Hello all.

So very sorry. Shit happens. Stories become tucked away in that little drawer in your brain of stuff you wish you paid more attention to. I really do wish I continued this, I was and am grateful for your reviews. Reviews means the world to an author.

If you care at all, my life continues to be an anchor set on dragging me down so I sadly have to abandon (that word makes it sound so bad) this story. However, Beacon is up for adoption. I have no idea how story adopting works, so if you'd like to tell me how that'd be great. Unless it's just copying & pasting, that's cool. Please PM me if you're interested. I don't care about half-credit or "original idea goes to me!" so don't worry, but I require you ask first and have my permission. In the real world you must be polite if you don't want people to hate you, why not start here? Also not only is it polite, I'd like to see who is going to handle this story.

Thank you all for being lovely reviewers, followers and favoriters.