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"You herd us" they said in usion and I gulped.

"So there is a chance that one of you might be our father?" Rachel's eye twitched and the twins nodded.

"You can call us Daddy Hika and Daddy Kao for now"

I fainted.

Rita's POV

After Rome left, I decided that I should leave too. After throwing a small tantrum, I stormed off in search of my other sisters.

I found Rachel on the dance floor (Duh) and after a heated competition between her and some other dudes I slipped away.

I continued to this about what happed today.

Was I really mad at mom? Should I be mad at mom? Why did mom not tell us? Would it have been better if mom had told us? Am I over using the word 'mom'?

My thinking was interrupted by my face hitting trunk of a tree. Leave it to me to be the clumsy triplet. I shook my head and rolled around in the grass for a while, looking for my contacts.

A little while later, I gave up and pulled out a pair of thin, sliver glasses from my pocket. The lens gleamed in the sun and I smiled thinking about the day I got them.


"So witch pair of glasses do you want, Rita?" Mom asked me as I looked around. After trying on about a dozen of glasses, I sulk down in to a chair.

"I can't find anything that suites me!" I mumble and mom shakes her head.

"You are just picky I wonder if you got that from your dad…." Mom whispers and I raise my eyebrow.

"My Dad?" I finally ask and she suddenly started talking about the weather. While mom is blabbing off, a sharp gleam catches my eyes.

I walk over to it to find a pair of small, thin, cold, and almost square shaped glasses.

Interested, I try them on and look at myself in the mirror. It seems so normal; it looks like I was made to wear these. I turn around and mom stops talking after one look at me.

"Rita…." She gasps.


"You look just like….." She trials off and I get annoyed.

"Like who?"

"…..Never mind….do you want those?" She asks and I nod.

"Who do I look like?" I whisper to myself.

End of Flashback

Once again my thoughts were interrupted. But this time t was a voice.

"As you can see, this program is 100 percent compatible with any software and MyMedi is available to you at 4,777,390,000 yen!" I hear as I climb up the tree to get a better look. I see that the voice came from a short caramel skinned man in a blue suite.

"Are you sure it will work?" A second man with raven black hair and thin glasses asked uncertain.

I think about what he said and realized that MyMedi was a hospital computer program. I had come across it many times while surfing the web, but something was wrong here. MyMedi was a downloadable program and this guy was holding out a floppy disk. On top of that the logo on the disk and the real logo were different. This guy was faking the program and cheating the black haired dude out of a lot of money.

"So do you take the deal?" the first man asked the other was about to reply when I butted in.

"NO HE DOES NOT!" I yell but also falling out of the tree at the same time.

"Owwww…" I mumble and stumble out with leaves in my hair.

"Pardon me but who are you?" The raven haired man asks and I glare at the other guy.

"His worst nightmare!" I point at him and pull out a mini laptop from my pocket. I had designed it myself.

After snatching the disk form him, I put in my laptop.

"Who uses floppy disks anymore?" I mumble while pulling up the program.

"See! This version is riddled with viruses and…." I trail off when my laptop starts to smoke.

"That's not supposed to happen" I whisper and suddenly throw my laptop on the floor and a step back right before a small explosion.

The raven haired man started to glare at the caramel skinned man and soon a dark aura surrounds him.

"Is this a fake?" He asks in a voice so icy it could scare even Rome. The caramel skinned man stares to shrink in fear.

"Yes- no…..I mean…..please don't kill me!" he shouts before running for his life.

The dark aura disappears and the man turns around to face me.

"Uh…hi?" I mutter and the corners of his lips twitch up in to a smile.

"Why, hello there…..I suppose I owe you a new laptop" he says and I glance at my old laptop. I shake my head.

"No thank you, I would rather build a new one" I reply.

"You are pretty smart for your age"

"My mom went here as a scholarship student and I got my brains from her" I reply and he frowns.

"A scholarship student?"

"Yheh, she said she was part of some host club and my dad went here too but she won't tell me who he is"

"Oh really? Care to explain?" he raises his eyebrow and I spill my story. By the time I'm done he still has questions.

"Who are the possible fathers?" he asks and I throw him the list that Mom gave me. He scans it over and nods to himself. He looks slightly surprised but keeps his cool expression.

"Haruhi…." He whispers and now it's my turn to look surprised.

"You know my mom?" I ask and he nods.

"I am Kyoya Otori" He finally replies.

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