I walked in their doors of Hollywood arts and then I see her with MY boyfriend well in my eyes anyway I roll my eyes and find something to stare at because write now I am annoyed seriously why would he choose jade I mean am Tori fricking vega 4 year was long enough I mean I think beck deserves a new girl friend and I just happen to be single


Vega walks in with that stupid bag but I don't care am with beck and I cant be happier the way he kiss me takes me to cloud nine I love I will never admit that though but he knows I know he knows because his seen me cry and NO ONE SEES JADE FUCKING WEST CRY

*later in becks RV*

Beeecccck jade moaned

Jade am doing my homework beck replied

Fine jade said deviously she took of her shirt and trousers and set on becks bed in a lacy black bra and thong

That not fair beck grinned looking at his naked sexy girlfriend

Who said I play fair jade said deviously lifting her eyebrow up

Then beck sighed standing up walking to the bed

He climbed on top of her and kissed her. She locked her legs around him and began bucking her hips into him, feeling how hard he was. He feverishly yanked off her bra, and began licking her pink nipples as she quickly got her pants and shoes off. He bit her right nipple, and then sat up. He then slowly pulled of her panties, a thin line of her sticky juice slowly trailed from them. He stuck two fingers in her and began to slowly pull them in and out while twisting them. Jade was happy Beck finally cracked, but wondered why he wasn't properly fucking her. She was definitely wet enough. She looked into Beck's eyes, silently pleading him. He completely understood that she was aching for him, but he wanted more. He gave her a single command. "Beg."

He growled as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. "Oh fuck!" she winced as she began grinding against his hand. "Beck! I'm so wet and ready for your huge cock! Please fill up my cunt! Fuck me like the dirty slut I am!" He stopped and pulled his fingers out of her. She smiled up at him as he kissed her forehead, and closed her eyes as he pulled of his boxers. She immediately opened them in response to his dick fiercely plunging into her. He thrust into her as hard as could, quickening the pace with each pump. Her breasts bobbed along to his movements, and she moaned as his dick continued to impale her. Jade's pussy felt so good, and after all the teasing they had both done he was ready to completely tear her up.

" You like that, slut?" he practically shouted, gnashing his teeth at her.

"Yes!" she shouted, arching her back. She loved when Beck was rough with her. He lifted her so that they both sat upright.

"Tell me how much you like it!" Beck growled as he grabbed Jade's hips and slammed her onto his dick while still pushing into her.

"I fucking love it!" Jade's breath was becoming ragged as Beck rammed into her. "I love it when you pound my dirty fucking pussy! I love it when you fuck me like the nasty slut I am!"