Walking down the hall was a young boy with raven black hair and plain clothes. Creeping up behind him was a girl with pigtails and overalls.

"Boo!" She shouted, pouncing on the boy.

"Not even in the slightest." The young boy said.

"No fair L! You never get scared! This game is fixed!" The young girl shouted, placing her hands on her hips. The two children were engaged in a fright contest. Whoever scared the other person the most within 2 hours wins. Current, the young girl was losing badly.

"This game was your idea, Candi." L stated. The girl puffed her cheeks, pouting.

"Well let's play a different game!" Candi suggested.

"What game?" L asked.

"Hmmmm..." Candi thought hard. "Let's have a staring contest!"

"Alright." L said. The two of them blinked as much as they could, before beginning the game.

"Okay start!" Candi yelled. Barely 10 seconds into the game Candi was already regretting her decision. Her eyes started to water. L could go minutes without blinking. It was insane! How could she even think she could think that. Candi's eyes twitched and finally she blinked.

"I win." L said, smirking.

"Alright! Alright! You win!" Candi said, crossing her arms. "Because I'm such a good sport! I'll make you a victory cake!"

L smiled and nodded in agreement. Baking was her strong suit.

"Go away! It's a surprise!" Candi yelled.

L wandered off quickly, unsure of what to do. He decided to hang out in Candi's room and read some of her comics. He opened the door to the room at the end of the hall and was astonished by the mess. Clothes sprawled out everywhere, comics lying around, pens and pencils, toys, you name it and it was there. It was as if a tornado had blown through her room. For a twelve year old she sure could make a mess. He carefully walked through her room, careful not to step on a Lego and pulled out a comic from her bookshelf. He sat himself in one if her beanbag chairs and enjoyed the sweet mind enriching and picture filled literature of Stan Lee.

While L was flipping through the pages of the Fantastic Four, there was a knock on the door. He looked up and saw Quillish standing there.

"We should talk..." The older man said.


Candi smiled brightly as she put the finishing touches on the cake. It was some of her best work. A strawberry short cake that looked simply divine. As she was about to wash her hands, L walked into the kitchen.

"L! Perfect timing!" Candi exclaimed. "I just finished!" She smiled brightly and motioned for him to come see. He didn't budge. He had a serious expression on his face that not even the pleasures of cake could soften.

"Candi. Listen." L began. "I'm leaving." Candi's bright smile fell almost instantly.

"What? What do you mean...?" Candi asked, refusing to believe her ears.

"I rank highest on all the tests, U get the best grades...Quillish thinks I should go and start practicing to become a detective..." L explained.

"That's insane! You're like 14!" Candi yelled. Tears rose to her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. "I don't believe it!"

"Candi..." L muttered. He took a step forward and she took a step back. She looked away, her eyes meeting the cake she just baked. Her face twisting in anger and she shoved the cake of the island and watched it fall before bolting out the kitchen. L was her best friend! And now he was just, leaving! It wasn't fair!


Quillish stepped forward and put a hand on L's shoulder.

"It had to be done." Quillish said, sadly. L nodded slowly. He was sure she hated him now...but that didn't matter anymore since he was going away now. But he didn't want to leaves her.

"May I borrow a pen and paper?" L asked, looking up to Quillish. The old man pulled out a pen and a small notepad from inside his jacket pocket and handed it to the young boy. L ripped a page and quickly scribbled a letter on it. He folded the paper and left it on the counter for her.

"Let's go..." L said. He wasn't even sure she would see it but he was hoping she would.


Candi cried into her pillow for a good 5 minutes before getting her shit together. She sat up from her bed, her pillow wet from tears.

"What am I doing?" Candi asked herself. "My best friend is about to leave forever and I'm crying like a child!" Candi stormed out of her room and ran back downstairs. But this Tim the kitchen was empty. On the counter was a note with her name on it. She opened it up and smiled.

I'll come back. I pinky swear, so wait for me.

- L

Candi felt hot tears streamed down her face. She put the note in her pocket and dried her eyes.

"Of course I'll wait for you..." Candi said to herself.