Chapter 11

Brute's and Brat's Revenge

Kaoru's P.O.V.

"Just give us a second to get ready" I hear Mari say and grabs me.

"What do you mean get ready this is what we wore when we got here" Ali says.

"Ha ha, me and Miyako planned this see we've got your clothes" she says winking at us and shows us the clothes.

"Now go and get changed" Miyako says giving me a towel and shoves me into the shower. I take a five minute shower and get out. I go and grab the clothes they picked out for me. You have got to be friggin kidding me.

"No way in hell am I wearing this" I scream and go back for my other clothes to find them gone. "Miyako! Mari!" I scream.

"Wear the damn dress" Mari screams back. What the hell why do I have to wear a dress I hate when they do this. Why am I stuck with them? I put on an emerald colored dress that was daringly low for my chest, it came down to my mid thighs, and was snug hugging my curves, I had a black leather vest over it with studs on the collar, for shoes I had black high heel boots that went up to my ankles.

"I'm done" I growl.

"You look so cute" Miyako says. She wore a chiffon spaghetti strap, light blue dress, that went over her knees; with a white clutch, and she had white heeled sandals.

"I look like a hooker" I say and then Mari comes out.

"I can make you look like a real one" Mari threatens. She wore a tan colored dress it was sleeveless, that hugged her curves, and came down to her mid thighs; with a lacy white cardigan over it, and had brown boots that went up to her knees.

"What are you guys talking about?" Momoko asked coming in. She had on a plain bubblegum colored, spaghetti strapped dress, that came down to her mid thighs; with hot pink junky necklace; and pink high heels.

"You guys picked an outfit for me with no pockets" Ali said. She wore a lavender strapless dress, the skirt was chiffon styled but the top wasn't; she had a white cardigan over it that came down to her elbows; and white flats.

"Who cares about your music now come sit down I need to do your guy's make-up" she says patting a seat in front of a mirror.

"No way, you already put me in a dress. No make-up" I say and Mari cocks an eyebrow. Then an evil grin is plastered on her face.

"Before we came and got you out of bed we went to your mom" she says and shows me three of my most embarrassing pictures of my childhood.

"That's so cheap!" I scream at her and she just shrugs her shoulders.

"Fine but I hate you, you do know that" I growl.

"Of course I do you practically tell me every time we put you in something a girl should be wearing" she says with a smile and then finishes all of our make-up.

"There now let's get going" Momoko says as soon as Mari finishes her make-up.

"Hey, there you guys took forever" Butch says and then starts to check me out. "But I think it was all worth it right guys?" He says and I glare at him.

"Let's get going I'm starved" Mari says taking Beast's arm.

"Shall we" he says putting his hand out. Ha if he thinks that I'll take it then he's sadly mistaken. "Fine if you're going to act like that," he whispers into my ear and puts his arm around my waist. "I'm just going to have to try a little harder" he says and then nibbles on my ear and I start to shiver. What the heck is he getting to me and what's with my chest? I feel so uh, heat is spreading through it I feel like I might explode. This is so weird!

"You there babe?" He asks noticing that I had no come back and brings me in a little closer and not seeing any other way to get out of his hold I stomp on his foot. "What was that for?"

"Stop calling me babe we're not even going out" I say avoiding eye contact. That feeling in my chest went away but I want to feel it again it felt well, exhilarating like when we were back protecting new Townsville.

"I can make it so we could be dating" he says coming closer to me once again this time I'm forced to look at him.

"Who said I wanted to date you" I say and that feeling starts to come back. Am I sick or something?
"You made it sound like you wanted me to ask you out" he says.

"No, I was telling you to-"

And then he kisses me pulling me into an embrace. I let him too. No way I am not going soft. Then he starts to touch my bottom and adds his tongue. Well this draws the line and knee him in the soft spot and run toward the girls.

And bump into someone's chest. "Hey there Kaoru" it's Dai. "Just in time I was going to introduce you to my new girlfriend this is Brute" he says and there stood Brute. And soon enough Butch was by my side. I looked at Brute and she just smirked and pulled my brother in for a kiss.

Miyako's P.O.V.

"Where did Buttercup go?" I ask.

"Butch probably kidnapped her" Bat says looking at the menu.

"Is she going to be ok?" I ask.

"Relax Bubbles he was only kidding" Boomer says giving me a reassuring smile.
"We know what we want to order" Momoko says to the waiter with a smile. It's probably sweets and before a meal I think to myself and smile.

We all order and are food comes and we start to eat. Kaoru and Butch still aren't here I wonder what is keeping them. "Oops" I say looking at the piece of food I had dropped on my dress. "Excuse me, I'll be going to the ladies room if anyone needs me" I say with a smile and leave.

I go in and start to rub at the sauce. A lady comes out of the stall and starts to wash her hands "oh, no my ring. Shit it's my wedding ring" she screams.

"Where is it" I say looking down in her sink.

"Can't you see it? It's right there" and then I feel my head being forced forward. "Honestly Bubbles are you that easy to trick?" The lady says and then takes her hat off and two long pigtails come out. There stood Brat with a smirk on her face. I quickly look at my reflection my hair was a mess and my make-up was running. I start to hear a tearing sound.

"I'm not just finished" she says with a maniac smile she was tearing my dress as well as my undergarments.

"Now you certainly can't go out like that, but don't worry I certainly can" she says and opens up the jacket she was wearing. It was the exact outfit I was wearing. She then starts to do my hair like mine.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask tears going down my face.

She comes over to me and crouches down to my level and slaps me. It stings and I put my hand to where she hit me. "Because I hate you and I want my Boomer back" she says and then takes her scissors out again and snips at one of my ponytails. "There much better now you look like a total wreck" she says and goes out the door. And I burst into tears who could have made her so, so horrible.

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