Candi POV

"Nice to meet you Light. I'm Cami." I replied. I was trying my absolute best to stay calm and not faint. Natalie and Kyrie were telling me about how big a help he was and yelling at me for not being at the room. As they went on and on my eyes wandered around the room landing on something that was floating. Floating?! Floating is scientifically impossible. Scientifically impossible means...supernatural or that I'm crazy! I looked up at a floating blue-ish monster. He was scary, like real scary. With all that get up on and the creepy smile I'm suprised I haven't fainted right about now...The world was slowly blurring...Spoke to soon. I hit the floor with a thud.

Light POV

Cami huh? She must be a foreighner with a name like that and those eyes. They're the most beatufil shade of violet. (A/N: Yes! Violet! Violet eyes are actually possible! It's just extremely rare) Her hair cascades down her shoulders like a dark waterfall...She's beautiful... No! She's just a distraction! If I think about her too much It will take time away from Kira! I definnately can't date her! She's too much of a distraction...she's a liability...


My eyes immediately wandered to the source of noise. Sh-she fainted? She sure is clumsy. I stood there watching as her two friends attempted to drag her to their hotel room, but they couldn't move her! Not even an inch! Is she that heavy?!

"Light~" Natalie said. I knew where this was going.

"What?" I asked.

"A little help." Natalie pleaded. I couldn't just say no. She could prove to be usefull later...but I doubt it. I walked over to her and picked Cami up off the ground. She was unbelievably light. I can;t believe they couldn't move her! How often do they exercise?! They guided me to the hotel room and there I ran into someone. The person had called my name.

"Light? What are you doing here?"

I looked up to se my father.

"D-dad?" I asked. He looked at Cami. By the surprise in his eyes I could tell he knew her...but how? "This girl fainted and her ffriends asked me to carry herr to their hotel room.

"Oh...I see... Alright then. Would you like me to wait for you and take you home?" He asked.

"No that's alright. I'll manage." Light said. Dad slowly left wwithout another word. "Hey Kyrie, you don't mind if I stay until she wakes up right? I kind of want to ask her a few questions."

"Alright, but she's not comfortable around guys." Kyrie said.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Not my place to say. Why don't you ask." She said. I shifted my gaze towards Cami. Her eyes opened lazily. She looked up at me. She layed there staring.

"...Is that you... ? Did you conquer Nekotopia yet?" She asked. I processed what she had just said and I was positive of one thing. She is spouting complete nonsense. And theres a high chance she's an idiot. Once she came back to her senses she bolted upright.

"Oh, Light. Uhm...Hey what are you doing here?" she said inching away from me very slowly.

"Oh, I wanted to make sure you were okay." I lied. Well half lied.

"Oh, well that's nice of you." She said.

"So, what is it that made you faint?" I asked.

"Lack of sleep." She said bluntly. I didn't detect any signs of lying so I had to assume that was the truth. I didn't buy it though.

"What are your views on Kira?" I asked.

Candi POV

"Kira?" I said. " He's...amazing. He's handling the criminals much better than the police." Lies! IT WAS A LIE! I'M SORRY L! I'M SORRY KAMI SAMA~

"Heh, well that's all I need. Good night, take care of yourself." Light said. Once he left I recieved yet another lecture about this and that and hotel responsibilty from my friends.

I opened my eyes lazily to meet the bruning glare of the sun. I looked around the room. It was a mess! What happened last night?! There beer cans all over the place, food wrappers, and a half empty bottle of sake sitting on the table!

Kyrie and Natalie were passed out on the floor. We were drunk. It's the only explination. All I remember is a dancing gumby in lingerie...

I looked over at the clock. 7:00 am?! L's meeting started already! I decided to drink a little sake before I left since I'm thirsty and don't have any water. I took only had one cup and I was as drunk as a fish that was drunk!

I staggered all the way to L's hotel room I didn't even have time to knock~ L had opened the door and pulled me in.


Even though she didn't knock I could tell she was at the door. I rushed to the door, opened it and oulled her inside. She was late! Very late!

"Ehee~ Hiya guyyyys~!" She said. She was acting strange. Very strange.

"C chan...are you alright?" I asked.

"Yeah~ I'm good I'm supaaaaa~ good!" She said. She smelled like alchohol. She's drunk? Then something very unexpected happened. She lifted her shirt and showed everyone her bellybutton...

"Uwaaah~ Look! I have a hole In my tummy~ eheee~ *hiccup*" She said to Chief Yagami and Matsuda.

"Uhm...I think you should keep your shirt down C san." Matsuda said blushing and trying to lower her shirt.

"Nooooo~ I don't wanna go to pre school everyone here is dumb!" She said running around. Then she did something even more unexpected and i'm still shocked to this day...

"Hey Matsuda~~ *hiccup*" She said. Then she kissed him. She kissed Matsuda... Why couldn't it have been me...

Where did that thought come from? I dismissed the thought but I still felt a little...rejected? No lonley? I don't really know what it is... The made her way over to me and jumped on my back.

"Whee~ Ne ne L? Do you has a bewwybutton~ too~ ehee" She asked.

"Yes, I do." I said standing there awkwardly holding her on my back. Then she climbed from my back onto my shoulders, but there was a problem. She was wearing a skirt. So the skirt was draped over my head. pressing against the back of my head. I felt a slight blush but it disappeared as soon as it came. Then she lifted my shirt. and showed my bare chest to the whole world.

"Okay that's enough of that." I said. Watari came and carried her to the bed room where she passed out. I was positive she will never have any alchohol here...ever.

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