WoW (phrase) "This might sting"
Word count : 100
Spoilers - none.

A.N. I'm loving seeing so many names I've not come across before joining in the drabble challenge. Also, as ever, thank you to those who have taken the time to review one's I've written.

WWMD (Weapon of Wendigo Mass Destruction)

All kinds of things can become weapons, in the right hands.

*Crap...I'm so screwed!*
"Sammy...incoming! This might sting!"
Sam's eyes tracked the missile Dean threw. Speeding toward it's target, Sam noticed it made an odd noise. In both horror and awe, he recognised what was about to hit the Wendigo looming over him.

Rolling onto his stomach, Sam quickly covered his head, trying to protect his face.
The missile hit...and the world erupted into chaos. The Wendigo's screams of anguish seemed to slice into Sam's brain, as the maddened creature took off through the forest; a swarm of furious wasps like a dark storm cloud, swirling around it's head.


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