Alex walked over to Josh who was having trouble's sleeping and gently shook his shoulder.

"What's the matter?" Josh asked quietly as he looked up at his older brother.

"Get dressed" Alex whispered.

The two brothers boys sat in the small wooden boat at the Toluca Lake.

"Why are we out here Alex? Dad will freak if he finds out." said Josh timidly.

"Give that to me. Someone will see us." Alex said putting his hand out.

"No!" Josh protested while clenching to the flashlight harder.

"It's okay. I'm not going to let anything happen to you.." Alex reassured, reaching for the light. The younger brother hesitantly handed Alex the flashlight.

"Why are we here, Alex? What's going on?" Josh asked

"What's the matter, you scared?" Alex teased.

"No, I'm cool. It's just...Dad never lets us out on the lake." said Josh, who was afraid to get in trouble.

"Well not you anyway, Dad thinks you're a little baby who can't do anything on his own." Alex retorted.

"Oh yeah? Then why did he give me this!" Joshua replied as he took out the Shepherd family ring that was hidden under his T-shirt. "Dad said it's worth more than a million dollars!"

"Let me see that." Alex demanded as he abruptly took the ring out of Josh's hand. Alex observed the chain and felt a little anger boiling up in him.

"What a piece of crap." Alex laughed trying to hide his envy.

"Give that back it's mine!" Josh yelled as he tried to grab the ring. Alex just waved the ring teasingly in front of him.

Joshua's anger grew quickly as he stood up and began trying to pull the silver chain from Alex's grasp. Both of the brothers began a tug of war but Alex was not using any of his strength.

Alex soon let go of the chain causing Josh to fall backward on the boat. Josh's neck slammed against the edge of the wooden boat and fell into the water.

"Josh! Oh, my god.!" Alex grabbed the flashlight and raced back to the side of the boat. Alex shined the light on the dark water.

"Josh!" Alex shouted hoping for a response.

Without thinking Alex dived into the water. He located Josh and swam toward him.

Next Morning

Josh woke up in his bed. He noticed that the flashlight was on his chest and that the family ring was around his neck. He also found his pink stuffed rabbit doll safely tucked in his arm. He remembered falling into the lake and he remembered the water bursting into his lungs, it felt like the end.

Knowing that Alex would be devastated by what happened to him, Josh checked the top bunk bed to see if Alex was okay. But the top bunk was empty.


Josh wondered where Alex was. It was Saturday morning and usually Alex would leave Josh a note to let Josh know where he was if Josh woke up to find him gone. Josh went into their bathroom but Alex wasnt there either. Josh grabbed the flashlight and his stuffed rabbit Robbie.

Josh went downstairs to see if Alex was eating but he only saw his mom and dad eating.

"Hey uh Mom, Dad, do you know where Alex is?" The little boy asked.

Once they heard his voice, they turned their heads toward him. They both replied that they didn't know. They also didn't seem to care that Alex was missing, which irritated Josh a bit. Adam silently put his dish away and went out the door.

Josh noticed that his dad had a few bruises on his face.

"Can I skip breakfast and go play?" Josh asked wanting to go search for Alex.

"Sure." Lillian replied.

Josh took no time in rushing through the backyard. He wanted to know where Alex was or at least knoe that he was alright.

"Alex?" Josh called out, hoping for his older brother to respond back. But the only response Josh heard was the barking of Shuki. Shuki greeted Josh who stroked the rottweiler in return. Shuki went back into his dog house knowing that Josh was not out to play with him.

Josh climbed up the treehouse but there was no sign of Alex. Josh was starting to get worried. Alex wouldn't have run away right? Josh wasn't mad at Alex, they always forgave each other.

"Alex where are you?" Josh said to himself.

Josh tried to think of all the places Alex could be. He knew one place where Alex might be; Toluca Lake.

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