Us Gleeks lost a friend today. RIP Juls, I never knew you, or spoke to you, but no one should have to go through what you did. Heaven gained another angel today. If anyone needs to talk, or are thinking of suicide themselves, please talk to me. I know what you're going through.

Here's the last part. Enjoy :)

A Leopard Never Changes It's Spots

Kurt blinked his eyes open, but instantly regretted it as he was blinded by a bright light. He closed them, then slowly opened them once gain. He was lying on the floor, well, his head was lying in someone's lap. And that someone was stroking his hair, massaging his finger's in Kurt's scalp. Kurt looked up and saw his loving boyfriend, tenderly calming him down.

Blaine must have felt Kurt squirm underneath him, as his head shot down to look at Kurt. Next thing Kurt knew, both of Blaine's hands were cupping either side of his hot cheeks.

"There you are." Blaine said lovingly.

Kurt tried to smile back, but it came out as a grimace, as another shot of pain flared in his gut. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and rolled out of Blaine's lap onto the dirty floor, he lay on his side, curling up into a ball in hopes of receding the pain. He only started to notice the horrid taste in his mouth, and it was starting to make him feel sick all over again. Kurt groaned in pain as a tear slid down his cheek.

"Ssh, it's okay. The ambulance will be here real soon baby," Blaine murmured, pulling Kurt back up into his lap.

Kurt squeezed his eyes closed, as a whimper escaped his lips. Blaine kept shushing him, it was all he could do as he watched the love of his life in so much agony. He just hoped the paramedics would be here soon.

The manager came in while Kurt was asleep to check on them, he told Blaine that he had cleared the shop, giving the ambulance enough space to get through without causing any disruptions. Because Kurt and Blaine were always in the Lima Bean, the workers knew the boys well. Sometimes, they would secretly put a cookie on the tray under the managers noses, and watch as the boys split the cookie between them.

Rachel had stepped out of the Lima Bean to flag down the ambulance when they arrived. To be honest, she was terrified, what if something was seriously wrong with her best friend? She had tried phoning Burt, but the house phone went straight to voicemail, and she didn't have the number for the garage. She remembered Finn saying he and Carole were going to her brother's for the weekend, and that he would have no signal until he came back Sunday night.

She sighed in relief as the flashing blue and red lights shone even in the daylight, parking right outside the shop. Two paramedics stepped out of the truck, one opened up the back of the ambulance to get the stretcher, while the other grabbed her bag of supplies and quickly followed Rachel.

Blaine had his arms wrapped around his boyfriend when the paramedic walked into the bathroom. She stood outside the cubicle and knelt down next to Blaine.

"Hi, I'm Katie. Whose this?" Katie asked.

"I'm Blaine, and this is Kurt, my boyfriend." Blaine replied nervously.

She seemed unfazed by the confession, as she rooted through her bag.

"Okay, what seems to be the problem?"

Blaine hugged Kurt tighter, as Kurt made more retching noises.

"Well, um. One minute we were drinking our coffee, everything was normal. I noticed Kurt was starting to get really pale and shaky, next thing, I see him sprinting in here and be sick. When I came in, he was being violently sick in the toilet and he just wouldn't stop. He passed out a few minutes ago, but he woke up soon after."

As Blaine was saying this, Katie was getting a blood pressure cuff ready and placing it around Kurt's bicep. She squeezed on the pump after she put the stethoscope in her ears as she listened to Kurt's blood pressure. She listened carefully for a few seconds before taking out the ear buds and recording her findings in her notepad she found in her bag. She leaned forward to get a closer look at Kurt, whose lips were starting to turn a deathly white.

"Hi Kurt, how you feeling?" Katie asked gently, rubbing Kurt's arm up and down.

Kurt's eyes watered, and he turned his head further into Blaine's side to hide his face. He always hated people, especially strangers, seeing him so weak, and not fully functioning. Hence why he hated being sick. The second paramedic stepped into the room, holding the stretcher. He placed it on the floor outside the cubicle and started to unfasten the straps, ready for Kurt to be placed on top.

"Oh honey, it's okay. Listen, we need to get you to a hospital. Judging by the state you're in and how high you're blood pressure is, we need to go very soon, this could be serious." Katie said gently.

Blaine squeezed Kurt again, in case he lost consciousness again. He felt Kurt nod underneath him, and Blaine looked up at Katie and nodded at her. Katie looked up at her partner, who came over and helped Blaine slip out from Kurt's hold safely.

Suddenly, Kurt's body started to shake as he was placed on the floor. Blaine shot his head down to see his boyfriend convulsing on top of him. He brought both of his hands up to his mouth, as tears leaked from his eyes. He hugged Kurt tighter in his hold, burying his face into his boyfriends hair. Kurt started to cough up more vomit, but as Katie rolled Kurt over on his side to stop him from choking, Blaine saw something dark mixing in with the vomit on the floor. Blood.

"We need to leave now." Katie called, as her and her partner gently placed Kurt's thrashing body onto the stretcher and strapping him in. She placed an oxygen mask over Kurt's mouth, giving him enough oxygen to breathe.

Katie lead the way out of the bathroom, into the café and out to the ambulance. There was already a small crowd of people standing around the parking lot, wanting to find out what was happening. Blaine followed the stretcher on rather shaky legs, he felt like he was going to topple over himself. If it wasn't for Rachel who had her arm wrapped around his waist, he would need the next stretcher to take him to the hospital.

Blaine watched silently as the back door was closed tightly shut after Kurt was settled in, as the ambulance sped off out of the parking lot, and onto the main road.

"Come on, we'll follow behind." Rachel said as she tugged on Blaine's arm to follow her.

It was as if his mind was on autopilot, he couldn't comprehend anything going on around him. He was being dragged into Rachel's car, they were driving somewhat behind the ambulance, then they were parking into the hospital parking lot. Where once again, Blaine was being dragged along after Rachel. She pushed Blaine to sit on a hard chair in the waiting room while she went over to the main reception.

Screaming babies, moaning patients and uncontrollable children scurried around the waiting area while Blaine was waiting for news on his boyfriend, he felt like his head would explode. Rachel kept trying Burt, but failed to get a hold of him. Blaine couldn't seem to sit still, he went from sitting and staring at the scraped paint on the wall, to pacing around the room.

Finally, after a little over an hour, a doctor called Kurt's name. Blaine and Rachel's heads shot up at the mention of Kurt's name, and stood in front of the doctor.

"Are you his family?" The young doctor asked, he looked too young to be a doctor, maybe a trainee.

"Well, no. This is his boyfriend, and I'm his best friend." Rachel said.

"Oh, I'm sorry but I can't discuss a patient without a parent present. Is there a way you can contact his parents?"

"We've tried his dad for the past hour and there's no reply." Rachel pleaded.

"What about his mother?" The doctor asked.

"She's dead." Blaine said simply, getting irritated at the doctor for holding them up.

The doctor froze in place, a look of embarrassed horror on his face.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I-"

"Please, just tell us what's wrong with him?" Blaine hated begging, but when it came to his boyfriend, he's cut of his own arm for information.

"I really shouldn't be doing this because of patient confidentiality, but if I was the patient, I wouldn't want to be alone right now." The doctor said, sitting on the chair next to Blaine.

"W-what do you mean?" Blaine asked, worry coursing through him.

The doctor sighed, and began to speak. "When, Mr Hummel was brought in, he was in a lot of pain. The paramedics told us that he suffered a small seizure upon entering the hospital. They recited what happened, we've run a few tests and we've found out what has happened." Rachel had slipped her hand into Blaine's and squeezed it tight, as they waited for the doctor to carry on. "We found a drug called 'Ipecac' in his system, it is very harmful, especially the dosage we found in his system." The doctor explained.

"Wait, what's Ipecac?" Rachel asked.

"Ipecac is only supposed to be used in emergency situations, for example, accidental overdosing and poisoning. It works by irritating the stomach lining and stimulating the vomiting centre of the brain. It's mainly used on those suffering from an eating disorder, the syrup will make them be violently sick and empty their stomach." The doctor said slowly.

"So, it makes people puke their guts out?" Rachel said, unable to believe it. "But Kurt would never take something like that."

"The dosage found in Mr Hummel's system was rather alarming. We had to pump his stomach to get rid of some of the toxins. He is doing a lot better, he's resting right now, and he will be feeling very poorly for a few days to follow after." The doctor looked at Blaine, who remained still and quiet through their interaction.

Kurt would never do that. But who would do something so sick and twisted? Wait, Kurt was fine until Sebastian came over...did he have something to do with this? When he looked over at Sebastian who was putting milk into his own coffee, he was taking a while. But was it really milk? Would Sebastian really try and poison Kurt? If he was capable of almost blinding Blaine, of course he would be. But the slushy was meant for Kurt? No, he couldn't, could he?


Blaine blinked out of his reverie and looked at Rachel, who was trying to gain his attention.


"Do you have the number for the garage Burt works at saved in your phone?" Rachel asked.

"Um, yeah. Let me-"

Blaine tapped his pocket, but couldn't feel the lump where his phone would poke out of his jeans pocket. Last time he had his phone it was in his bag, which is...

"I left my bag at the Lima Bean." Blaine groaned, rubbing his temple with his thumb.

"Do you want to see Kurt?" The Doctor asked. "But I think it would be best you went separately. Mr Hummel really needs his rest."

"Okay, Blaine, you go first. I'll keep trying Burt." Rachel said, standing up and leaving the room, phone in hand ready to dial the number fixed in her head.

The doctor nodded towards the other door, and Blaine stood and followed the doctor. They went down the corridor, towards the elevator, up to the fourth floor, down another corridor, turned left, through the security door, another left, and it was room 602. All these instructions made Blaine's head hurt even more.

Blaine opened the door to room 602 and gasped softly at the sight on the bed. Kurt looked so small in the bed. He was curled up on his side in the fetal position, his hair soaked from sweat, his face void of colour, with dark circles under his eyes.

He walked over to the bed and leaned over the bed railings, he gently kissed Kurt's cool forehead, and smiled when Kurt remained asleep. Blaine took a seat on the chair next to the bed and took Kurt's hand, and started stroking the front of Kurt's hand with his thumb.

Half an hour went by and Kurt still hadn't awoken, and Burt still wasn't here. Blaine was close to nodding off, when he saw a pair of eyes staring at him through the glass window on the door. Blaine looked up at saw the green eyes of the last person he wanted to see here. He kissed Kurt's hand, and walked towards the door. He opened the door and stepped out, closing it gently. He looked up at the boy in front of him, but before he could speak, Blaine nodded towards the door, and together they both walked away from room 602.

Blaine walked out of the hospital and started to button up his knitted cardigan as the cold air caused him to shiver. He hoped the rat was following behind him. They walked around the back of the hospital, where they were hidden from public view, and Blaine turned around to face the boy.

"Well, fancy seeing you her-"

Before Sebastian could finish his sentence, Blaine brought his hand back and connected his fist with Sebastian's cheek. Sebastian covered his already bruising cheek, but managed to regain his balance. He stood up taller, looking down on the angered Blaine.

"You monster. How could you do this to Kurt? What kind of sick fuck are you?" Blaine yelled.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Sebastian said, faking confusion.

"Don't play dumb Sebastian. You poisoned my boyfriend, so bad that he had a seizure, while I held him. I held Kurt, who was so scared, and so sick, and it's all you're fault." Blaine shouted, trying to size up Sebastian.

"So? He got a little sick. Lady needed to lose some weight anyway."

At those words, Blaine completely lost it. He grabbed the front of Sebastian's shirt, and pushed him up against the wall, Blaine's heavy breathing fiery against Sebastian's.

"Now you listen to me. If you ever, go near Kurt again, if you even look him in the eye, I will find you, and it won't be good. And I won't be alone, the rest of Kurt's friends will be after you're blood, and I'll be leading the charge. If you're in the same room as Kurt, you turn right around and leave. You hear me?" Blaine whispered fiercely into Sebastian's ear. When Sebastian didn't reply, Blaine smashed him back into the wall, causing Sebastian to groan. "I said, do you hear me?"

"Yes." Sebastian muttered.

Blaine spun Sebastian around, and he hit the floor. Sebastian scampered away, running quickly away from Blaine. Blaine sighed deeply, rubbing his hands on his thighs, and walking back towards the entrance to the hospital.

As he reached room 602 once again, he poked his head through the door, and saw the most beautiful set of crystal blue eyes, staring up at him from the hospital bed. Blaine smiled at his now awake boyfriend, and took his seat on the chair, grabbing Kurt's hand once again.

"Hey." Kurt croaked out.

"Hey yourself." Blaine said softly.

"Where did you go?" Kurt asked.

"I, I went to the cafeteria to get a sandwich." He lied.

Kurt seemed content with this excuse, and nodded. Blaine quickly walked over to the water dispenser Kurt had in his room, and filled up a cup of cold water. Kurt slowly sat up so he could take a small sip of the water. The ice cold liquid soothed his throat, which still felt like it was on fire.

"M' sorry." Kurt muttered as Blaine placed the cup on the table.

"Now why would you be sorry?" Blaine asked confusedly.

"I'm sorry I scared you." Kurt said, looking away from Blaine.

"Hey, that's not you're fault. No way, I'm just so happy you're okay."

Blaine wanted to kiss Kurt so bad. He fought to get the railing down, causing Kurt to giggle, that sound was like a song sung by angels in his ears. Eventually, the railing started to cooperate with him, and Blaine managed to pull it down. Kurt moved over in the bed, giving Blaine enough room to get in with him. He knew they could get in trouble for doing this, especially since they were two boys, but the last time Blaine held Kurt, he was fearing for his boyfriends life.

As Blaine got himself comfortable on the bed, Kurt repositioned himself so he was lying on top of Blaine's chest, hearing his heartbeat. Blaine wrapped his arms around his small boyfriend. He thought back to what Sebastian said about Kurt needing to lose weight. If anything, Kurt needed to gain weight. They would definitely be paying a date at the ice cream parlour.

Blaine bent down and kissed Kurt softly, but was disappointed when Kurt pulled away, muttering about having 'sicky, bad breathe,' but Blaine completely ignored his comment, and started to kiss him more passionately, their tongues massaging with one another's.

A loud clearing of the throat caused them to pull away, and they both turned their heads towards the door, fearing it was a homophobic doctor, who would tell Blaine to leave immediately and not to come back. When actually, Burt Hummel himself stood outside the door.

"I guess I'll come back later then." Burt muttered, before shaking his head in amusement and closing the door behind him.

Kurt laughed at the comical look of horror and fear on Blaine's face. Kurt's laugher caused Blaine to laugh with him, before they lay in comfortable silence for a few seconds, before Kurt broke it with a question that was playing on his mind since he woke up.

"Why would Sebastian do this? What if he tries to do it again?" Kurt asked, his voice sounding so small and sad.

Blaine squeezed him tighter and kissed his cheek.

"You have nothing to worry about my love." Blaine whispered back. "I'm not going to let him hurt you ever again."

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