Free together

Oz felt at home in Wolf Lake. He had never felt so free, not even on the hellmouth. This town knew what he was, and accepted him. And he had Ruby. When he was with Willow he'd always had to keep his instincts under control. Oz's friend Xander called him a Vulcan, he wasn't wrong. Like a Vulcan Oz felt emotions, but had to keep them under control. Giving in could mean death for someone else, like the blonde witch who stole Willow from him. Than there was Veruca, she wanted Oz to give in to his primitive side. But Veruca had no rules, no remorse, and it cost Veruca her life. There had to be some middle ground. Here Oz met Ruby. She showed him to control his lycanthropy. Ruby had been in love with John, maybe a part of her always would be. Oz had not set out to be the interloper. But he knew from experience that relationships between werewolfs and humans rarely worked out. Humans couldn's know what it was like, but Ruby knew. They could be free together.