Phrase of the week: This might sting. Our word was pillow.

Hospital visits are never easy for Dean, although sometimes - just sometimes, there's a silver lining.

A three hundred word triabble from Dizzo, Edina Clouds and Amberdreams not necessarily in that order.

Disclaimer: We don't own them, we'll keep trying though.


When Dean comes to his senses (though Sam might debate that was ever the case), he's lying on his stomach, his face squashed into the softest down pillow he'd ever encountered. The feather tickling his nose is the first thing he registers.

The second is slightly more disturbing, in that he appears to be buck-naked, ass exposed to the breeze, which wafts across him as a door opens, out of sight. Goose-bumps creep up his body, but a mighty lethargy holds him motionless, even when the voice comes from behind him with the ominous words

"This might sting a little…"


"Oh don't be such a baby," she chastises. "This won't hurt. It'll just be a little prick."

"Lady ... it's been called many things before ... but never little," Dean grins into his pillow.

"Young man ... if I had a dollar for every time I've heard that smart-ass comment I'd have retired to Hawaii a long time ago." Her voice is stern but she's smiling inside. After all what's not to like about this particular smart-ass.

The snigger coming from the corner confirms that Sam's back in the room and obviously loving every minute of Dean's latest predicament.


Dean realises it's a mistake to look up at the precise moment she's priming the freakin' javelin in her hand. Crap! She's gonna stick it in his exposed ass and skewer him like a cocktail-olive.

Eyes watering profusely as he squeezes them shut, Dean gnaws his lip until he tastes blood while the sadist-lady works. A faint sound, which is absolutely not a whimper, escapes him.

There's that snigger again …

Then it's over.

Dean relaxes, mashing his face into his pillow to hide his broadening smirk.

Sam, the sniggering bitch, is about to discover he needs the shot too.



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