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"I make movies for myself. I'm not somebody that has a great deal of interest in what the world wants to see." -Peter Jackson

Maybe if her life had been a story, things would have been at least slightly normal.

Life and whoever controls it is a sick freak, Holly thought.

Even in her earlier life it was like a roller coaster. Her mother and father had died close together, and after that she shielded herself from emotional contact. She made friends simply to not go insane. Most of her educational life she declined invitations to parties and dates, movies and girl nights. She had had no passion for them; they seemed utterly useless, in the big scheme of things.

Holly was always looking at the big scheme of things, which caused her coworkers to think her dull, which in turn cut her off from even more fairy-association. Though it was her downfall, because she didn't see why everyone was against her. She understood her sadness but does that mean everyone has to leave? Everyone always left.

She had taken to the police force. If she could not please herself, then the least she could do was serve others. She was still an elf, still had a heart. She took all the gossip, innuendos, catcalls, and over all sexism. So she threw herself into her work, stepping around any ideas of caring about much else.

Then she got d'arvitting kidnapped.

Needless to say, a lot changed after that. At first, it was resentment. That… that stupid, and mind then pun, foul little boy had outwitted one of the oldest, most technologically advanced and wise species on Earth. And for gold.

As she came to realize later on, Artemis Fowl II wasn't that terrible of a person. Sure, it seemed like he was, but he just wasn't. He had stolen the gold, but it was only to fund the find for his father. If I had the knowledge and resources that Mud Boy had, would I have done what he had, if it meant getting my father back?

Immediately, and in sync, her heart and brain said yes. In that moment Holly had softened. Not everyone was against her and her happiness. Of course it wasn't her fault she was kidnapped.

The summer following, Holly spent more time in the Ops Booth, chatting with Foaly. Foaly had been there since she started working there, and their common hatred for stupid people brought them closer. Holly knew centaurs don't usually make friends; her being a friend with one made her feel unique.

The Mud Boy, who she was now familiar to seeing on a yearly basis (Seeing a Mud Boy regularly, even if it's a year or so in between each? If somebody would've told me that a decade ago I would've unleashed a stun or two) was growing on her. His quick and dry humor surfaced while they went on their "adventures", even if it was as slow as a snail. Though, there wasn't much down time in the middle of usually rescuing someone or something. There were just small moments. Small moments that contained "witty" comebacks, of course preceded by sly remarks. And in those moments, spent with either Artemis or another involved in their adventures, her emotional wall was crumbling. Her heart was welcoming in people, and she couldn't have felt better.

She had kissed him. Out of the most purest of joys that he was alive. She lost her self control.

She learned that sometimes, it was okay to lose your self control.

Somewhere along the way, Holly Short had gone through one of the most terrible things any being can go through. She had realized she had feelings for someone. It was infinitely worse by the fact she was an elf and he was a human. It had been done before, even if it did not end well. Holly also hated the very fact she had realized it. Why him? Why not Trouble? Or a cave troll? I don't even know if he reciprocates the feelings!

Holly had no timestream to blame it on now. She, esteemed Captain (soon Major), was totes into a dude.

Being into a dude wasn't enough to solve that crisis. So Holly let it be. She wasn't about to tell Foaly. Although she really should have, him being the one to actually solve the case of Holly Short and Her Recent Mannerisms That Coincide to the Meeting of Artemis Fowl II.

Her life took a really sharp turn during one trip.