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"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

-William Shakespeare

Chapter 1

Bella's Point of View

The rain pours down my face. The salty wind from the La Push banks is heavy with moisture. A thunderstorm begins to brew. The darkened sky pelts droplets of water down on the crashing waves and thunder strikes. I know that I am supposed to be away from water when there is a thunderstorm, but I can't help but admire the beauty in the storm. The sun is covered by black clouds, precipitating down on my face. As the first bolt of lightning strikes, I hear Jacob call out my name.

"Bella!" He yells, most likely worried about my safety. I look back to him, and notice his fifteen year old body is sopping wet like mine, and his long hair was drenched with rainwater. He stood in front of Billy's old house, right under the roof so the gutter- less house let all the water from the roof pour onto him.

I sigh, knowing that Billy would soon come out if I didn't leave the beach. And with Billy's huge metal wheelchair, just begging for jolts of electricity coming to it, him bringing me back into the shelter wouldn't be the best idea. I get off of the rock, but first I try to remember the beautiful scenery so I can draw it. Standing up, I make my way to Billy's house aware that all of La Push seemed to be watching me. Here at this town I was an outsider. I was after all, pale unlike the common russet skin tone everyone else had, and even though I was supposedly related to them, I had no characteristics like everyone else.

I finally reach the door, and earn a smirk from Jacob, obviously finding my sopping wet clothes humorous. I just smile back and gesture to his equally wet clothes. I sit on the porch, since god forbid me making Billy's run down shack wet. I squeeze out as much water I can from my loose blue t- shirt and shake my hair out like a dog would. Once I was as dry as I could manage, I entered Billy's house and sat down right across from Billy, who was watching TV on the small kitchen screen with my father, Charlie. So I won't be heard by anyone, I whisper in his ear.

"Is the tribe meeting still on?" I asked him in a hushed voice. He simply nodded to me, and I got up and looked to Jacob. "What?" I asked him. Jacob had a strange look on his face, twisted with anger and frustration.

"Why are you hanging out with Sam and his cronies still?" He asked me. The look on his face made me almost tell him the truth- that the slight bit of Quilette Charlie had in him caused me to become something I hated- but I didn't. I knew the tribe (and pack) rules to well to disobey them.

"Why not?" I asked him, but when he opened his mouth for the explanation that I've heard at least a hundred times, I interrupted him. "I don't want to argue about this again." I told him gently, but I knew that I was about to lose my temper. "Sam isn't the barbarian you make him out as. Embry agrees with me!" I exclaimed, and once that exited my mouth, I immediately regretted telling him that. Embry was a sore subject for Jacob, and I knew how much that he missed his best friend.

Embry, unlike me, had followed Sam's orders to stay away from others unlike ourselves. So far, Jared, Paul, and Embry (and me and Sam) had phased.

Xxx Flashback (Two months ago) xxX

I was over at Jake's, and I just shook Billy's hand goodbye. I was feeling sick, and I had a fever that I didn't want Jake to catch.

"Bella why don't you go to the reservation doctor." Billy suggested to me, but the tone in which he said that implied that he was ordering me to do so. I shrugged, too sick to reply and followed Billy out of the house. "Jacob could you stay here?" Billy asked his son. This left me confused. Why couldn't Jake come with me to the doctor?

We headed out of the house and that was when Billy drove me, not to the doctors, but Sam and Emily's house on the reservation. I had been here once, and that was because Billy and Jacob were invited to their engagement party, and Jacob managed to convince me to go to their house also. As we reached their house, I was confused, and that's putting it on the lesser side of things.

"Billy! Why can't I go to the doctor's? It's just a fever!" I exclaimed. Billy said nothing and just kept ushering me to the door of Sam's house.

"Are you part Quilette Bella?" Billy asked.

"Why?" I asked him. What would being Quilette do with my sickness.

"Well I think you might have a certain… disease that certain Quilettes have." Billy told me. I was cautious at the was his voice changed at the word disease. I shook my head. I must have been hearing things.

"Then why are we at Sam Uley's house?" I asked him, still puzzled at the circumstances. Billy said nothing, but we got to the door, Billy knocked on the wooden door like a madman, yelling open up. Emily, who looked like the average women on the reservation, with the exception of the scar down her face caused by a feral bear, opened the door, and yelled "Sam!" to the man I could see in the back ground. Sam Uley- the man that Jacob hated, stepped out and looked straight into Billy's eyes, completely ignoring me.

"What is it Billy?" He asked him.

"Bella is phasing." Billy said simply. Sam's eyes widened to a point where I thought they might fall out. I was still clueless. Phasing? What was that?

"Is that even possible?" Sam asked Billy, now looking at me with surprise.

"I don't know." Billy said. "Feel her temperature though." Billy told him, and Sam grabbed my hand. My natural instinct was to shake him off of me, but I resisted, and realized he was just as warm as I was right now.

"Impossible." Sam whispered. At that point, I about lost it.

"What!" I screamed at them, and the winced at the noise I created. "What's impossible! What the hell is phasing?!" I asked them, and they didn't reply, instead, they shared a glance and watched me.

Before I knew what was happening, I fell on the floor, screaming in agony. I let out a blood- curdling scream and arched my back from the pain. The pain went all over my body and it felt like I was being pulled from every direction.

"It's okay." Sam soothed me. "It's going to hurt a lot, but it'll be fine. I promise." I felt barely better and every time I felt slightly better, the sting would come back, more brutally than ever. It did not last long though. At most it lasted for a little under ten minutes. As it slowly melted, I sighed in bliss, glad that it was over- until I looked down- and saw big, white paws where my hands should be. I looked over where Sam and Billy were supposed to be, but instead saw a burly black wolf the size of a horse- Billy and Sam were gone. The wolf looked into my eyes, and I noticed that the black wolf had brown eyes- Sam's eyes.

I must be losing it. I thought to myself.

Trust me. You're not. A voice in my head said.

Now I'm hearing voices. Great. Charlie's going to be so worried.

Really? You're a werewolf now and all you can think about is your dad? The voice thought again. I really thought I was losing it. Werewolves? What's next? Witches on broomsticks? I suppose that made sense though- after all, I had white paws and though I couldn't see me face or body I was pretty sure I had a tail. Still, it was hard to believe this was happening to me, Bella Swan, daughter of chief police, queen of average.


You didn't notice? The voice thought, and I finally realized that it was coming from the black wolf.

I'm not sure if this is real or not. I'm still trying to comprehend that this is possible. I thought to the wolf, and then I realized that I didn't have to open my mouth at all for this entire conversation. We're not… talking are we?

No, these are our thoughts. There's not much privacy to being a wolf. The black wolf thought. I observed the wolf's tone. It reminded me of Sam.

Oh my god. I thought. Sam was a werewolf. That was why Billy brought me to Sam's.

It's about time. Sam thought.

Come on, give me a break. It's not every day that I can shift into another animal that is supposed to only be in horror movies.

So do you think this would classify as horror? Sam thought. I avoided his question, and then asked,

Are there others?

Paul, and Jared. I've never heard of a girl wolf though. I finally understood why Sam and his "cult" as Jacob put it, were always secluded and kept to themselves. I then realized his statement had two parts- I was the only female wolf.

How do you… become a werewolf? I asked timidly.

It's in our genes. Many generations ago, Ephraim Black was turned along with Quil Areatea and Levi Uley because there were bloodsuckers in our territory. I remembered the many stories that Jake told me that he'd try to scare me with. Never in a thousand years would I have thought they were real.

Bloodsuckers? You don't mean that all the stories Jake told me were true? There really are vampires?

Yes. Wait- Jacob told you our legends? I snorted.

Yes. Sam looked slightly disturbed, but that façade quickly diminished.

Well no matter anymore, that saves us time.

Will anyone else change?

I don't know. But if others do it will probably be Jacob or Quil who were both related to people from the original pack.

Oh. How do we turn back into a human?

You have to concentrate. Hard. But I would suggest you wait until you have a spare change of clothes. If I were human I would probably have blushed, since I forgot that I had left my clothing when I phased. I suddenly heard two other "voices. I guessed they were Paul and Jared.

Sam, who's this?

Bella Swan.

From Forks?


Is that even possible? A girl wolf?

It appears so.


For the next week I had practically ditched Jacob for Sam, learning more about wolves, including imprinting. During that time, Embry phased, which went not as pleasantly as possible. He went through an even more painful change than I had. I felt bad about Jake, especially when I saw Billy. I knew that Billy didn't blame me, but I was sure that he wished I still kept in touch. I suppose you could have said that Embry's change opened my eyes. Then I had countered Sam's orders of staying to ourselves, and visited Jake more, to the point where I thought that the small period of time where I had left him was forgotten.

Xxx Flashback over xxX

(A/N: I think now would be a good time for me to tell you to read my Author's note at the end. It's REALLY important!)

"I'm sorry." I apologized to Jacob, meaning it.

"It's okay." He said, but I could see it in his eyes the sadness and anger that Embry left him and his friendship for Sam. "It's not your fault." He told me. And oh, how I wished that were true.

I got up, still remembering the stormy sky and scenery of La Push, and grabbed my sketch book, as I draw, I notice Jacob's face over my shoulder.

"What do you want?" I asked him playfully.

"You." He said playfully, and I squealed, giggling when he tackled me. I was careful not to use my extra super human strength on him to avoid any injuries.

"Let go!" I yelled at him when he picked me up easily over his shoulder and ran out of the house. Now the sky was back to normal, and the usual grey, Olympic peninsula haze was back in action. Jacob walked to the beach, still carrying me. I felt very vulnerable in this position.

"Let her go." I heard a voice I knew to well, and that even Jacob knew without looking at his figure. Sam.

"What do you want?" Jake asked rudely.

"Let her go." Sam said again, and I groaned. Why must the two most important males in my life fight so much. If only Jake was a wolf…

"What if I don't want to?" Jake testified, and I knew that Sam was the type to use his size against Jacob if he had the chance.

"Stop it!" I told Sam, glaring at him. I knew that he thought of me as a little sister, but the last thing I needed was a protective big brother. Sam nodded slightly, and backed off, joining Embry, Jared and Paul. Embry looked lost, but he didn't dare disobey orders from Sam like I had.

"I can't stand him." Jacob said. I glared at him, and apparently had a scary glare since he stopped scowling.

"No, 'thank you Bella for saving me from Sam?'" I teased him, but Jacob didn't think this was funny.

"Remind me why you're friends with him again?" Jacob asked. I felt my blood (that was already at a high temperature) boil.

"I don't have to." I told Jacob, and walked away towards my red truck. "Goodbye." I told him. "Tell your dad I'll see him at the meeting." I told him, and drove back to Charlie's house.

A/N: Okay, I am going to clear a few things up:

-Bella is seventeen, like in Twilight.

-She moved to Forks in late June, which would mean that she hasn't met the Cullen's yet.

-Bella and Jacob are strictly at a FRIEND period. Though Jacod has accumulate a small crush, they are nowhere near a couple, nor will they ever.

-This is an E/B story. There will be NO Jacob/Bella romance like in that small chapter in Eclipse.

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