They finally arrived at the main street. Ben says "Alright we should look around and ask people if they have any idea where they are."

"Okay." Josh agreed

"And Josh don't get lost, cuz if Alex is okay and if something happened to you, he'd kick my ass." Ben said seriously, which made everyone giggle.

"I won't." Josh said running off.

Josh couldn't help but think about last night. Josh didn't want to tell the adults because they would probably jump to the conclusion that Alex was trying to kill him. Josh wondered why Alex was acting so...weird last night. It seemed like Alex was a different person, in fact he could have sworn he saw Alex's eyes turn red.

Josh's thoughts were interrupt when he heard the sound of footsteps and metal scraping, Josh stopped and turned around in fear but saw no one was following him.

Josh was starting to get frighten and before he knew it, bizarre images of a masked man in an army jumpsuit popping in his head. The mask covered his whole head, it was white, had an emotionless pale face, eye holes, and it had dark brown spiky hair and eyelashes. Josh then had images of a man with a triangle on its head. The next image in Josh's head was a man with a heavy black rain coat and a gas mask.

Josh recognized the images that were in his head, they were one of the many forms of the boogeyman.

Josh opened his eyes to find himself alone and engulf in the strange fog again. Josh looked up to see the kid that looked like Alex. The mysterious kid looked at him and ran into the fog.

"Hey come back!" Josh said chasing after the mysterious kid. "I just want to ask you something!"

Josh soon lost the mysterious kid in the mist and had no idea where he was.

"Josh?" An woman's voice asked.

Josh jumped and turned around and saw none other than Margaret Holloway. The older woman laughed at Josh's frightened face.

"Judge Holloway?" Josh asked.

"Josh what are you doing out here?" she asked as her smile vanished.

Josh noticed that the fog was gone, people were in the town again, and that he was by the town hall's monument stone.

"What are you doing here Josh." Margaret asked again.

"I...I'm looking for Alex do yo know where he is?" asked Josh

Josh saw Margaret frown when he mentioned Alex's name.

"No I havent, you should go home Josh, I'm sure your parents are very worried about you." Margaret suggested then walked toward the town hall.

Josh never really liked Margaret Holloway, she had always been abrupt toward him and Alex, and thought of Alex along as a burden along with their father.

"Josh!" Ed's voice piped up. Josh turned around to find the trio running up to him.

"We have been looking all over for you." Rigg said

"Did you find Alex or Alice" Carrie asked

Josh shook his head. "No, but Ed remember when you asked me if someone was trying to kill Alex? Well this morning my dad had bruises on his face."

"Do you know who made them?" Ed asked.

Josh shook his head again and asked "Did you guys see anything odd happening?"

"Yeah." Joey answered "There was a lot of fog and everyone was gone for a few minutes."

"So you guys seen it too." Josh said "Do you guys know what that was about?"

"No but other people are saying that they didnt see the fog." Elle said

Elle said "Okay how about we go ask Mayor Bartlett see if he has any ideas."

"Why did you guys want to see him?" a female voice asked

They all recognized the voice it was the teenage sister of Ben and Joey, ant the Mayor's only daughter; Linda Bartlett.