims
"What about my scar?" I ask
"It's gone!" Danny says and I look at a window sure enough its gone; I smile wider "Wait your emblem… You're Dani Phantom again?"
"I am. I'm no longer a Time Apprentice! I'm finally where I belong" I say and look at all my friends "I'm where I belong because I'm with my family. I never leaving you guys again, ever"
"Welcome back sister" Danny says and hugs me. Diane, David and Alejandro join in and I cry tears of joy.

Clockwork was right. I never would've made a good Time Lord. Because of Danny, because of Diane, because of Alejandro, because of everyone I love. I never would have made it because no matter what-

We are Family.

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