E/O Challenge phrase: This might sting.
Word count: 100
Spoilers: None
Still disclaiming.

A.N. Clearly I've had fun with this week's challenge, this is my third drabble (and I promise, the last one on this theme) :)
All spelling errors are intentional (for once).


He would never be able to say that Dean didn't warn him!

They'd learnt through harsh experience. Even sedated, they took no chances.
"This might...will...sting."
Sam nodded, taking up the necessary position.
"Gerrof...You gerrof, an' you...back off!"

Sam sighed.
"Ready. Go ahead."
"S'right...Goa'ed...If'n you wanna die asswipe. Goa'ed, an' I will hunt you down! Shitferbrains carn' hold me f'rever."
The Consultant hesitated, uncertain. Sam smiled apologetically.
"It's ok, I've got him. Do what you have to do just...do it quickly, ok?"

The ensuing flood of screaming and cursing caused three waiting patients to get up and leave. Swab finally taken, the shaken urologist beat a hasty retreat.
"We'll post the results!"


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