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A Leopard Never Changes It's Spots

The Lima Bean was rather quiet for a Saturday morning. It was the day after Sugar's Valentines Day party, and some people were still recovering from the events of the night before. All except Blaine, Kurt and Rachel. She had dragged the two boys with her to the Lima Bean so they could give their opinions on her and Finn's wedding coming up very soon.

It was silly if they thought they could spend the day at eachother's houses, curled up in their bed, watching movies and sharing sweet kisses.

Rachel had turned over the fourth page of her folder titled, 'Finchel Wedding: The Wedding Of The Century'. Both Kurt and Blaine groaned in annoyance as Rachel's voice droned on, going on about the size of her cake. She was expecting this big fairy princess wedding, but it was nowhere near in her budget.

As she carried on comparing colours and icing, she was unaware of both Kurt and Blaine playing 'footsie' under the table. Blaine dragged his foot slowly up and down Kurt's legs, as Kurt tried hard to hide his smile. Their legs were practically tangled up in eachother's by the time Rachel looked up at them.

"Were you even paying any attention to what I was saying?"

Kurt, who had his elbow resting on the table, the side of his face buried in his hand, shot his head up and looked at Rachel, his eyes looking tired and uncaring.

Blaine was still looking around the café in boredom, strumming his fingers against his thighs, tapping to an unusual beat.

"You guys, why aren't you taking this seriously? This is my wedding we're discussing." Rachel moaned as she shut her folder and sat back in her chair, folding her arms across her stomach.

"It's not that we don't care Rach, we're glad you're happy. But do we really have to do this on a Saturday morning? At 10 am?" Blaine said, rubbing his eyes.

"I agree. Besides, isn't this something you should be discussing with Finn?" Kurt asked.

"Well, yes. But I can't let him see the dress, which I was just getting to-"

"Carry on," Kurt said, eyes shooting open as the words 'wedding dress' left her lips.

Rachel grinned at her best friend, and opened the folder once again in search of the page where she had created a collage of the options she liked best. She turned the folder around and pushed the page towards Kurt, who inspected each dress, and wrinkled his nose in distaste.

"Um, Rachel. I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible, these dresses, they look like what my grandmother wore on her wedding day."

Blaine snorted, but looked down immediately after looking up at Rachel, who glared at him.

"Hey, why don't you let Kurt design a dress for you? He has some really great ideas so far." Blaine piped up, causing Rachel to look at Kurt in shock confusion, and Kurt's face to turn a deep shade of red.

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked.

"I saw all the wedding magazines he kept in his room, he's had them for years! He even has a few designs drawn in his sketch book." Blaine said, taking a sip from his nearly empty Medium Drip.

Rachel looked dumbfoundedly, her eyes wide and full of excitement.

"Kurt, is this true?"

Kurt had regained some colour back in his face, as he nodded slowly, still looking away from Rachel and Blaine.

"This is amazing! Please could I have a Kurt Hummel Original wedding dress, please?" Rachel begged, grabbing Kurt's hand and sandwiching it in both of hers.

Kurt sighed, but relented when he saw the look of hope and pleading in his friends eyes. He didn't care much for designing, ever since he's had NYADA in his head, he always considered fashion designing to be his second choice, just in case he needed a back up plan. Kurt nodded, and smiled at Rachel.

"Of course I will."

Rachel squealed; She stood from her chair and went over to Kurt and gave him a tight hug. As she slowly squeezed the life out of him, he put his own arms around his small friend and patted her back awkwardly.

As the three teens settled back in their seats, Kurt and Rachel started discussing what the dress would look like. Blaine stared lovingly at his boyfriend, observing the way his eyes lit up when an idea popped in his head, his smile was evident enough to show he was excited for this new project. Kurt was under a lot of pressure lately, senior year, his college application, worrying about the year the two would have to spend apart until Blaine joined him a year later. This project would be good for Kurt, it would give his mind a break, and concentrate on doing something else he loved, designing.

"So first I was thinking maybe it could be a cream colour, because white is commonly used. But then again, the white would show off you're skin tone." Kurt pondered aloud.

"I want something elegant, but something vintage. Like in those old movies we watch."

Blaine's mind switched off once again, so he continued to stare at Kurt. The small winces Kurt would try to hide when Rachel requested something Kurt would find hideous. The way he would lick his bottom lip as the ideas formed in his head. Yes, this was the boy Blaine wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Rachel and Kurt were so deep in their discussion, that they didn't notice a tall, blazered boy skulk over to their table, and sit in the unoccupied chair next to Rachel.

"Well, look who it is. Blainey boy, how's the eye?" Sebastian said slyly.

While Kurt was giving Sebastian the biggest death glare to end all glares, Blaine shook his head in annoyance.

"What do you want Sebastian?" Blaine asked tiredly.

Sebastian leaned forward, elbows on top of the table, as his fingers linked together.

"Look, okay. I'm sorry Blaine. What I did was stupid, I took things to a new level, and I regret it. I know I don't deserve it, but I would appreciate you're forgiveness."

Rachel scoffed, Kurt continued to stare at Sebastian, trying to figure out his game. Blaine was unfazed by Sebastian's apology, he just kept playing with his empty coffee cup. He was fed up with Sebastian turning up to dates he had with Kurt unannounced, as he continued to flirt with Blaine, which made Kurt upset.

"Sure, but you have to stop interrupting our coffee dates. If you ever see me and Kurt out together, you don't come over and flirt and cause upset. Instead, you either ignore us, or if we look in you're direction, you smile and wave. That's it. We're not friends, Sebastian, and we never will be." Blaine said clearly, staring straight into Sebastian's face.

Kurt looked towards Blaine in surprised shock, proud that Blaine finally decided to stand up for himself. Even though it took Sebastian to nearly blind him for Blaine to see sense.

Sebastian raised his hands in surrender, but nodded. He continued to sit there, as Blaine, Kurt and Rachel looked at eachother awkwardly. Sebastian suddenly slammed his hands on the table, causing the other three to jump in surprise.

"Right, well who wants a new drink? My treat." Sebastian said, starting to stand.

Blaine raised an eyebrow, but recited his coffee order. "Medium Drip."

Sebastian looked towards Rachel, who did the same. "I'll just have a hot chocolate, and a cookie."

Finally, Sebastian turned to Kurt, who looked unsure. "Um, a Non Fat Mocha."

"Non Fat? Sure." Sebastian said, as he turned around, he muttered, "you sure need it," when he was out of earshot from the others.

Sebastian stood in his place in the queue, he was the next person to be served. But before he stepped towards the cashier, he put his hand in his left pocket, he felt around his pocket and smiled as he felt the small bottle inside. The cashier called for the next person, Sebastian told her his order, ordering himself a Grande Cappuccino to take away. He paid the cashier, and stepped to the side to wait for his order. As it was called, Sebastian took his tray of drinks towards the table where all the syrups and flavours were. Placing the tray on the side table, Sebastian turned his head to observe the cafe, making sure no prying eyes were looking in his direction. He looked towards the table where Blaine, Kurt and Rachel sat, and saw them all engrossed in a conversation, paying no heed to Sebastian at all. He turned back towards the drinks, and opened the lid of the Mocha. He took out the small bottle from his pocket and started to pour the syrup into the drink. Originally, he was only going to put a small drop in, but changed his mind, instead emptying the whole thing into the drink. Sebastian took one of the wooden sticks on the table and started to mix the liquids, before placing the lid back on the drink.

When he reached the table with the three teens, he placed the tray on the table, and handed everyone their drinks. Sebastian took his own, and looked at his watch.

"Oh crap you guys, I gotta go. I'm supposed to be meeting my father at the school. See you all soon." Sebastian said, faking upset.

"Oh no, what would we do without you." Rachel said sarcastically, taking a hesitant sip of her hot chocolate.

Sebastian nodded his goodbye, before slipping out of the shop, leaving the three teens to look at eachother in confusion.

"Well that was weird." Blaine muttered.

"Yeah, but I'm glad you stuck up for yourself honey." Kurt said, slipping his hand into Blaine's, as he sipped his Mocha.

It tasted weird, but Kurt ignored it, he must have asked for the full fat Mocha. Asshole.

As they drank their drinks, and started discussing the wedding once again, Kurt's stomach started rumbling loudly. Kurt wrapped his arms around his stomach, as Rachel and Blaine looked at him amusedly.

"You hungry Kurt? Here, have some of my cookie." Rachel prodded.

Kurt shook his head, wrapping his arm tighter around his growling stomach as it continued to to rumble. Instead, he just took larger gulps of his Mocha, and hoped his stomach would settle.

Unfortunately, it didn't. Kurt slipped out of the conversation a while back, the rumbling in his stomach had stopped, instead, a sharp pain sparked in the middle of his gut. His hands started to shake, so he slipped his hands under the table so Rachel and Blaine wouldn't notice and start to worry.

Truthfully, Kurt felt awful. Bile started to rise in his throat, but he tried hard to not let it show. He felt like he was going to be sick, but he kept swallowing and concentrated on his breathing. Kurt could feel his body trembling all over, as his mind fought with his body on whether to just empty his stomach right on the table.

Kurt's vision was brought back as he saw a tanned hand wave in front of his eyes. Kurt looked up and saw it was Blaine's eyes, and he was looking rather concerned at Kurt. He realised that Blaine was saying something, but Kurt couldn't hear anything over the ringing in his ears.

The sick started to rise up his throat, Kurt slapped his hand over his mouth to stop him from being sick at that moment, before stumbling out of his chair, and running to the men's toilet close by. He could hear Blaine and Rachel call after him, but he ignored them, running into the nearest cubicle and crouching down onto the filthy floor. His hands gripped the porcelain sides of the toilet, as he lost the battle with his body, and started to be sick into the basin.

His body shook as more vomit came from his mouth and emptied into the toilet, his hands were ghost white as he gripped tighter onto the sides. It was strange, he felt like he couldn't stop being sick, more seemed to come out from him with each splutter he took.

Kurt wasn't sure how much time had passed, but he felt a comforting hand be placed on the small of his back. Kurt looked up blearily into the concerned face of his boyfriend. But before Kurt could say anything, more vomit rose up and he continued to empty everything into the toilet.

Tears of fear and frustration started to escape from his eyelids, and slip down his cheeks. He felt Blaine crouch down behind him, starting to shush him, telling him everything was going to be alright. But how could it be alright if he couldn't stop being sick?

"Sh, sh, sh, let it all out. You're doing so good Kurt," he heard his boyfriend mutter in his ear, but it came out in faraway whispers as Kurt's body fought against him.

Exhaustion slowly crept up on him, as Kurt slowly collapsed into Blaine's chest. His body sagging into Blaine's hold, as Blaine just tightened his grip on his sick boyfriend, kissing the top of his head, and stroking his feverish cheeks.

"Bl-lne-" Kurt slurred, before pushing himself up and continuing to be sick.

Blaine looked on sadly. How could he help his boyfriend when he was being this violently sick? All he could think to do was hold Kurt, and reassure him that he was alright, and he wouldn't leave him.

"Get out of my way, my friend is in there!" Rachel shouted.

Shortly, Rachel rushed into the toilets and wrinkled her nose at the smell that lingered in the air. She saw Blaine's legs poking out from the open door and walked over. She stopped immediately in the doorway of the cubicle as she took in Kurt's appearance.

His lithe frame was shaking heavily, sweat already soaking through his light blue shirt. The noises Kurt made as he vomited sounded painful, and Rachel wished there was something she could do.

"How long has be been sick for?" Rachel asked.

"About five minutes, non stop." Blaine said looking up at Rachel.

"That's not normal..." Rachel said, clearly concerned. "That's it, I'm calling for an ambulance." She said, as she rushed out of the toilet's in search of her phone.


Kurt tried to protest, but was short lived as he carried on being sick. He rested his hot forehead on his cooler arm, which was resting on the toilet seat.

"Shh, you're really sick Kurt, I'm really scared." Blaine said truthfully.

Kurt's head started to feel empty, he couldn't hold his body up anymore. Blaine seemed to sense this, as he moved forward and held Kurt up in his lap. Blaine reached over for the toilet chain and pulled it, glad that some of the vomit started to drain away. He then reached for some toilet paper and wiped Kurt's trembling lips. Kurt had his cheek rested on Blaine's collarbone, as he blinked rapidly, willing his mind to keep him awake.

"Let me know if you need to be sick again." Blaine told him, as he put the bit of paper into the toilet sink.

Kurt nodded from underneath him, but soon felt his eyes start to feel heavy.

"Kurt, honey stay awake." Blaine willed, cupping his hand on Kurt's cheek.

But Kurt ignored him, he'd rather sleep than carry on being sick. So he closed his eyes, and let his mind wander into the emptiness and unknown.

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