E/O Challenge Phrase "This might sting"
Word Count : 100
Spoilers - none.
Disclaimer : I disclaim, totally!
A.N. Couldn't help myself, had to do this second drabble 'cos it just popped into my head, all uninvited like.


Softening it really don't make it hurt less.

"Jeeze Dean...keep still will you?"
"Ghaarrgh! It...Shh..ugaredtulips...hurts!"
"Well...I said..,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,..
"Yeah...Why do you do that?"
"Do what? Turn over a bit."
"Why do you always say...Sonovva..!"
"Huh? I don't...Do I?"
"Nooo, jerk! Why do you always have to say "This might sting" in that prissy I'm Flo Nightingale an' lovin' it tone of yours? There's no might. Might doesn't come into it. 'Cos, really..No..It ain't gonna sting, is it? You an' I both know it's gonna hurt like a..Shheeeshkebbab...bitch!"
"So? What? You'd rather get Here comes Mr Agonising Pain?"
"Unnff...It'd be honest. You done?"
"Yeah, done."
"Good...Your turn. This'll hurt!"


Chick xx