"What are you?" Candi hissed.

The blue creature turned around slowly and smirked. "A shinigami."

Her eyes widened and she began to tremble lightly. If she was correct a shinigami was a God of death.

"What do you want?" Candi asked, shakily.

The shinigami chuckled. "Relax kid. I have no business with you. However, it is strange that you can see me." He mused.

"Am I the only one who can see you?" Candi asked.

The shinigami didn't answer he only cackled in response. "This'll be fun." He phased through the wall, escaping to the outside. Candi attempted to follow him, but when she ran outside he was gone.

"Cecelia?" A voice called out. Candi looked back through the doorway and Light was standing there with a confused look on his face.

"Oh. Light, hey." She replied before going back inside the house.

"What were you doing out there?" Light asked, closed the door behind her.

"Oh. I thought I saw my ride." She lied. As she said this her phone rang. She briefly glanced at the caller ID.

Blocked Number

Probably L.

"Hello?" She said.

'Candi, Watari is waiting a block away. I don't want to risk his car being noticed by Light in the future.' L explained.

"Oh. Alright." Candi said. She hung up and slid her phone in her pocket.

"Was that your ride?" Light asked.

Candi nodded. "They're waiting close by. I'm gonna go meet them."

"I'll walk you." Light offered.

"I'm alright. You've done too much for me already." Candi insisted. She tried to inch closer to the door to hint that she had to leave right away, but he didn't catch on.

"Could I at least get your number?" Light asked. "I'd like to see you again sometime."

Candi raised an eyebrow at this. It seemed like a good chance to get closer to him, so she took it.

"Sure." She said. "Let's trade numbers." They each switched phones and enter their numbers.

"Thanks." He said, flashing a smile.

"I really gotta go, so bye." Candi said. With that she left his house and walked to the next block.


"Nothing happened!" Candi shouted. "So stop asking!"

"I'm just wondering what you two did while you were there is all." L muttered, biting his nail.

"We just made some small talk and then I went downstairs!" Candi explained.

"What did you two talk about?" L asked.

"He asked what my name was and how long I've been in Japan." She answered.

"Your name? Now why would he ask that?" L mumbled to himself.

"Because, cute as it may be, Candi is just a nickname. Plus it sounds like a stripper name." She explained.

"Then why do you use it?" L asked.

"It's a nice nickname none the less and you were the one who gave it to me." She said with a smile. She reached for her knapsack to pull out her journal. But she realized she wasn't carrying it.

"Is something wrong?" L asked, noticing her distress. She bit her lip and nodded.

"I left my bag in Light's room." Candi admitted.

"Oh. What were the contents of your bag?" L asked.

"Makeup, some money, and my journal." She said.

"Journal? I assume it's important to you?" L asked.

"Yes! It was the one I had in the orphanage." Candi began. "It was leather and it had a tree on it. My mother left it with me."

L's eyes widened slightly as he realized the book she was referring to. "Is there a way you can get it back?" He asked.

"I could call him!" Candi realized. She pulled out her phone and pressed his contact.

"You have his number?" L asked.

"Yeah we exchanged numbers." Candi said as the phone rang.

'Hello?' Light spoke. 'Cecelia?'

Candi frowned. Was he really gonna call her that? "Did I by any chance leave my knapsack there?" She asked.

'Yeah. Would you like me to bring it?'

"Yes please!" Candi said.

"Alright I'll be right there." Light said.


Light grabbed the knapsack from off the bed and made his way out the door. As he was was walking down the stairs Ryuk floated up to him.

"Where ya going Light?" Ryuk asked.

"To the hotel to meet Cecelia. She forgot her bag here." Light said.

"Oh, well have fun." Ryuk said, floating back down to watch some TV.

"You aren't coming?" Light asked, rising an eyebrow.

"Nah." Ryuk said simply.

Light shrugged it off and left.


Candi bit her nails nervously as she waited for a call or a text from Light.

"He said he's bringing it. What's the matter?" L asked finally unable to take my fidgeting.

"It's not just the journal!" Candi said. "It's what's inside! I don't want him to read it!"

L watched her with a puzzled expression. "Have you written something about the case?" He asked.

Candi rolled her eyes. "No, just some personal stuff." She said.

"Oh." L said. He want to ask what personal stuff, but he figure it might only upset her so he refrained from doing so.

Beep Beep

Candi's head turned to her phone immediately and she saw a text from Light. She opened the text and smiled.

'I'm in the lobby.'

Candi dashed out the room and down the stairs. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw Light standing there with her bag.

"Light!" She called out.

He looked over towards her and smiled. She walked over to him and took her bag.

"Thank you so much!" Candi said.

"No problem." He said. Candi was about to turn and leave when Light grabbed her by the arm.

"Is there something else?" Candi asked.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go out for coffee sometime. You're new to Japan, so I'd like to show you around." He offered.

Candi mulled it over for a moment before answering. He probably didn't mean it as a date, so she accepted. "Okay! When?"

"How about this Saturday? At 3:00pm?" Light offered.

"Sure." Candi replied. And with that she turned and dashed back up the stairs.


"I don't believe it." Mr. Yagami said. "I never knew he went to such great lengths. What could he be hiding in there that he doesn't want anyone else to see?!"

L, Mr. Yagami, and Candi were sitting watching the surveillance for Light's house.

"For a 17-year-old kid, I wouldn't say this kind of behavior is particularly abnormal." L said. "When I was his age, I did strange things, too."

Candi scoffed at this. "Yeah, I bet you did."

L shot her a playful glare before returning to the task at hand.

"Have you ever talked to your son about the investigation?" He asked.

"Of course not! I've never once revealed classified information to my family." Mr. Yagami insisted. "Besides, I don't get to see them too often these days and usually as soon as I get home, all I can do is sleep."

"I understand." L mumbled.

Light then takes out what looks like an encyclopedia, but porn magazines are encased inside and he pulls them out.

"I can't believe my son's looking at those magazines." Mr. Yagami breathed.

"It's normal for a 17-year-old." L said plainly.

"Doesn't it seem a bit contrived? It's too obvious. I mean it's so mundane it's unappealing." Candi pointed out.

"I agree. The only reason he didn't want anyone in his room is because he has these magazines." L said.

"That's he wants us to think." Candi muttered.

"Hey, that's my son you're talking about!" Mr. Yagami said sternly. "Are you honestly telling me that you suspect him?"

"I do suspect him." L stated, bluntly.

"As weird as L is, he isn't doing this for kicks." Candi added.

"And what about you?" Mr. Yagami asked, turning to Candi. "Do you think my son is Kira as well?"

Candi was taken back by his sudden question. She bit her lip nervously. "I think he's very suspicious. Him being a murderer is a bit of a stretch. However, I trust L more than anyone and I put my faith in his judgment." Candi explained. She shot L a brief smile which he replied with a smile of his own.

A few moments later L pulled out one his untraceable phones and dialed a number.

"Hello, Mr. Aizawa. Are the Kitamuras watching television now?" L spoke. After a brief moment of silence he hung up and addressed Watari.

"Watari, please contact the broadcasters and tell them to play our message." L called out to him.

"Very well. Understood." Watari answered.

"Huh? What's this?" Light's sister says, squinting at the message on the screen. She read it out loud and marveled at the large number of agents. "I,500 investigators? Wow.

"The ICPO sure is stupid." Light said plainly.

"Huh?" His sister replied, confused.

"I mean there's no point in making this announcement." Light began. "If they are gonna send all these people here to investigate, shouldn't they keep it a secret? Even the FBI agents who were secretly investigating were killed by Kira. Why, would this be any different? If you ask me, this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shock Kira in the hopes that he will reveal himself somehow. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Kira sees right through this."

"Hmmm. Your son's clever, isn't he?" L acknowledged.

"Well, yes." Mr. Yagami said.

"After dinner your son just goes back to studying without turning on the TV or his computer." L said.

"It's because the entrance exams are 5 days away." Mr. Yagami said.

"Ryuzaki." Watari spoke.

"Yes, what is it, Watari?" L asked.

"A few minutes ago, a bank clerk being questioned on suspicion of embezzlement and a purse snatcher being held in a detention center, were broadcast on the news, they both just died of sudden inexplicable heart attacks." Watari replied.

"It's him again!" Mr. Yagami shouted.

"While all that was happening, at your home, your wife and daughter were watching television." L stated. "When that was over they turned the TV off and didn't watch anything afterwards."

"From just past 7:30 until now 11 o'clock, Light has appeared to be doing nothing but studying." Candi added. "Kira needs a name and a face. Without those he can't kill. So I suppose anyone who didn't watch the news can't be Kira. right?"

"You said it yourself." Mr. Yagami said, relieved. "That means my family has been cleared."

"I notice you said he appeared to be studying. Do you have another thought?" L asked, turning to Candi and ignoring Mr. Yagami's comment.

"I mean I think our view is too limited. If Kira can kill with only a face and name then who's to say he can't manipulate things like when they die? And if he is as clever as Light is who's to say he doesn't already know about the cameras or have some suspicion." Candi explained. "Then again, I could be wrong and Light could be innocent."

"I see your point. I know it's only the first day after the cameras were installed, but Yagami household seems almost too innocent to me..." L said.


Candi walked out of the bathroom and stood in front if L.

"How do I look?" Candi asked. She wore a red flannel chiffon blouse, a pair of jeans and a letterman jacket.

"Cute." L said, biting his nails. "Wear something else."

"Oh come on L!" Candi cried. "You don't honestly think I'm interested in him of all people!"

"You went to his house, exchanged numbers, and now your going on a date." L stated. "The evidence says otherwise."

Candi took a seat next to him. "You were the one who told me to get closer to him!" She argued.

"I didn't mean for you to date him!" L shouted.

Candi was shocked at his tone of voice. She frowned for a brief moment before she broke into a grin, suddenly realizing something.

"You're jealouuuus." Candi mused.

"I don't now what your talking about." L insisted.

"You are so jealous!" Candi pounced on him, laughing. L stared at her for a moment before answering.

"I suppose just a small amount." L mumbled. Candi smiled. She got butterflies in her stomach at the thought of L getting jealous over her. Wishing he was the one going on a date with her not Light. She stared into his eyes and he stared back. It seemed as if time had stopped only for them. She brought her face closer, slowly closing her eyes as L did the sane. Their lips, inches no centimeters apart.


Candi's eyes shot open and she fell backwards onto the floor. Her face turned pink as she realized what just happened. L looked away, embarrassed as well.

Candi glanced at her phone. It was Light. He was here. Candi chewed on her lip nervously. She didn't want to leave especially not to go with Light, bit she wanted to help with the case.

"Go. He's waiting." L said in a distant voice.

Candi knew he didn't want her to leave. Or at least that's what she wanted to think.


Light stood in the lobby staring at his watch. She was almost ten minutes late.

'Am I being stood up?!' Light wondered to himself. He tapped his foot impatiently as he waited.

"Light!" A familiar voice called out. Light turned around and saw Candi standing there.

He smiled and waved and she made her way over.

"Sorry I'm late. I had to grab my bag." Candi said, motioning to the shoulder bag she carried.

"It's alright." Light said. "You look cute."

"Thank you Candi replied politely.

"So, I was thinking we could ride the bus to this coffee shop I know of." Light offered.

"Sure." Candi replied.

The two of them walked to the nearby bus stop and waited for the bus.

"So how did you get the nick name Candi?" Light asked. As soon as the words left his mouth Candi's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Okay! So it was back in the orphanage an-"

"Orphanage? I didn't know you were an orphan." Light interrupted.

"I mean, I still am." Candi shrugged. "But anyway! It was back in the orphanage and my friend, let's call him Bobby, and I had raided the candy jar and took it back to my room, but we weren't allowed to have any right before meals. So I trued to stuff as much candy into my mouth at once and Bobby had gotten such a kick out of it that he started called me Candy and then a few years later I made it into Candi."

"Sounds like you had a fun childhood." Light said.

"I had my moments." Candi said. "Plus it was a win win since I hated the name Cecelia."

As she said this the bus pulled up and Light and Candi got on. They both took seats near the back and sat in silence. Once they got off Candi and Light both sat inside a small nearby coffee shop.

"So Light, Thursday yo u asked me about my views on Kira. What about yourself?" Candi asked, sipping her cappuccino.

"Why would you ask that?" Light asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Just wanted to start some small talk." Candi explained. "It's alright if you'd like to talk about something else."

"Well, he seems to be handling criminals well and he's gained the trust of the general public. So, in a logical sense he seems like a good man. But, isn't that what most people think?" Light explained. Candi simply nodded.

"So, I've heard stuff about this L character. What's his deal?" Candi asked.

"I can't really say, I've never met him." Light said. "You sure are taking an interest in this."

"Oh, I'm an author. I'm thinking of using the case in my next novel." Candi explained.

"An author? Maybe I'll read one of your books one day." Light said.

"Maybe. I write under an alias though, don't want any...stalkers or what not." Candi said. She took another sip of her cappuccino.

"So, tell me more about your childhood." Light said.

"Uhm I dunno what do you want to know?" Candi asked.

"What were your friends like?" Light asked.

"Well I only had one. Well two. Three. Four. They were all crazy genius children who had some weird obsession like chocolate or toys." Candi explained. She didn't want to give too much away in case he ever meets them in the future.

She brought her cappuccino to her lips and took sips and Light spoke. "So, what do you remember about your parents?" He asked.

Candi choked on her cappuccino, the cup slipping from her hands and spilling all over her lap.

She let out a blood curdling scream and her breathing sped up rapidly. She bit her lip to keep her from screaming more.

"Oh my god! Are you alright?" Light asked, concerned.

"Oh yeah. Peachy. Maybe I should take a raincheck on this." Candi breathed.

"Yeah that's a good idea." Light agreed. He took some napkins and began to attempt to wipe off the coffee.

"Thanks." Candi said, awkwardly.


Candi limped through the door to L's hotel room.

"Hey." Candi said. L looked up from his laptop, shocked to see a giant stain on Candi's jeans.

"What happened?" L asked.

"I spilled my cappuccino on my jeans." Candi replied, walking to the couch. She took a seat on the next to L.

"Did you get burned?" L asked, concern lacing his voice.

Candi smiled. "Probably not, it's probably just a little red. It still hurts a bit though." She replied.

L frowned. "You should check." He said.

"I'm just gonna put it off until later. It probably won't be the most fun thing to take off these jeans." Candi said. She planned to wait until the pain passed.

"Are you sure?" L asked. Candi nodded. She laid her head on L's shoulder.

L turned his head to face her. Candi could feel him watching her. Her heart sped up and her face flushed. People staring wasn't exactly her forte. Especially not L. Hesitantly, she watched him out of the corner of her eyes. After a while she turned her head and her eyes met. She couldn't deny that L was attractive. Even when she was young she had a crush on him.

Gingerly, L cupped her cheek and brought her face closer. He closed his eyes and slowly he pressed his soft lips to hers.



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