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Wait for Me

What the fuck is this?

What the fuck is this?

What. The fuck. Is this?

I stared at my Mother disbelievingly. I have two, only two days left until I have to move from Phoenix, the warm, sunny home I grew up in. To the cold, wet, downright shit town known as Forks. I've been there before, visiting Charlie a few weeks every summer so he didn't get lonely, but as I've grown a back bone, I've told him I generally don't want to be stuck inside for 3 weeks a year sitting awkwardly watching sports with him. I fucking hate it.

Since then, about 3 years ago, we've had the bare minimal amount of contact, getting an email once a month would be calling it lucky. I'm just dreading how much he's going to try and make me comfortable there.

Who knows, he may take me fishing…

Fuck that.

"But Mum, that's not fair! I never get a fucking say in anything in this house! Why wont you listen to me?" I've been trying to persuade Renee to let me stay in Phoenix while her and Phil travel the states for his job. So far, I'm doing shit, not going to lie.

At least I know where I got my stubbornness.

"Bella, I've already told you, this has been sorted and planned months ago, I told you about this a few weeks ago as well! You're the one not listening! I've booked the plane ticket and so help me, in two days, you are getting on it!" I had to hand it to her; she has a decent memory for how utterly thick she normally is.

But from the look in her eyes, so much like mine, I knew she wasn't going to take no for an answer. As stubborn as I am, she's had to put up with my stubbornness. So naturally, I'm fucked. And as stubborn as I am…I'd rather not reunite with my brick of a Father with a slapped-to-hell face.

So, Charlie's it is!

I put on my most fake grin and said "Alright Mum! That's fine, love you!" Her face was to die for, but I just stalked out of the kitchen, past Phil (the eavesdropping piece of shit) and up the stairs to my room. If I was going in two days, I guess I had to start packing.

The only things remotely important I thought should be packed were my laptop, phone, headphones and my necklace; maybe a few clothes since anything at Charlie's would be for 13 year olds. As much as I love the branded shorts Charlie bought me for the summer, I'd rather not lose the circulation to my legs, thank you very much.

With a decent amount of clothes packed in a few boxes, I collapsed on my bed and threw an arm over my face. I was utterly depressed, and fed up with Renee.

Actually, make that everything. Everyone. Ever. I wouldn't actually mind if I had a nap and never woke up, just so I wouldn't have to go to Charlie's and the disappointment of not seeing her again.

What a morbid thought…

As emotionally unstable as I suddenly was, I knew this wasn't a great way to spend the last Wednesday of my summer Holiday. I should be outside hanging with my friends, or just round one of my friends instead of here all alone.


"Fuck" I muttered to myself, the sting of tears in my eyes. I'd most likely never see most of them ever again.

I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my fists as I flung myself into a sitting position on the bed; I need to stop being so lame. Grabbing my phone on the bedside table I noticed it displayed around 7pm on the digital clock. Nice, I still have time.

I turned my phone on. A little flash appeared before I read '4 messages. 6 missed calls' all from the same number, glancing at one message I quickly gathered it was from Charlie.

Fucking fantastic.

Since when did he have my number?


I still ignored them, creating a group text chat I added nearly all my contact list and just typed 'meet at the wreck at 11. I'm leaving phoenix for Forks and want to have some fun before I go.'

Most likely people wouldn't believe me with the sudden news, but they'd come anyway. Free drink and guaranteed sex for my mates. They'd come from across the world just to have a night to go wild.

I wasn't too worried about the drink, meaning I wasn't going to supply it. I sent a private text after to a friend called Ellie. 'Hey, you bring the drinks yeah. I'll give Tom a good word in ;)'

Ha-ha, bribe. Got to love it.

The phone buzzed a few minutes later, she was bringing the drink. I glimpsed her asking when I was leaving for Forks but I didn't care enough to answer. I just wanted her to get me drunk, who gives a fuck about pleasantries?

This time I fully catapulted myself out of my bed and headed to the shower. Having long hair is such a hassle, ah well, as long as it looks nice then I don't give a fuck. I turned on the water and stripped while I waited for it to heat up, becoming cold in the process. God I hate the cold. Forks. Ugh. I tested the water with my hand, it felt adequate so I stood over the bath and went under the spray. I moaned as the water hit my now cold skin.

"I hope you are behaving in there Bella." Mum's voice sounded from the other side of the bathroom door.

I don't know why, but just hearing her voice made me quiver in rage. I wonder if the news of her daughter leaving for possibly years is what made her voice ring with joy. As tempted as I was to continuously moan just to spite her, I just got on with my shower.

When done with makeup and getting dressed, I looked at myself in the mirror, my Little Black Dress left one of my shoulders bare and had a steep neckline.

Resting just bellow my collar bone, was a fairly plain thread bearing half a shell. The shell itself was beautiful, a pale pink with maroon markings. It looked perfect, but also natural at the same time. I thumbed it a little between my thumb and forefinger, feeling the ridges of the engraving against my thumb. I kept it with me at all times, except for showers and the like, I even slept in it sometimes.

The odd thing is, I don't know who gave it to me.

-3 years ago-

Such a beautiful place…

I lay here in this meadow, I'm still overwhelmed with how untouched it appears. Thick trees of the forest surround all sides of the small but spacious plot of land, keeping it from site of anyone looking for it.

I found it though.

I was only on a walk to get some fresh air, I was bored of being inside and it was actually a decent day for once, Charlie was out with one of his friends, Billy Black, fishing. Charlie said he'd be back late, so I'd have to feed myself. Again.

Discovering this place was not what I intended, I actually planned on being back home 2 hours ago, but the warm breeze eased me here, the view of the surrounding forest giving me a sense of closure. It was nice.

I yawned.

A few minutes sleep never hurt anybody, it's not as if I was going to be missed by anybody, right? So I closed my eyes and moved my arm from behind my head to my stomach, a serene feeling passed through me before my mind went blank with slumber.

I dreamt of nothing.

A sound that distinctly reminded me of a cat purring woke me up, my eyes slowly opened to be welcomed with a pitch-black sky, scattered with stars. I sighed and leant up to help wake myself up more. I noticed a patch of grass next to me that was flattened down, it looked as if someone had sat there not to long ago.

But there was just no way.

I tried to shake my head of the thought that someone had sat next to me and had probably watched me sleep, but I still felt uneasy. The weather had worsened considerably, the once warm breeze had turned into a harsh whip of air, messing up my hair in sporadic bursts. I shivered and stood up, ready to head home.

Me being as I am, I tripped over a root of a nearby tree and almost sprawled onto the floor. Luck however, was on my side this time, as I managed to save my face by collapsing onto my hands and knees, I felt the sting of barks and stones dig into my skin, but that wasn't what had my attention.

Out of nowhere it seemed, and necklace I didn't know I was wearing fell in front of me, what seemed to be a shell swung back and forth from my chest to in-between my arms. I stood up once again and supported the shell with my palm. I had to admit, it was gorgeous. But it wasn't mine, when have I ever been the sort of person to wear the beach around my neck?

I turned the shell around for further inspection of my curious eyes, even in the dark, I was still able to see the clear engraving elegantly carved into the shell.

'Wait for me'

I felt a shiver run down my spine involuntarily, this is a little weird, am I still dreaming perhaps?

I decided now was a good time to get the hell out of the woods, I have been surprised enough for one day.

For once, I actually wanted Charlie.

After about 15 minutes of stumbling, tripping and sometimes downright crawling through the woods, I finally saw the edge of the tree line. I could spot the lights coming from my house. Damn, Charlie is not going to be a happy bunny with me.


I whipped my head around so fast I swear it was going to snap off. By now, with the denseness of the forest, I couldn't see a fucking thing past 5 centimetres in front of my face.

That doesn't mean I didn't feel it

Or them, rather.

Two, incredibly beautiful, incredibly predatory eyes stared right at me. I couldn't see who or what they belonged to, but I felt so entranced I couldn't turn away. I couldn't run, though it was one of the loudest thoughts running through my head at the moment.

I just stood there.

I felt the urge to touch whoever or whatever owned these gorgeous golden eyes, I stepped closer without myself realising, and reached out a hand.

It was a person.

I could tell that much, my hand was cupping the cheek area of this persons exceptionally cold and slim face, and the eyes gently closed. I heard a deep rumbling sound coming from the person. Then the same noise I heard earlier made itself known, purring.

I was truly enthralled by this person, they seemed almost unreal. Being this engrossed in somebody is not normal of me, and I definitely don't go round touching strangers' cheeks just because they have pretty eyes. But I still couldn't move my legs.

I felt tears leave the sanctuary of my eyes and escape down my cheeks, to my jaw, and soundlessly fall to the floor.

It was now the persons turn to move. Painfully slowly it seemed, two very strong, yet delicate arms wrapped around my waist and I was pulled into a hug.

Oh. It was a woman.

The woman's face was turned into my neck and I could feel her warm breath against my skin, warming up the small expanse of skin, I shivered again at the feeling this caused me.


Oh my fucking God, was that her voice?

Her knowing my name didn't bother me right now, just the sound of her voice made my knees go weak. What is this feeling? I don't feel like I belong in my own body anymore, I can't control my legs.

I felt my legs go out, but I didn't fall. The grip around me tightened considerably before I was swung into a bridal style carry. The woman's face tilted down towards me, the eyes closer than they ever were before, I felt lost in them.

"Bella…you're mine"

I couldn't help but nod, I was so delirious I almost felt drunk from her voice. So instead I just closed my eyes and rest my head against the hard chest of this angelic stranger.

I felt wind sharply against my face, then I was lying on my bed. The arms removed themselves from around my neck and knees and I suddenly felt uneasy. I felt safe in a hold like that, I felt complete.

I opened my eyes and searched for her golden eyes in the darkness of my room, but I couldn't find them.

"Bella, wait for me. Please?"

That heavenly voice. It sounded pained, I felt my heart wrench for her and the sorrow filled words coming from her mouth. I turned to where the voice came from and saw those two orbs staring at me again. She was outside the window holding onto the sill, her head peeking over. I still couldn't see her. I wanted to see her face, before I forget, in case this is a dream.

I flipped onto my side and turned on the desk light, rolling onto my other side so I could finally see her.

I know she is going to be beautiful.

She was gone.