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2 little voices screamed out and Haruhi looked up from her newspaper.

The owners of the voices were surrounding a third voice and Haruhi knew this can't be good.

"MOM ROME STOLE MY LAPTOP!" the second 14 year old yelled.

"Mother, Rome has seamed to taken my headphones." The last 14 year old calmly told Haruhi.

Haruhi sighed and got up off the table with one thought…these were her children. How you may ask her well…long story.


22 year old Haruhi sat at her apartment desk going through a stack of bills. She was about to graduate collage but with things so tight with her father dieing, she had dropped out.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. Haruhi got up to answer it but dreaded to do so with fear of who it may be. She prayed it wasn't her but sadly her prayers were not herd.

The second the door opened a short plump woman's face glared up at her. The woman who Haruhi feared and also her landlady.

"Ms. Fujioka, you have been living under this roof for quite some time now and you haven't payed the rent! If this rent is not payed soon then I will not hesitate to kick you out!" the women barked at her and Haruhi sighed.

"I'm sorry but I have been doing my best!"

"Well you have 45,000 yen do by the end of this week or you and your things are out of here understood?"

"Yes mam"

"Thank you now good day to you and see to it that you are not late with that rent!" She barked one more time before walking away with the look of triumph on her face.

Haruhi sighed and looked up at the clock. It was time for work. She changed in to her dirty café uniform and picked up her worn out cloth purse. Haruhi dug deep in to the pockets and finally pulled out a small blue pouch holding all her money.

She quickly counted each bill down to the last coin and ended up with 9,000 yen. How was she going to make enough by the end of the week?

Pushing those thoughts aside, Haruhi put the pouch back in her bag and left out the door.

She walked for about 30 minutes and walked through the doors of the tiny café.

"Haruhi you are 12 minutes late!" Her boss Mr. Pacer almost yelled at her.

"I'm sorry but I was held up by my landlady."

"Well make sure it doesn't happen again or you won't be coming here as an employee anymore!" Mr. Pacer told her with a firm glare.

"Yes sir" she replied putting on a small apron and running behind the counter. She spent the day deliver coffee or tea to various customers until finally she was done for the day and was about to head out the door when….

"Haruhi can you come here for a moment?" her boss called out and she nodded approaching him. She hoped it wasn't to yell at her for being late today but that wasn't it because her boss had a big smile on his face.

"Haruhi, today a very special guest has come in to the café have you noticed?"

Haruhi thought back on the day and she did notice a few people in very fancy cloths talking to their manager while giving her occasional glances.

"yes, why?"

"Well these people are from a very rich company and they are in desperate need of an heir or heiress!"


"They have been looking everywhere and they just can't find a wife for their son so they have moved to other classes and I have reckoned you!


"I KNEW YOU WOULD BE THRILLED! HERE IS THEIR NUMBER! SO CALL THEM AND SAY YOU'LL DO IT!" his boss yelled very excitedly and pushed her out of the café.

Haruhi let that sink in a moment and…


Haruhi walked home and the whole time she thought about her offer.

There was no way in hell was she 'mothering' and 'raising' a child only to have him or her being yanked away at the age 18 so the poor thing can look after the company.

But then again, Mr. Pacer did say that she will be supported by the family for the kid but Haruhi shook those thoughts from her head. Here was no way she could do that to a child. She didn't even know who the father would be! But what if-

Her thoughts were ruined by fist connecting to her back.

"Hey you hand over that purse or we'll have to get ruff!"

Haruhi screamed in pain and saw a thug dressed in black holding a gun to her head.

"But-But- it has all my money!" She tried defending herself but to no mercy the thug kicked her in the neck and punched her in the cheek. He snatched away her purse and dug through it. He found the blue pouch and looked at. When, he saw the money he put it in pocket and threw the empty bag on top of the barely conscious Haruhi. He then left.

A few minutes passed and Haruhi finally managed to pull her off the floor. She found her apartment and struggled inside to collapse on her bed. Not bothering to change, she tried drifting t sleep but the pain was too much so she limped to the bathroom in attempts to treat her cuts and bruises but a small piece of paper fell out of her pocket.

Haruhi picked it up and saw that it was the phone number that her boss had given her.

Haruhi had enough. She knew that her life needed a change and this number could do it. So she DID do it.

She picked up her old flip phone and dialed the number showed.

"Hello?" a raspy voice on the other end answers and Haruhi sighs. Here she goes.

"Um…..yes this is Haruhi Fujioka"

"Ah, yes Haruhi. The woman my boss needs! Do you agree to the terms?"

"Yes I do"

"Well then give us your address and we will come pick you up tomorrow to get the sperm"


"Well how did you think to mother this child" The voice answered and Haruhi decided this was better.

"Ok then I will be ready"


"Wait who is the father-"Before Haruhi could finish the other line hung up.

The next day

Haruhi sighed as she put on her best outfit, which consisted of a small white dress shirt with black pants. It wasn't much but it was all she had.


Looks like they were here.

Haruhi grabbed her empty purse and walked out see a long black limo with a tall man in uniform hold it open for her.

"Thanks" she muttered walking in the coal black seats, knowing that this will change her life forever.

A few hours later

The car pulled up at a very large mansion and Haruhi's eyes widened.

A maid rushed up to her and pulled her away. She was shoved in to a door and suddenly ended up in an office. A tall man approached her and told her to sit down and a chair in front of his desk.

"Hello, Ms. Fujioka, I'm Robert Hudson, the assistant president to the company and I would like you to sigh this contract in agreement to our terms." The man said with a fake smile and Haruhi nodded and wrote her name on the line.

"Um…will you tell me whose baby I will be carrying?" Haruhi asked and the man smirked.

"You will be mothering the child of Lewis Chris Teal, the son of the largest catering and kitchen supplies company in the world" The man replied and Haruhi nodded, having no idea who the hell this guy was talking about.

A few months after Haruhi was given the sperm

Haruhi sat in her newly modeled kitchen sipping tea when there was a loud knock on the door. She was quite surprised to see Mr. Hudson at the door with a piece of paper and worried expression.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"We have just gotten your latest ultra sound pic and we have some bad news?"

"Is something wrong with the baby?" she asked alarmed but Mr. Hudson shook his head.

"No I'm afraid that they are triplets Mr. Teal is not the father"

"WHAT!?" Haruhi's eyes were wide as the moon.

"It seems as there was a mix up with the sperm and you were given the wrong one"

"Do they have any idea who the father is?!"

"Well the doctors have narrowed the list down to possible candidates. 6 of them to be exact!"

"Give me the list!" Haruhi almost shouted and Mr. Hudson this was written on the list:

Tamaki Souh

Kyoya Otori

Hikaru Hitiichan

Karou Hitiichan

Minskuni Haninozuka

Takashti Morinozuka

Haruhi passed out after reading the list.

End of flash back

Haruhi look at her kids.

After finding out she was pregnant with triplets of one of her old friends she had enough. She called off the deal with Lewis's family and they were nice enough to support her trough the pergnancy.

A DNA scan was done and the children's real father was written on an envelope. Haruhi didn't want to cause any confusion or trouble so she told Lewis's family to not contact her old friend and the envelope was sealed away.

It has been 14 years and the envelope has never been opened. Haruhi was going to burn it but decided that her kids may someday want to know the truth. So she kept it but vowed to never open it herself or let anyone else but her kids do it.

Speaking of her kids here they were.

The first one yelling about her laptop was Rita. She was a technical genius and all she did all day was play on her laptop. She had short brown hair like Haruhi's and had green eyes. She always wore green gym shirt and matching short with green headphones.

The second one yelling about her headphones was Rachel. She loved music and although all three triplets could sing or dance, Rachel was the best. Like Rita she had short brown hair but she had light blue eyes and her gym shirt and gym shorts were blue. She wore blue headphones.

The last one that the other two were yelling about was Rome. She loved anything that involved blood or fighting and because of that she begged her mother to let her take Judo at the age of 4. She has been fighting since then and was the most mischievous triplet and enjoyed annoying her sisters. She wore a black gym shirt with black gym shorts. Her eyes were gray and her hair was brown and short like her sisters'. She wore black and silver headphones.

The family had somewhat a happy life. The triplets occasionally asked about their father but Haruhi always changed the subject. arn

And that how It remained until…..

"HIGHSCHOOL REUNION?!" Haruhi yelled looking at her mail.


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